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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Elenora Brierley
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Played by Kayte
Care of Magical Creatures Professor
30 year old Pureblood
 Care of Magical Creatures Professor
5 ft. in.
❤   Spinster
Full Name: Elenora Marie Brierley

Nickname(s): Primarily goes by Nell

Birthdate: June 21st, 1863

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Occupation: Care of Magical Creatures Professor

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Ostensibly Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, though she's staying with her brother in Hogsmeade until the start of term.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Laurel, 12½ inches, with a unicorn tail hair. Swishy.

Eammon Brierley, Father [1821]
Prudence Brierley nee Lightfoot, Mother [1835-1866]
Archibald Brierley, Brother [1856], and family
Harriet — nee Brierley, Sister [1858-1893], and family
Patience Brierley, Sister [1865-1879]
Hugo Brierley, Brother [1866]
Nell has never been one to fade into the background. Nearly five and a half feet tall, she often stands a few inches above her (female) peers, and her deep brown ringlets, when left to their own devices, frame her head with a halo of curls. This, like much of her look, is an inheritance from her mother, who also blessed her with large brown eyes and a wide smile. Her nose and frame are more akin to her father, though, and she often dresses for practicality rather than fashion. Nell has a melodic voice that should not be mistaken for softness; though she is not one to anger easily, she can be entirely firm when needed. She is right-handed.

Her PB is Nathalie Emmanuel.

Nell. Just Nell.
There is a curse upon my maternal line: not a single woman lives past five and thirty. That may sound dramatic, and may be an odd place to begin my story, but this fact has informed my life for as long as I can remember. One cannot understand me, my decisions, without first understanding this key motivation. This is not something that has been talked about—not a whispered secret from mother to daughter, not a cautionary tale at bedtime. It is simply an observable fact, a pattern of bodies that has lasted generations. We do not wake up on the eve of our thirty-sixth birthdays and simply drop dead, and no shadow creature comes out of the woodwork to strike us where we stand. At some point, Death simply takes us in some mundane way or another, dragging us from this mortal coil far sooner than we might like.

1863I was the third child born to my parents, and the second daughter. At the time, my father was the assistant head of some Ministry department or another, and my mother, his dutiful wife. We lived near London but not in it, as my mother did not care for the bustle of the city. All in all it was quite the ordinary existence.

1866Three years later to the day, my brother came into this world and my mother left it. My earliest memory has me dressed for mourning clutching at my sister's hand.

1867 - 1874The years that follow prove to be as ordinary as those that preceded it, punctuated by the occasional loss of an aunt on my mother's side (she had been the eldest of ten daughters; not a son in the bunch). Each of us children performed our first act of magic during this time, and it came as little surprise when I received my letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Autumn 1874 - Summer 1879At Hogwarts, I was sorted into Gryffindor, and for the first time, my curiosity was encouraged rather than chastised by a well-meaning governess. I proved quickly to be a capable and enthusiastic student. In my third year, I added Ghoul Studies and Earth Magic to my roster of courses, but it was in Care of Magical Creatures that I truly found my passion. When my OWL results arrived, I received not a single grade below an E, and was eager to pursue my NEWT studies.

Autumn 1879 - Summer 1881It was three weeks into the start of term when it happened: my sister Patience, who had always been troubled, perished. It was handled sensitively by the school in that the other students were simply told she took suddenly ill, but, a keen potions student, she was not unfamiliar with simple poisons. It was at her funeral that I became aware for the first time: my father's side of the family, thriving. My mother's side, only my grandfather and some cousins with their fathers; not a woman over thirty-five.

When I returned to Hogwarts, I was... unfocused upon my studies. Instead, I poured my vigor for academia into genealogy, my late grandmother's bible and an overworked owl as my tools of the trade. Tracing back six generations, I could not find a single woman in my maternal line who had lived to forty. It was a revelation. It was one of my professors, Professor Darrow, who helped me to right my course at the end of the sixth year: for the first time ever, I had failed a class and would not be able to repeat the pattern in my seventh year. I had purpose now, though: if I could not live a long life, I must live a good life, and for me, that meant achieving.

I completed my NEWTs in much the same way as my OWLs and attended my first Season. Unlike my elder sister, though, I did not take a husband this year, though not for lack of an offer. I realized that, with only so much life to live, I must live it to the fullest.

So I left.
Autumn 1881 - Spring 1893In my travels, I indulged my love of magical creatures, working as a research assistant, a researcher in my own right, a (legal!) dealer, a translator. I planted my feet upon six continents, became an animagus, loved (twice), and wrote voraciously to my siblings, though I did not return to Britain for more than a decade. In the spring of 1893, however, I received the news I knew would come that year, but that I had dreaded nonetheless: Harriet had died. It was, of all things, a bee sting. She was to be thirty-six in October.

1893Returning home for the funeral, I found that I had missed my family more than I knew. I was able to take a position for the coming term at Hogwarts, and would reside with my eldest brother in Hogsmeade until then.

I have, by all evidence, perhaps five years left.
  • Languages: Fluency in English, French, Portuguese; "vaguely passable" at a variety of other languages from her travels.
  • An animagus, Nell can transform into an osprey. It's head feathers are seemingly perpetually ruffled.
  • Nell possesses an excellent head for sums.


Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Astronomy E
Care of Magical Creatures O O
Charms O O
Defence Against the Dark Arts E O
Earth Magic O
Ghoul Studies E
Herbology E E
History of Magic O E
Potions O E
Transfiguration O O

  • Boggart: TBD
  • Amortentia: TBD
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