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They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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Charley Goode
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Played by Jordan
Street Urchin
13 year old Muggleborn
Street Urchin
4 ft. in.
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Full Name: Charlotte Sibilance Goode

Nickname(s): Charley

Birthdate: August 12, 1880

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Occupation: Street Urchin

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Whever she can, Slums, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Maple wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 and rigid flexibility

  • Father: Charles "Charlie" Goode (b. 1856) - Leader of The Goode Traveling Circuit, Actor, Amateur Playwright
  • Mother: Adelaide Goode (b. 1858) - Actress, Seamstress/Costume Designer
  • Brother: Ambros Goode (b. 1875) - Fledgling actor, apprentice carpenter
  • Sister: Zola Goode (b. 1877) - Apprentice seamstress, singer
  • Brother: Horatio Goode (b. 1886)
Short at 4'7¼" and stick-ish, Charley's a slight little thing to behold. Red curls, freckles, and lips pulled into a common frown makes her easy to dismiss. She's typically braided her shoulder-length hair and tucked it underneath the red, flat cap on her head. Her best dress is worn, high at the hem and clufflines, and a little faded, so she's more often wearing a boy's shirt, vest and trousers that aren't in the best shape but fit her better. She's right-handed with a wand, but doesn't let that slow her down, working almost as well with her left for every other task.
[pre-1880s] Adelaide and Charles Goode form the The Goode Traveling Circuit, a troupe of actors performing plays around the English countryside.

[1880] Charlotte is born, the third of four children to the Goodes. She soon takes on enough habits and personality to earn the moniker of Little Charley, to her father's Charlie.

[1884] A tumbling Little Charley takes to the stage, featuring in small roles here and there. Several times she even plays small animals, dogs and cats, with enough makeup and costuming.

[1886] Little Charley gets lost on the streets of Southampton during a play. Her entire acting troupe halts the performance to form a search party, discovering Little Charley having a conversation with an organ grinder's monkey that she's befriended.

[1887] Painting and crafting become new hobbies for Little Charley, who begins to help out her troupe backstage. She learns to enjoy working with her hands, and practicing sleight-of-hand tricks learned from one of the troupe's members.

[1888] In nearly every city and town they visit, Charley finds new friends among the local children. When not required to perform or help with some part of the stage production, she's often (not) found taking part in games and adventures with the locals.

[1889] Charley learns more closely from her father Charlie when their troupe falls on hard times, whose storytelling prowess was once known for transforming their troupe's standard play faire into a mezmerizing experience for local audiences. She applies it to her own world, finding fewer, yet more eclectic, friends among local children who aren't as entranced by Charley's tall tales.

[1890] Charley finds magical adventures on her own in their visiting towns, growing smaller with each stop, earning extra time backstage when she's found stirring up trouble. She learns how to slip away, and back again, when she really needs time to follow her imagination.

[1891] In the middle of a performance in a small neighborhood of Birmingham, a chandelier floats across the stage toward Charley, earning an extra round of applause. Only later does she discover that none of the stage crew made it move. No explanation can be found until, a few weeks later, a letter arrives in the hands of a Ministry of Magic official, who explains that Charley's strange magic comes from being a witch.

[School Year 1891-1892] Sent off with plenty of supplies and good wishes, Charley takes to the new world of magic opening up for her. She especially takes to Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts, nearly failing History of Magic and Charms classes. Nonetheless, Charley passes her first term at Hogwarts manageably.

[1892] Unable to secure a scholarship from local sources, and her family troupe suddenly unreachable, Charley is unable to return to Hogwarts or to her family. Stuck in Hogsmeade until she can find the money for transport elsewhere, Charley applies her trades —and brand of trouble— to the streets instead. She manages to scrape together enough coin and food to survive day to day, making tenuous allies and enemies within a new, hostile Hogsmeade to the young witch.

[1893] A cold winter has Charley selling off whatever she can part with, except a wand no one will buy but she can't legally use. Forced out of a reliable, warm hideout when the tenant family returns from abroad, Charley is left to fend for herself on the streets, just as she had years before in her free time. Only now it is her livelihood rather than a luxury.
Scrappy, Churlish, Resourceful, Social Integrator, Sticky Fingers, Quick-Witted, Streetwise, Charismatic, Imaginative, Territorial
Charley will gladly steal, scam, perform, or do small jobs to get money. Or better yet, food and a place to sleep. She can sometimes find an open bed at Hog's Head when Hestia is working, or a spot by the fire at Madeleine Backus' Beautiful Beast Boutique. And should someone leave a window ajar when taking an overnight trip out of Hogsmeade, they might find Charley there when they return.

Put her in a costume or give her a script, and Charley can quickly perform a role. Sometimes she makes up her own as well, to varying degrees of success. She's quite good at memorization, however, which helps in other areas of life.

Decent with a needle and thread, better with a hammer and nails, Charley can also paint respectably as it served for making props or small crafts/decorations.
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