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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Rashmika Meredeth
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Played by Kelly
17 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 0 in.
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Full Name: Rashmika Ava Meredeth

Nickname(s): Mika, with English family only; some close friends might call her Ava.

Birthdate: August 20, 1875

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Yet Another Debutante

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, with a country home in Yorkshire

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Spruce, 11", unicorn tail hair

Father: Vernon Meredeth (b. 1849)
Mother: Samaya Meredeth (1850-1874)

Sister: Hansika née Meredeth (1869)
Sister: Jayanti née Meredeth (1872)
Twin Sister: Chandrima Meredeth (August 20, 1875)

Stepmother: Charlotte Meredeth (1860)

Half-Brother: Issac Meredeth (1882)
Half-Sister: Madeleine Meredeth (1885)

General | Taller than her twin at five feet even, with sharp, elegant features, fiery brown eyes, long, dark brown hair, and warm terra cotta skin, Rashmika is a striking hourglass figure. She is athletic in build, though feminine. She wields both wand and quill with her right hand.

Expressions | Her expressions are so intimidating, some people call her a stone-hearted harpy, until they get the chance to know her. If they even give her the chance. Her features certainly soften once she’s familiar with and in favor of a person, but she has a natural talent for intimidation.

Deportment | Like many young, wealthy women of her age, Rashmika keeps her posture under tight reins. However, unlike the floaty, purely delicate walk most young ladies have, she possesses a powerful, intimidating stride that, while retaining elegance, insists that others move out of her way.

Fashion | Fine, vibrant fabrics imported straight from India are provided to the family’s faithful modiste for all their fashions, whether English muggle, wizarding, or saree.

Accessories | Refusing to wear English jewelry, Rashmika’s ears are pierced, and she always wears some piece of fine jewelry from India, unless she is abed.

Scent | Mixture of faint kitchen scents, thinly disguised with delicate French perfumes.

Face Claim | Naomi Scott
August 20, 1875Born a month early and after a difficult labor, a pair of twins arrive. Their mother succumbs to severe blood loss only hours later. With the help of their mother’s sister, their father names the twins Rashmika and Chandrima, respectively.
1880On one of the family’s then-frequent visits to Samaya’s family in India, Rashmika and her grandmother begin occasionally stealing into the kitchens together to watch the cooks at work. Grandmother knows it isn’t proper, but it was something she had once done with Samaya, and thus she doesn’t mind.
1881Enter — Charlotte, a far-too-young woman not favored by the twins. Not long after the honeymoon, Charlotte’s makeup begins making strange happenings occur. From hot pink lips to neon green eyelids, no one’s quite able to prove that it’s Rashmika’s first act of magic. Chandrima’s certain, but never says a word. By the year’s end, however, Rashmika accidentally makes a perfume bottle explode in a shop that Charlotte was eyeing.
1882Charlotte gives birth to a boy, a son, for the Meredeth name, and shortly after, Hansika sits the twins down and explains what Issac’s very existence means for their inheritance. Rashmika wasn’t nearly as unhinged by the news as Chandrima, though she is somewhat disheartened by the news.
1886 — 1888Rashmika and Chandrima arrive at Hogwarts together, holding onto one another tightly from the moment they set foot on the train to the moment that, for once, Chandrima was first for something. It’s merely moments before the Sorting Hat declares the eleven-year-old girl for Gryffindor — and immediately after, Rashmika for Slytherin. For the first time in their lives, the twins are separated.

Unlike her younger sister, Rashmika thrives in more practical lessons, such as Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions, and finds her weakness in more bookish classes such as Astronomy and History of Magic. She particularly hates English Astronomy.
1888 — 1889Rashmika despises being forced to add a class to her lessons, but after much deliberation, she settles on something some of her classmates have chosen — Divination. Better than Care of Magical Creatures. Who wants to shovel magical animal dung?
June, 1889The whole of the Meredeth family takes up residence in Hogsmeade, though keeping their country home. Rashmika does not like this, particularly for the lack of kitchen space, as she still maintains the habit formed by her grandmother of sneaking into the kitchen on occasion.
1889 — 1891Rashmika’s OWL years pass without much incident.
1891 — 1893Rashmika decides to continue forth with five classes — the sane maximum, as she doesn’t wish to overwhelm herself and she feels like several of the other classes she was taking are stupid subjects.

Her seventh year, however, is primarily dedicated to her future debut. Where Chandrima is nervous, Rashmika is excited. She’s been waiting her whole life to debut, and expects that she will likely marry within a year of her first Season. In addition to the Hogwarts ball, the twins are given a private, joint coming out, to ensure they have an opportunity to shine — in happy yellow, rather than mourning white.
In Public | Rashmika is slow to warm to anyone. She'll remain dignified and maintain a polite smile when appropriate - though even her smile can have shades of charm and intimidation, depending on the situation. Once she does open up, she has a charming witt and playfulness that is well worth the wait.

In the Home | Family is everything to her. Except her step-mother. The woman has always been kept at a cold distance. Even a visitor might find a certain silence when they are in a room together. But siblings both full and half have all her love.
Defense Against the Dark ArtsEG
History of MagicP
Amortentia | Spicy chicken curry, a calming ocean breeze, and caramel

Patronus | N/A

Boggart | Their father’s desk, destroyed and rifled through, common objects found in pieces strewn across the floor.

Hogwarts Clubs | Art Club, Astronomy Club (to try and prove everyone else wrong)

Western Star Sign | Leo

Hobbies | Oil painting, piano

Pets | N/A
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