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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Chandrima Meredeth
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Played by Elaine
17 year old Halfblood
4 ft. 10 in.
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Full Name: Chandrima Eve Meredeth

Nickname(s): Eve, among friends.

Birthdate: August 20, 1875

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Seventh Year Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, with a country home in Yorkshire

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Cypress, 13”, Antipodean Opaleye dragon heartstring

Father: Vernon Meredeth (b. 1849)
Mother: Samaya Meredeth (1850-1874)

Sister: Hansika née Meredeth (b. 1869)
Sister: Jayanti née Meredeth (b. 1872)
Twin Sister: Rashmika Meredeth (b. August 20, 1875)

Stepmother: Charlotte Meredeth (b. 1860)

Half-Brother: Issac Meredeth (b. 1882)
Half-Sister: Madeleine Meredeth (b. 1885)

General | Taking after her mother, Chandrima is only four feet, ten inches tall as a grown young woman, with long, dark brown hair, cinnamon brown eyes, and warm, fair terra cotta skin. Her figure is slender, with a slight hourglass shape. Her face is gentle in feature, though her chin reaches a defined point, and her nose is somewhat pronounced. She wields her wand and her quill with her right hand.

Expressions | A reserved and polite young woman, Chandrima keeps her expressions tightly controlled in most settings, save privately with her family. Full smiles in public are very rare, reserved only for moments of true happiness.

Deportment | Careful and delicate, with the intent to keep an image of perfect propriety. She bears her tension commonly in her neck.

Fashion | Brilliant color marks her finest fashions, often in fabrics imported straight from her mother’s homeland. She prefers wizarding robes in most scenarios, though she will wear muggle fashions when the scene calls for it.

Accessories | Chandrima adores the fine jewelry of her mother’s homeland, though she doesn’t wear it outside of special occasions. Her ears are pierced.

Scent | Cinnamon and roses.

Face Claim | Alia Bhatt
August, 1875After a long, difficult labor, a pair of twins arrive. It is only a few hours later that their mother, Samaya, succumbs to severe blood loss from the extended labor, but the surprisingly healthy, though a month earlier than anticipated, twin girls are projected to survive. Their father, Vernon, consults via post with Samaya’s sister regarding their names, and together they come to the conclusion that the eldest should be Rashmika, and the younger, Chandrima.
1876 — 1880The pair of twins grow older, learning things about their world through delicate exploration under the watchful eyes of their nanny and eldest sister.
1881Not even a full five years after their mother’s death, the girls’ father remarries to a younger woman named Charlotte, fresh out of Hogwarts and definitely not ready to be a stepmother.
1882Charlotte’s clearly ready to be a mother of her own children, though, as it’s not all that long really that she gives birth to a baby boy. Old enough for things to be explained now, Hansika sits the twins down together and details just what a brother means for their inheritance. Chandrima is upset by this knowledge, finding it an insult to the mother she never got to meet, and within days has a tantrum of spectacular proportion, causing several vases throughout the house to implode with magic.
1886 — 1888Chandrima and Rashmika arrive at Hogwarts together, holding onto one another’s hand from the moment they set foot on the train to the moment that, for once, Chandrima was first for something. It’s merely moments before the Sorting Hat declares the eleven-year-old girl for Gryffindor — and immediately after, Rashmika for another house. For the first time in their lives, the twins are separated.

Beyond this surprise, however, Chandrima finds that she excels at theoretical classes, especially History of Magic and Astronomy. She’s not horrible at most of her practical classes, but she’s barely satisfactory at Potions.
1888 — 1889Knowing her skill at practical classes, Chandrima chooses to add Ancient Studies and Muggle Studies to her schedule, thinking they would be easier for her than many of the other options.
June, 1889The whole of the Meredeth family finally takes up residence in Hogsmeade, while keeping their country home.
1889 — 1891Chandrima’s OWL years pass without much incident.
1891 — 1893As expected, Chandrima’s OWLs were satisfactory, with excellence in theoretical courses, and only two Acceptable grades. She decides to continue forth with five classes — the sane maximum, as she doesn’t wish to overwhelm herself.

Her seventh year, however, is primarily dedicated to her future debut. Though she has been prepared for it all her life with etiquette lessons and dance classes, Chandrima finds herself nervous. She’s never been the best at practical things. Will she struggle with the Season? With two older, married sisters to act as chaperones, Chandrima will have no need to deal with her stepmother. And the twins have been promised a private, joint coming out, to ensure they have an opportunity to shine.
Ancient StudiesOG
Defense Against the Dark ArtsE
History of MagicEG
Muggle StudiesOG

  • Fluent in English and French, with minimal passing knowledge of Hindi from her elder sisters, as she was never taught by their late mother, and Hansika and Jayanti’s educations in the language were thus incomplete.
  • Has never encountered Amortentia, but for her, it bears the fragrances of whiskey, saffron, and cooking meat.
  • Capable with the harp and vocals. Particularly gifted with oil paints.
  • Boggarts are something she rather dislikes, and for good reason — hers appears as the rotting corpse of her mother, screaming at the young woman that she is an incredible disappointment to her mother’s memory. She will faint within minutes of encountering a boggart that has trained its attention on her.
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