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His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Gabriel Torres
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Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer
26 year old Halfblood
Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer
5 ft. 7 in.
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Full Name: Gabriel Felipe Torres

Nickname(s): Gabe to his friends

Birthdate: August 28th, 1866

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: A modest flat in North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Hawthorn, dragon heartstring, 12.5 inches, pliable

Hector Torres, Father [1825]
Isabella Torres née —, Mother [18xx]
– Bruno Torres, Brother [1856] and family
– Octavio Torres, Brother [1858] and family
– Selena —- née Torres, Sister [1860] and family

Ignacio Torres, Grandfather [17xx - 1890]

Mateo Torres, Uncle [1822] and family

At the turn of the century, Ignacio immigrated to England from Mexico and established his own business importing silver and other various goods from the New World. Upon his death, Mateo would inherit the lion's share of the family business, leaving Hector to forge his own path ahead in the British Ministry of Magic. Hector has never quite gotten over being the "younger son", something that perhaps shines through in his relationships with his own children. The Torres name is just respectable enough, however, for Isabella's birth family (a proper English wizarding blue-blooded one) to not completely disown her when she proclaims her love for the second son – not even the heir!

Gabriel stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall, with a shorter, stockier build than the rest of his family; they don't tend to let him forget about that, either. Not as conventionally attractive as his brothers, he would hardly describe himself as tall or handsome, but he supposes dark would fit the bill, with his olive-toned skin, ebony hair, and deep brown eyes. From dawn until dusk he wears thick-rimmed glasses, as he has been nearsighted for as long as he can remember and desperately needs them to see. Fashion has never been something he's particularly concerned with, opting instead for more practical robes in dark colors. Gabriel is right-handed.
1866 | Hector and Isabella had thought they were finished growing their family, but Gabriel ended up taking them by surprise. The birth was not an easy one for Isabella, who very nearly bled out in the birthing bed, but ultimately mother and son both survived. It would only be the first in a long string of comparisons between Gabriel and his siblings – none of them had ever given her such trouble!

1870 - 1876 | Being so much younger than his siblings, Gabriel had something of a lonely childhood. He was shy and clumsy and bookish, lacking the natural charisma the others had seemed to possess at his age – but there was a silver lining for the boy during the summers. His mother's family owned an estate ensconced in the English countryside just outside a small village named Bridgerton, and it was there where he was first able to find friends his age that were actually his, not just older kids who tolerated him because of his siblings. His cousin, Persephone, Cleon, and all the rest – their adventures would make those days the happiest of his life, even through his school years and into adulthood.

1877 - 1881 | Chaos rips through the wizarding world just as Gabriel turns 11. The Torres family joins the mass exodus from London to Hogsmeade, and the upheaval completely overshadows Gabe's leaving for Hogwarts. He's sorted into Ravenclaw without much debate from the hat, and finds himself quite at home in his new dormitory. Gabriel has always had a curious mind and an eagerness to learn – but it's sometimes difficult for him to focus that passion on what his elders think he should. All too often he finds himself down one rabbit hole or another in the library when he's meant to be studying for his coursework; while his teachers acknowledge his intelligence, his grades on paper are more often than not decidedly average. His father is sure to let him know that his brothers were far more focused on their futures at his age. He also develops a crush on one of the girls in his classes, [Cecilia]; though the two are close friends, he knows better than to express the true depth of his feelings.

1882 - 1884 | In an effort to please his father, Gabriel buckles down (and perhaps ingests one too many Focusing Draughts) in the lead-up to his OWLs and makes a strong showing, especially in Potions and Herbology. His Potions professor suggests looking into Healing as a career, and Gabe finds himself rather drawn to the idea. Sure, it wasn't the Ministry, but surely his father would still approve of such a perfectly respectable career? Sadly, it doesn't surprise Gabriel at all when his father pushes him to reconsider and follow in his and his brothers' footsteps instead. Frankly, being some kind of government paper-pusher sounds dreadfully dull to Gabe; at least as a healer he would be on his feet more often than not, and he'd be helping people besides. He pushes on through his NEWTs and passes with flying colors, but his accomplishment is overshadowed by one of his brothers scoring a large promotion at the Ministry. This, coupled with the harsh reality that he and [Cecilia] would likely grow apart from here on out, sours his graduation, even when he's accepted as a trainee healer at Hogsmeade Hospital.

1884 -1887 | Gabriel works his way through the ranks, first as a trainee, then a junior healer, and finally a full-fledged Potion & Plant Poisoning healer. With his increased salary, he decides to rent his own flat in Bartonburg in an effort to get away from his overbearing father and oh-so-perfect siblings. At least he and [Cecilia] have kept in touch even after graduation, and part of him even begins to wonder if perhaps they could be together, after all… until, that is, Bruno announces he's courting her. Gabriel buries his feelings in food, drink, and long hours at the hospital.

1888 | Gabriel welcomes the distraction that the reunion at Bridgerton provides. Bruno and [Cecilia]'s wedding is set for the coming winter, and a ritual for luck sounds like just the thing he needed to get through the year. Perhaps the ritual could even delay the nuptials, or grant him the strength to shoot his shot before it's too late…

t̶̨͓̭̯̠̤͕͔͓̪̽̓͆̇̒̽͘̕͝ ̵͕̗̏̽͝h̴̠͓͕͎̹̻̫̓̏̍̿̎ ̵̪̉͘e̷͔͍͖̪͊̉̚ ̴̩̻̖͔̱͇̣̼̏̑̊͆̈́̿̆b̵̡̼̙̹̯̣̞̿̉̈́̀̒͒̋͗ ̸̜̹͔͖̯̱̭͈͓̽͜l̶̨̹̼͎̣̤̲̟͙̋́̀͒̏̈́͋͗̕ ̵̧̧̼̬̬͕̯͇̬̥̀̉͊̊̈́͛͑̀͝͝ó̷̻̟̻̘͓̮͕̤͈̝̌͑ ̷̳̻̫̣̬̦̈́͛̒̍̊̃̊̚͘o̸̻͑̔̓̇͒ ̶͈̙̱̈̈́̓͆͗d̸͈̦̼̺̮̺̯̿̀̈̚̕ ̴̢̡̫̱̯̬̻̪̥̈́̈́̇͑̈́̇̆̇͘͜r̸̩̊͛̀̆̉́̾͜͝ ̶̳̈́ā̷̝͈̞̦̥̼͓̔̊̈́̏̈́ ̴̢̛̼̟̬̬̙̼̹̮̖̍ȋ̵͈̝̈̅͐ ̸̧͕̺̟͎̤͖͒̌̋̊̀̓́̽̀n̸̡̤͍̲̤̙̤̅͗͌̉̆̚͠͝ ̶̣̗̦̬̤͎̀f̷̣͈̋̒͜ ̸̺̟̝͈̩͗̀̉͆̿̇͑͛̕͝a̸̛̮̠̥̻͛̃̊͜ ̷̬͋̓́͊͊̑l̵̪̻̯̲͑̓̅̏̚͜ ̵̹̻̥͍̦̝̼̣̞̱͋l̸̡̽͋̾͜ ̷̛̳̜̞̲̲͍̅̈̅̋͜s̷̤̱͙̫̻͈͈̹͖̔̈͐ͅ

He vows to never again speak of that night, or the dreams turned sour, or the friend they had all lost. Bruno and [Cecilia] are wed in December, and despite all his dreaming and scheming, Gabriel cannot muster up the courage to object.

1889 | In the following year, Gabriel is almost able to convince himself that the blood rain had been a trick of the light, or some quirk of nature; that the failed ritual had just been the product of some crackpot's imagination and not some dark magic turned back on them, and Orwell's death had only been a tragic accident. One year to the day from that ill-fated adventure, however, Thomasin suddenly dies, and all of his attempts at self-assurance crumble. The day after he hears the news of his old friend's passing, Bruno announces that Cecilia is pregnant with their first child.

1892 | Gabriel's absent-mindedness gets the better of him during an exhausting double shift and he mucks up a potion, causing a fire in the Potion & Plant Poisoning ward. It's contained before it can cause too much damage, but the healer-in-charge reprimands him thoroughly and he's assigned remedial safety trainings for a few months. He's convinced now he truly is cursed, and starts spending his limited spare time researching ancient curses and how to break them.

1893 | With all of his older siblings comfortably settled and (on the surface, at least) living their best lives, Isabella Torres's attentions finally fall on her youngest (and least favorite, to be honest) son and his woefully unmarried state. She doesn't mince words: it is unseemly for a gentleman to remain unattached for too long, and Gabriel will need all the help he can get to secure a bride, so they simply must start the search early. Gabriel chafes under the increased scrutiny from his parents, but at this point he just hopes to make it through another year unscathed.

  • Gabriel is fluent in both English and Spanish, and picked up a few words of Nahuatl from his grandfather before he passed.

  • Gabriel is bisexual, though his upbringing has pushed him to express a preference for women.
  • His star sign is Virgo.
  • His Patronus is an otter, but he hasn't tried to cast one since Hogwarts.


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