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Jonathan Copper
176 Posts
Played by Willow
Hogwarts Groundskeeper & Ghost Writer
38 year old Halfblood
Hogwarts Groundskeeper & Ghost Writer
6 ft. 0 in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Jonathan Copper

Nickname(s): "Natty"

Birthdate: March, 10, 1855

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Occupation: Hogwarts Groundskeeper & Ghost Writer

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Pennyworth, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Birch, 12½", flexible, unicorn hair

Family: Gone

A tall, hard sort of fellow with narrow myrtle-green eyes and carven features. Natty is left-handed and dresses smartly. He is all long sharp lines, rangy movements and distant expression.
Natty is the only child of a textile miller who couldn't afford to give him schooling, despite an early gift for reading and writing. He had his First Year at Hogwarts, a bright-eyed stint as a little Ravenclaw with great promise, but then left to apprentice for his father. In adulthood, when his parents were gone, he tried to make it as a writer, but lacked the name, education and connections to do so. But what he did find, quite by chance, was a wealthy old codger called Enoch Elmer, who fancied himself an author but lacked the skill. So he hired Natty as his ghost writer and here we are. Elmer is now an acclaimed author, and nobody knows that Jonathan Copper is the man behind the words.

These are the big happenings of his quiet life, but they're mostly matters of the mind. Things have happened to his heart, too. In his twenties Natty had a wife and child he loved dearly, but both passed away tragically. Since then Natty has been afraid to love again, living a chaste existence for almost ten years now.

In May 2063, he quit being a Handiman and took a more settled job as Groundskeeper at Hogwarts.
Natty has a natural quiet confidence, but it can be stilted by modesty. He is a man who knows his place, and it's a low one. He is inherently curious, ever on the lookout for writerly muse. Despite his minimal education, Natty is articulate, intelligent, and fervently devoted to books. From time to time, he struggles with depression. He cannot produce a Patronus.

New parchment, gorse flowers, Summer rain

A blank void

One of the hardest workers in publishing
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