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Jasper Daphnel
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Played by Kit
28 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 8 in.
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Full Name: Jasper Melvin Daphnel

Nickname(s): Jas, J

Birthdate: March 13th, 1865

Age: 28

Gender: Actual & Perceived are both male

Occupation: Obliviator

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 1876-1883

Wand: Hazel, unicorn tail hair, 10", supple

Family: Virgil Daphnel, father
Kate Daphnel, mother
Victor Daphnel, brother
Beatrice Daphnel, brother
Oscar Daphnel, brother
General | Jasper stands at an average height of five feet, eight inches and has a slim build. He is ambidextrous but does his best to favour his right hand.
Expressions | Jasper has a kind disposition which one can tell just by looking at his face.
Deportment | Jasper tends to stand and sit up straight and has good posture. He does have a small habit of fidgeting with his fingers if he has to sit still for long periods of time.
Fashion | Jasper tends to go for well-tailored clothes that are muted in colour. He does not like wearing anything too flashy.
Accessories | Jasper is not one for accessories but he does have a ring he wears often that is imbued with protection charms. He also has a pocketwatch he got when he turned seventeen that he takes with him everywhere he goes.
Scent | Lemongrass and pine trees
Face Claim | Manny Jacinto
March 1865Jasper is born and is the second child of Virgil and Kate Daphnel. He is a healthy baby and is not particular prone to fussing outside of when he is hungry or needs changing. He is a rather easy baby to take care of.
1866-1875Jasper enjoys a reasonably happy childhood. He idolizes his big brother and tends to follow him around. They are soon joined by a sister and a couple of months after her arrival, Jasper shows his first signs of magic. He had done something that caused orbs of light to entertain baby Beatrice.
First Year
Jasper goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. He is a little slow to make friends but he mostly enjoys this new chapter in his life.
1880-1881Jasper is mortified to find that he has been made prefect. He reluctantly takes up the responsibility of it but he is still likely the best prefect for troublemakers to be caught by. The bright side of this it is that a friend of his, Christabel Dempsey, is prefect alongside him. With their new responsibilities bringing them into one anothers company more often than it had before, his affection deepens beyond the bounds of friendship.
1883Jasper graduates with reasonable grades and he begins working at the Ministry as an Obliviator.
1884Beatrice goes off to Hogwarts and Jasper worries how she will fare there. She is a timid, delicate soul in his eyes and there's just so many people at Hogwarts. He writes her regularly to try and get a feel of how she is doing there. Answer: not well.
1885-1888For the next few years after his graduation, Jaspers life is mostly uneventful. He does not have the heavy burden that a first son might have and that is something he is content with. He continued to live with his family, not seeing a real need for his own place.
1889-1890Beatrice is put into Pendergasts which goes as well as her tenure at Hogwarts did from what he can tell. Beatrice debuts in 1890. Her following seasons do not go well and Jasper does his best to cheer her up often.
1892Victor amps up his efforts to find a wife, something Jasper feels blessed that he does not have to do. He would have been glad for Victor to marry if it had not been the woman Jasper had been in love with. Not that Victor could possibly know that but even so. It's a bitter pill when Jasper tells his brother ideas for the honeymoon - ideas he had daydreamed would play into his own honeymoon with Miss Christabel Dempsey. This puts a wedge in his relationship with Victor, whom he had always been reasonably close with.
The attached gif is a live demonstration of what his reaction was to the events of early 1893. No sooner has Jasper detailed in his journal his hopes for the new year, it was all dashed to pieces. As if the previous few months weren't bad enough, Victor goes and dies, accidentally murdered by their sister. Jasper does not react well at all and is a hot mess as he does his part in helping cover up what had happened.

He procures Polyjuice from a friend and has to spend the next day pretending to be Victor until they can orchestrate his brothers 'death'. If Victor had to go and die, he is glad Victor is around as a ghost as he isn't sure he would have known what to do otherwise. He has only recently been able to look at Victor without immediately feeling the need to cry. But is this need to cry for mourning his brother, the responsibilities he never wanted to have or both? Who knows.

Hard-working, friendly, kind, empathetic, sensitive, family-oriented.
  • Jumping to conclusions.
  • Very talented at Charms, Memory ones in particular.

  • Is a member of Excaliburs.
  • Is a death sentence to plants. Do not ask him to water your plants for you if you like them.
  • Has a tendency to compartmentalize and hyperfixate on things.

Care of Magical CreaturesEE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsAA
History of MagicAA

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