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Theodosia Graham
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Played by Elaine
Widowed Socialite
27 year old Muggleborn
5 ft. 3 in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Theodosia Adeline Graham née Robins

Nickname(s): Thea

Birthdate: January 7, 1866

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Occupation: Widowed Socialite

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Twelve inches of red oak, with a core of phoenix tail feather

Father: Frederick Robins (b. 1828)
Mother: Annamarie Robins (b. 1834)
Sister: Hyacinthia née Robins (b. 1857)
Brother: Alexander Robins (b. 1859)
Brother: Ebenezer Robins (b. 1863)
Brother: Jeremiah Robins (b. 1869)

Husband: Haskell Graham (1859-1891)
Son: Tiberius Graham (b. 1886)
Daughter: Mariana Graham (b. 1888)
Son: Nathaniel Graham (b. 1890)

Brother-in-Law: Charles Graham (1839-1881)
Sister-in-Law: Oryndia Noble p. Graham née Fawns (b. 1849)
Niece: Florence née Graham (b. 1869)
Niece: Ariana Graham (b. 1872)
Nephew: James Graham (b. 1874)
Niece: Julia Graham (b. 1874)
Niece: Camelia Graham (b. 1877)
Nephew: Lawrence Graham (b. 1879)
Nephew: Clifford Graham (b. 1881)
As well as other Graham in-laws and nieces/nephews. Thea also does consider Oryndia’s children with her new husband as niece and nephew, though they share no blood with her own children.
General | Thea’s ordinary enough at five feet, three inches in height. But with her shockingly red hair and brilliant blue eyes, it’s quite easy to pick her out in a crowd. Her skin is fair and mostly clear, save for a pale mole on her left cheek. She is right-handed with her quill, but wields her wand with her left.

Expressions | Tightly controlled and mindful, Thea knows better than to reveal her emotions to those around her beyond a slight smile or controlled frown.

Deportment | Like many ladies of proper society in her station, Thea carries herself with a shade of self-importance. She does not attempt to walk like a woman born above her station, however; her stride is always purposeful and without airs. She carries tension in her shoulders.

Fashion | Preferring robes to muggle fashions, with a penchant for darker colors developed in the years since her husband’s death, Thea cuts a striking figure.

Accessories | Thea is a lady of minimal accessories, often wearing only her wedding band and a simple set of earrings. For more formal events she’ll add a necklace.

Scent | A delicate perfume of rose, lavender, and apple.

Face Claim | Lotte Verbeek
A Beginning
Theodosia Adeline Robins is born, the fourth child and second daughter of her muggle parents. She seems for all the world a perfectly ordinary babe, though her parents could never know at this point that their fourth child would be their most extraordinary.
A Little Sibling
A fifth child joins the young Robins family, a third son. Thea, as she has begun introducing herself given how much a mouthful Theodosia is for a toddling child, is joyous over the arrival, though she isn’t entirely sure why.
During a particularly nasty thunderstorm, Thea, in her fright, accidentally animates her doll to comfort her, though she isn’t at the time aware of what she’s doing. The nanny witnesses this marvelous event and promptly informs Mr. and Mrs. Robins, though they don’t believe her. Not until after the storm, when Thea experienced a violent tantrum and lights burst out of her hands. Their immediate response, of course, was fear — but that reaction doesn’t last long, and their fear turns to curiosity.
A Difficult Year
The attack on the Queen comes just days before a witch — a proper, adult witch — appears in the Robins’s drawing room, explaining that Theodosia is a witch just as she is, and that there is a school for witches, and wizards, to learn to control their magic. After reassuring Mr. and Mrs. Robins that not all magical people are violent as whoever attacked the queen.
1877 — 1879
First Years
Thea’s arrival to Hogwarts is met with hostility from purist students — something she writes home about promptly, though of course nothing is done — but she is sorted into Ravenclaw and finds her own niche.
1879 — 1882
OWL Years
For her OWL electives, Thea signs up for Ancient Studies, Earth Magic, and Ghoul Studies. She spends these years in deep study, though of course she occasionally makes time for socialization. She also experiences Hogsmeade for the first time in this break of time, though not until 1882. One of her friends is among those who disappears from Hogwarts.
1882 — 1884
NEWT Years
Thea takes six classes in her NEWT years — Ancient Studies, Ghoul Studies, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Herbology, and Transfiguration. At the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball, Thea meets a wealthy wizarding gentleman named Haskell Graham. They hit it off quite well, yet they do not see one another again throughout the season, due to her lower station.
March 1885
Though they only met less than a year past, and have barely had the opportunity to get to know one another, it was at a ball that they met once again, and their emotions got the better of them. The two are caught in an impassioned entanglement in the garden by Haskell’s elder brother, who hastily arranges for them to be wed within a fortnight. It is unknown if anyone actually saw them, but Haskell’s family thought it would be better to be safe than sorry.
An Heir
The first birth in the young Graham family is Tiberius. Thea is overjoyed to have given her husband a son, an heir of his very own.
A Daughter
Mariana Graham is born. Once more, Thea is overjoyed, though this time to simply have a daughter to raise and teach.
1890Nathaniel Graham is born.
January 1891
While traveling between work and home, Haskell Graham is attacked — a mugging gone wrong, so they say. His pocket money, watch, wand, and wedding band are stolen, and he is stabbed, left to die in the street. It takes some days for Thea to find out, but she is devastated when she does. She enters mourning, though she’d like nothing more than to hide away from the world.
February 1893
After an appropriate time of mourning, Thea’s in-laws insist that she reenter society. Thea negotiates that she will do so in half-mourning, and she’s clear that she isn’t entirely pleased with the arrangement, either.
  • Though she has only encountered it once, in her youth, Thea’s Amortentia has never changed, taking on the scents of a medley of burning herbs and gin.
  • Quite simply, Thea’s deepest fear is isolation. In terms of a boggart, this takes the form of a Ministry official, informing her that, for reasons which go unstated, she is to be banished to an unpopulated island in the middle of some ocean, never to speak to or see another soul again.
  • Thea’s patronus takes the form of a pure-coated mare, cast only once in memory, under classroom conditions. She has not once been called to cast it in an emergency.
  • Fluent in French, and skilled with the flute.

Ancient StudiesEE
Defense Against the Dark ArtsOE
Earth MagicP
Ghoul StudiesEE
History of Magic
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