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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Josephine Beauchene
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Played by Elaine

20 year old Veela
5 ft. ½ in.
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Full Name: Josephine Beauchene

Nickname(s): N/A / Pending

Birthdate: July 31, 1872

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Veela

Residence: Hogsmeade, formerly a small town in France

Hogwarts House:


Veela Mother: Sophie (dates unknown)

Adoptive Father: Jean-Luc Beauchene (b. 1847)
Adoptive Mother: Madeleine Beauchene (b. 1850)
Adoptive Brother: Pierre Beauchene (b. 1870)
Adoptive Brother: Auguste Beauchene (b. 1872)
General | A heavily freckled brown-eyed redhead standing only five feet and one half-inch tall, Josephine stands distinct from her adoptive family. She is an uncommon beauty, like those of her ilk, though among ordinary humans, she stands as an unlucky one at least. She is right-handed.

Expressions | As much as her adoptive parents and the governess they employed tried to train it out of her, Josephine is open and eager to share her emotions with those around her.

Deportment | The one field in which Josephine has taken to heart her governess’s teachings in whole and truth. Josephine carries herself with importance and walks with grace.

Fashion | Though she oft protests, Josephine dresses in the modest neutrals of the middle class, keeping to the latest fashions of modesty from Paris. However, when given the chance, she will dress in opulently shaded evening wear, though she avoids enchanted pieces.

Accessories | Josephine prefers to decorate herself with leaves and flowers like her wild sistren, though she does acknowledge that jewelry is more accepted as an adult, and typically will wear floral designs in silver and semi-precious stones.

Scent | Woodsy, yet delicate, with notes of floral. She can’t quite rid herself of the scent of wilderness, even after a full bath.

Face Claim | Luca Hollestelle
July 1872The last of a clutch of veela daughters, the little girl emerges from her stony shell to find no one there, no other hatchling girl to greet her, no mother welcoming her with open arms. Small and innocent, the girl wanders south-east in the rain and mud, until she comes upon a cottage, wherein she finds two boys, close to her own age, their mother and their father. She knocked on the door, hungry, naked, and tired, and was taken in — despite the mother’s initial protests. Within a fortnight, the little girl is officially adopted, and named Josephine Beauchene.
1874It is Josephine’s fortune that she finds herself in a magical household, when Pierre’s first act of magic is to soothe one of her tantrums with dazzling lights in the air.
1877Though it affects them minimally, there is still conversation in the Beauchene household of the occurrence in England with the Queen’s attack. Not long after Josephine’s fifth birthday, a governess is secured, to instruct the girl in etiquette and the general ways of wizardkind.
1879At the age of seven, Papa sits down with Josephine and explains the full and total truth of her origins — information he had been aware of since the day after her arrival in their home, when he had tracked her path back to the nest of broken shells. He explains also that her mother, another veela named Sophie, had come looking in on her a couple years before, and upon seeing her in such good hands, had decided to leave her in their care. Josephine tries to plead for more information about this mysterious Sophie, but is not appeased, as Papa has no other information besides that Sophie is unschooled in the ways of society.
1881While Josephine has only private tutors to look forward to, her eldest brother Pierre departs for his schooling at Beauxbatons Academy. Josephine asks him for consistent letters, and her wish is granted.
1883All too soon, Auguste joins Pierre at Beauxbatons. He, too, is asked for consistent letters, though he follows through rather less than his brother.
1886With the onset of puberty comes the infamous veela temper, and it is one day in her singing lesson that the avian first emerges from within the burgeoning woman. She sets fire to the family piano during her outburst. Afterwards, she is endlessly apologetic, but the damage is done. It is a miracle that the Beauchenes do not turn her out afterwards, but socially, they know they must keep her under their protection, at least until she is an adult. An older society veela — Marie — is secured to help teach Josephine to keep her temper in check.
1891Madeleine Beauchene never thought she would be escorting a daughter on the social circuit, as a merchant’s wife and a mother of only two boys. But Josephine proves her wrong, graceful if a bit too friendly, and easy for others to speak to. However, her kindness and nature are conflicting in the eyes of many around them, too much for many to reconcile. And so Josephine Beauchene is a substantial failure, in the goal to find a husband.
February 1893Two failed seasons later, the Beauchenes decide it might be an easier try to have their adoptive daughter go with a governess and Pierre for company to the Scottish village of Hogsmeade — the all-magical settlement founded following the devastation of the muggle riots of 1877. Pierre, for his part, is largely sent to establish commerce for the family business in the village. When she arrives, she finds it quaint and comfortable, and close enough to the wilds for her comfort.
Josephine speaks English with a heavy French accent
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