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Lorcan Byrne
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29 year old Halfblood
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Full Name: Lorcan Cormac Byrne


Birthdate: 10th April, 1861

Age: 29

Occupation: Mediwizard

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Ireland, though with his father and not with the main branch of the Connollys.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Spruce, 11 1/2”, unicorn hair, whippy.

Family: Siobhán Byrne | Mother | 1827 - 1884
Desmond Byrne | Father | 1825
Connell Byrne | Brother | 1852
Finnian Byrne | Brother | 1857
-- plus extended Connolly family
At 5’7”, Lorcan is of both unremarkable height and unremarkable build, and fairly unremarkable features all round (though he would beg to differ). He has pale skin, grey Connolly eyes from his mother, expressive eyebrows, and a square-ish jaw. His biggest criticism of himself is that he is plagued by rather prominent ears. His hair is short and brown and slightly curly, and he takes an unbearable amount of care of it, not to mention the rest of his appearance. Lorcan never goes anywhere if he doesn’t look casually debonair, even in mediwizard robes. His wand and writing hand is his right.  

1861 | Lorcan is born, Desmond and Siobhán's third and final son. Born less than a month prior was cousin Dublin, and the previous New Year's Eve was his other cousin, Maeve.

1863 | Connell goes to Hogwarts, and is sorted into Gryffindor. Lorcan does not remember this.

1868 | Finnian goes to Hogwarts. Also this year, Maeve and Dublin shows signs of magic by setting Lorcan's father on fire, and vanishing his - and everyone's - Christmas presents, respectively. Lorcan is not as impressed as he could have been.

1869 | Lorcan shows his first sign of magic when a tumble from an upstairs banister sees him land on his feet, perfectly unruffled.

1870 | Connell graduates, and by Connolly tradition, isn't allowed to do what he likes, so is forced to become an apprenticed potioneer.

1872 | Hogwarts time! He, Maeve and Dublin all become Gryffindors, as per the family custom. He'd say it's exciting, to be in a place full of new people, if he weren't still surrounded by family in Gryffindor, essentially the Connollys’ home-away-from-home! Maeve and Dublin like to make trouble, whereas Lorcan only inadvertently causes trouble by a) flirting with everything in sight, b) thinking he can use these skills to his gain and c) actually trying this on a female teacher one day. It backfires (a result that was not obvious to him, though his work in that class had been dire, so it was nonetheless worth the try!). For this he instead receives four detentions, and he cannot say these are his last.

1874 | He picks COMC and Divination for electives, even though he won't need the latter; he already knows he'll be fulfilling his destiny as a third child, becoming a healer like his mother. Third year sees Dublin and Maeve suddenly a little more serious about schoolwork. Lorcan decides he is too, so he works himself out a advantageous agreement with a female student; she doesn't complain about kisses as thanks for touching up his homework assignments.

1875 | His brother Finnian fails the admissions test for the auror training program, haha sucker.

1876 | Finnian fails again. Welp. This is the year Lorcan falls in love. His cousins are the type to tease him for this, but his world is changed, etc, so he can brush it off.

1877 | In fact, he has realised his affections lie elsewhere, but this is totally true love, and he rides that high through his OWL exams in May, the results of which are surprisingly decent! Lorcan's high spirits have obviously radiated beyond himself and influenced the world for good, because Finnian has actually gotten into the training program. Finally, bro.

For NEWTs, he continues on with the requisite subjects for healing without making too much fuss about the preplanned career path. It doesn’t sound half bad, healing, if he’s honest. Still, the career and common sense are on the backburner, for he has also made plans to run away with his sweetheart when he’s finished his seventh year and she her fifth.

1879 | Not everything quite goes to plan when graduation comes around. Lorcan’s girl doesn’t return to school, but they are also not living happily ever after, because she’s been married off to an older gentleman picked out by her parents. Fabulous. He’s also managed to actually Troll his Potions NEWT, which is ridiculous, because he’s great at potions! (Or was great most of the year in Potions when he’d had a friend reminding him to when to add ingredients or to probably stop stirring now, Lorcan all the time.) This means no chance of becoming a healer, unfortunately. He might have picked an entirely different career at random had it not been for the family way; thus, he starts training as a mediwizard. This... well, it's not the sort of position that will ever see him properly established, and the pay isn't nearly as good - and never will be. It feels a little disappointing. Both Maeve and Dublin join the Ministry, just as Finnian gets kicked out. Lucky thing, really, that at least his brother’s failures are timely enough to overshadow his own!

1880 | Cousin Finlay begins training as a healer. Lorcan pretends he isn’t jealous. Not that he actually dislikes being a mediwizard: he’d bounced back quite well from his mistakes, he thinks, it all worked out for the best. After all, arriving in emergencies gives him a more heroic quality than sitting around on a ward, and getting to save damsels (and other people) every day is much more fun for him not having run away to be married. Cousin Dublin has a courtship gone wrong, poor thing.

1882 | Cousin Maeve becomes a proper auror. (With precisely none of Finnian’s troubles.) Linny’s still tragically unlucky in love. He can certainly empathise. For the past few months he’s been “bumping into” a certain young lady, although after the first few of those encounters Lorcan realises he’s been flirting more with her chaperon than her. He’d have proposed then and there, only the chaperon is already a married woman.

1884 | The Laughing Plague takes his mother with it. He takes the loss quite hard, and when his father announces he’s moving out, Lorcan says he’ll go with him, more keen to keep the parent he still has than stay cooped up in the (large) family home where he has to deal with disapproving or meddling relatives all the time. Really, they’re all just cramping his style. It’d be cooler if Finnian or Connell had left, too, but they don’t. Lorcan and his father move into the city, unwilling to be chased out of Ireland entirely. None of the relatives seem to like his father much at all, and though Lorcan will serve as his defence, he also still likes all of his cousins well enough, so he is happy to pretend that nothing’s changed there.

1887 | The year begins with a blizzard, and Lorcan finds himself stuck staying over in a sweet little Hogsmeade bakery that he actually only visits to flirt with the girl in the shop.

1888 | Said baker's daughter discovers she will inherit enough money to make her dreams a reality, if only she gets married. In April, Lorcan makes a joke, or has a splendid idea - one of the two - and elopes with her, as a friendly favour. The news comes out in May that they've married. His relatives are not best pleased... nor is he, he realises belatedly, because it's not much of a marriage and Maggie doesn't like him nearly as much as he does her.

1889 | Or maybe she does, ha! Who cares about reputation, he's got it all.

Bright and lively. Rash. Persistent. Can remain fairly chill under both pressure and criticism. Thinks tradition is a bore (especially when it doesn't suit his purposes) so is always happy to push the boundaries of what's 'acceptable' a little. Not so great with common sense, and doesn’t have much of a filter, either. His general strategy is to act first, and think later - or indeed, not think at all. Might have been more solid at school if not so prone to ~distractions~.
— His patronus is some kind of monkey.
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