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Alasdair Greyback
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Played by Lynn
Eternal House Guest; Illusionist
30 year old Halfblood
6 ft. 0 in.
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Full Name: Alasdair Duncan Greyback

Nickname(s): Dare, Derry, Red - he'll answer to basically anything if you're willing to put him up

Birthdate: February 2nd, 1863

Age: 30

Gender: Male, perceived male

Occupation: Eternal House Guest; Illusionist

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Technically the Reach in Scotland. Usually? Anywhere else. Maybe next week it will be your house!

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Phoenix feather and black walnut, 14 1/2 inches, pliant.

Family: The Greybacks, including Murdock and Merida
General | Like most of his brothers Alasdair is big and broad, with an instantly recognizable mane of red hair and a beard. He does at least try to adhere to civilized grooming standards, keeping his hair neatly combed back and his beard and mustache trimmed and oiled.

Expressions | Although his beard can disguise some of his mouth movements, Alasdair's face is still expressive; he carries a lot of his feelings in his eyes and brows, and in his mustache when it's styled, which it typically is. In any case, whether he's amused or irritated or uncomfortable, you'll know it.

Fashion | Dare likes fashion — or rather, he likes the way people treat him when he's dressed fashionably. Since he doesn't have an income, he relies on the generosity of his friends and family giving gifts, which — sometimes makes for some interesting pieces he wouldn't have chosen for himself. Since he's an illusionist, though, nothing a little magic can't fix.

Scars | The most notable one is on his left bicep: a tangled web of raised white skin knotted together around the original bite. While it's long since healed, it will never fade. Were he to ever be clean shaven one would also note a smaller but similarly constructed scar on the bottom of his jawline on the left side. He occasionally has other minor scarring during the days after a full moon, but nothing that lingers longer than a week thanks to the prompt medical attention.

Scent | Derry's cologne is a masculine wood and leather mix, but he's not above sampling his host's colognes on occasion if they leave the bottles lying around in shared lavatories.

Face Claim | Johnny Harrington
1863 — 1874
Alasdair is born to an already boisterous and full household, with several older siblings of both genders. He grows up idolizing most of them, always vying to be included in the older boys' games and occasionally getting lost in the wilderness around the Reach while failing to keep up with his longer-legged companions. Like the older boys, he also looks forward eagerly to his graduation from Hogwarts and his initiation into the wolf pack.
1874 — 1881
Coming from the childhood he did, it's little wonder young Derry is sorted into Gryffindor. His friends are not many but the ones he does make he is fiercely protective of. He chooses his school subjects based on what he thinks Greybacks ought to be good at, although his preeminent magical affinity would always be Charms. He also plays on the house Quidditch team, first as a seeker (from '75-'78) and then after hitting his adolescent growth spurt as a keeper ('78-'81).
1881 — 1885
Young Wolf
As had always been the plan, Alasdair returns home after graduating Hogwarts and is turned into a werewolf by his family. It is, alarmingly, not everything he had ever hoped and dreamed. He had grown up thinking of this like some grand secret club he would have access to, something majestic and wild and wonderful, and instead it's — he hurts. He doesn't remember shit after a full moon. He just wakes up achey and tired and usually bleeding. In short, it sucks, and for a while he's left wondering whether his whole family his delusional or whether this is, somehow, his fault. He doesn't raise these concerns with anyone, in case it's the latter. He departs on a tour as scheduled and spends the better part of two years struggling to adapt to this new reality in the forests of Eastern Europe.

While he doesn't gain any sense of peace about the lycanthropy (and certainly has not regained the superiority of purpose he believed himself to have all through childhood), he does eventually regain enough stability to feel confident interacting with the outside world again, and spends some time on a more traditional tour through the southern edge of Europe. His true purpose during these years: reinventing himself, so that on his return to England he can put as much distance between himself and the rest of the Greybacks as possible.
1885 — 1892
Lone Wolf
Which is precisely what he does; on returning to England he makes a point to seek out anyone he even vaguely remembers from Hogwarts, reignites old friendships, and plays the most magnanimous and interesting guest he possibly can at every party he is invited to. Within a month he has an invitation to come stay a week at someone's house, and from that point he never looks back. While he does return to the Reach every full moon out of necessity, he otherwise makes a point of staying literally anywhere else — whether or not he has been formally invited, in some cases. He also becomes quite a well-known illusionist, and while it seems crass to take money for these sorts of things he does often trade illusions (for instance, for upcoming parties) for favors, gifts, or for stints as a house guest. Presumably this is not a lifestyle one can maintain indefinitely, but he certainly has no immediate plans to stop.
CHIMERIC. Alasdair's personality, at least superficially, conforms to the whims of his current host. CHARISMATIC. Derry's stories aren't often true, but those who recognize this are hesitant to call him on it. Even if he's lying, it always makes for an interesting story. CYNICAL. Though he often keeps this side hidden, Dare is deeply and perhaps irrevocably cynical.
  • Werewolf since eighteen.
  • Believes the cure for brooding is alcohol.
  • Can often be seen with a conjured animal of some kind which he interacts with as a pet. This is a ruse; he can wave them into nonexistence without a second thought and bears no actual sentimental feelings towards them.
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