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Enmity Wakefield
Enmity Wakefield
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Played by Nichole
Junior Assistant to the St. Mungo's Hospital Director
25 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 3 in.
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Full Name: Enmity Wakefield

Nickname(s): Mity

Birthdate: December 29, 1867

Age: 25

Gender: Female, perceived female

Occupation: Junior Assistant to the St. Mungo's Hospital Director

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: South Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cedar, 11 1/3", dragonheart, rigid

Enmity's family is… a bit of a mystery. At least her birth family is. At best guess she's the pawned-off child of a prostitute, an unmarried working-class girl, or even a tired mother with one too many mouths to feed as it is. Her found family is just as much of an oddity. Her 'aunt' is the woman who took her in and her 'sisters' are mostly girls like her along with two or so actually related to Aunt Clara - if distantly.

Clara Wakefield, "Aunt"/Guardian.
Perfidy Wakefield, Sister.
Indolence Wakefield, Sister.
Lunacy Wakefield, Sister.
Malice Wakefield, Sister.
Wrath Wakefield, Sister.
Vanity Wakefield, Sister.
Avarice Wakefield, Sister.
Envy Wakefield, Sister.

Fiddler, pet toad, hogwarts ear
Tryer, pet toad, current
General | Thin, tall, and stern-looking, Enmity certainly wouldn't be described as pretty or memorable. Really she might only be described as intense with sharp angles, bushy brows, and thick lips. She often wears her hair pulled back into a no-nonsense bun but when lose it falls just below her shoulders in loose ringlets. Her eyes and hair are nearly the same color, with her eyes a brown just a few shades lighter. And if one looks really close, she has a faint splattering of freckles across her cheekbones.

Expressions | She's never been one to be all that expressive but it's hard to know how she's feeling if you don't know her tells due to the fact her resting, default expression tends to be quite harsh. She has often been told to smile more but, frankly, she doesn't care.

Deportment | She isn't graceful by any means, but she isn't clumsy either. She carries herself well, used to dealing woth people, but in a way that indicates she's always in a rush or her mind has already moved on to the next task at hand.

Fashion | Mity favors wizarding robes over muggle gowns not necessarily for a stylistic reason but more so because she finds them easier to move in. In robes and dresses, she defaults to neutral tones and simplistic fabrics. Having spent all her life off donations and in hand-me-downs, her clothes were more so because it was what was available, having always deferred to making sure the younger girls got the nicer dresses if they so fancied. Even now with her own source of income she only owns one or two [i]nice[/i] outfits.

Accessories | As a child, Enmity used to dream of marrying some rich man and being donned with jewels, now she's accepted reality in all but the deepest parts of her subconscious and only has a random necklace or two. She does, however, have an old broach and wooden hairpin she taken to wearing every day religiously.

Scent | Not one for perfumes, Mity often simply smells of her soap, parchment, and ink.

Face Claim | Rachelle Holland
1867: As a child, Enmity Wakefield liked to imagine stories of what her natal family is like. There is one fantasy where she's lost - possibly kidnapped - heiress to a wealthy family. Another was where her momma was a visiting, forgetful tourist who turned away for a second and lost her tram as it rolled away who still looks for her to this day. The reality, though, is a far less romantic tale.

In reality, Enmity Wakefield was born on a cold December night to a young woman out in the slums of London. She's a prostitute by trade and she had no desire or ability to care for a child but has heard far too many horror stories about potions to end a pregnancy. After the fact, she'd been told of a woman - a spinster in Oxford - who'd taken in another child before and advertised the fact and decided to test her luck. She left the days-old infant on the woman's doorstep. And, as faith would have it, Clara Wakefield took the child in and named her Enmity.

1869-1876: Enmity grows up under the watchful eyes of Aunt Clara and the parish but her years as the youngest foundling are short. Insolence comes around her second year and Wrath at five however it is in 1875 that the first foundling arrives that she actually remembers their arrival - Avarice - followed almost immediately the following year by Malice. Enmity, who had been sour at the past arrivals, is now outright unwelcoming to the new girls.

At nine, Mity doesn’t have a fully developed sense of empathy and Malice’s difficulties adjusting causes Mity to be even more nasty to the other girl. She doesn’t care that Mal’s lost all of her memories; they've interrupted her sanctuary. And when Mal turns to hiding spiders and soot in her ‘sister’s’ belongings and Mity finds herself a target with a pillowcase full of soot, she shows her first signs of magic quite later than average by turning Mal’s hair as black as her own soot covered hair has become. They find out soon that Aunt Clara is unable to transform Mal’s hair back until after the last piece of soot has been removed from Mity’s.

1877-1879: The next two years are a chaotic shift of changes that leave Mity feeling unstable. There is the addition of Lunacy and Vanity, the move from Oxford to Hogsmeade (which Enmity strongly voiced her opinions against, but not one listed to her), and the arrival of her own Hogwarts letter.

School Year of 1879-1880: Mity’s transition from the Wakefield home to the Hogwart’s castle goes poorly. Again her dislike of transition and new situations makes her life difficult and she has a collection of drafted letters to Aunt Clara begging to come home - ones she never sends because she knows her guardian will be unmoved. Eventually, she settles in her new home in Ravenclaw.

School Year of 1883-1884: Even if by now she has adjusted, Mity had never become a popular girl by any means. Beyond the issues of her unknown background, she is a hard pill to swallow when it comes to her personality. Still, she has made a narrow collection of friends. But she hasn’t necessarily found any kind of passion when it comes to her studies and decides that even though she did score quite well in her O.W.L.s that it would be her last year in school - even if she doesn’t have a dream career yet.

1884: With little long term goals but a need for a source of income, despite returning home to live with Aunt Clara, the sixteen year old finds a post working in Scrivenshaft’s Quill shop. She’s not thrilled with the job but it does pay.

1886: After two years at the quill shop, she transfers to a post as a welcome witch at the St. Mungos Hospital. She finds comfort in the familiarity of the routine that comes from the post.

1888: During the summer she is promoted to the position of Junior Assistant to the hospital director. Mr. Jameshill, the man she works under, only last a few more months before being put into some sort of magically induced coma that finds him replaced.

1892: After four years, a new head of the hospital is promoted - a Mr. Richard Gladstone. She has interacted with him a few times over the years in her position but knows very little about him and isn’t thrilled about the change. She liked the man she worked under the past four years. She isn’t all that sure why the change needed to be made.
INTENSE. RESISTANT TO CHANGE. DECISIVE. FOCUSED. SHREWD. LOYAL. BITTER. GRACELESS. VINDICATE. [list] [*]Prone to holding grudges. [*]Resistant to new situations and people. Often acts hostile and rude in these circumstances. [*]Takes everything - the good and bad - very seriously. She may be a bit [i]much[/i] but she isn't going to make fun of someone for being upset about something. On the flip side, she is likely to take something like a surprise party like a solemn vow. [*]She's the kind of person who - in a work environment- people often tolerate because while they don't like her, she gets things done and done well. [/list]
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