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Reginald Alderton
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Played by Gin
Crime & Politics Reporter for the Daily Prophet
26 year old Half
Crime & Politics Reporter for the Daily Prophet
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Reginald John Alderton

Nickname(s): Reg; Reggie; Rex

Birthdate: February 14, 1868

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Crime & Politics Reporter for DP

Blood Status: Half

Residence: shared flat in London with Felix Prewett

Hogwarts House: Former Ravenclaw

Wand: Blackthorn, Billywig Stinger Core, almost ten inches, quite springy

-- *Anthony Alderton II, father (b. 1838)
-- Audrey Alderton, mother
----------- Anthony Alderton**, brother, (b. 1861)<
----------- LUCY HUTTON (née Alderton)**,  sister, (b. 1861)
------------------ Charles Hutton brother-in-law, (b. 1851- d. 1890) deceased
------------------ Charles Hutton, Jr, nephew, (b. 1882)
------------------ Anthony Hutton, nephew, (b. 1884)
------------------ Arthur Hutton, nephew, (b. 1888)
----------- Mathilda Alderton, sister (b. 1874)

Anthony Alderton I., Grandfather (1811-1884, deceased)
Helena Alderton (née Rabnott), Grandmother (b. 1818)

-- *Adaline ------ (née Alderton), aunt (b. 1838); and family
-- VIOLA FOXWOOD neé Alderton, aunt  (b. 1841)
----------- Atticus Foxwood I., uncle (deceased)
----------- Atticus Foxwood II., cousin (b. 1861)
----------- Basil Foxwood, cousin (b. 1863)
-- Eloisa ------- (née Alderton), aunt (b. 1843), and family
-- Arthur Alderton, uncle (b. 1847), and family
-- Georgiana Dashwood (née Alderton), aunt (b. 1854)
----------- Alexander Dashwood, uncle (b. 1830)
----------- Poppy Dashwood, cousin (b. 1874)
----------- Laurel Dashwood, cousin  (b. 1879)
----------- Lincoln Dashwood, cousin (b. 1881)

* denotes twins
** Anthony's twin

General | Reg stands at what he’d call 5’10” and is solidly left handed, making it rather difficult to eat next to anyone in the family, and is often banished to one of the end seats. His brown hair is always styled in a clean-cut manner, and he keeps his facial hair neatly trimmed as well. Thin, black rimmed glasses frame his face, with the same blue as the majority of his family underneath.

Expressions | Reg tries to keep his expressions neutral and definitely doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. However, he can a bit of an odd ball, especially when notices people watching him.

Clothing | Reg wouldn’t be caught dead in robes upon graduating Hogwarts, choosing instead to wear muggle fashions; vests with a form of pattern on them are favorable for him over solid ones. He especially likes navy blue.

Scent | Spending a lot of time writing or around books, Reg smells of leather bound books, dying fireplace embers, cedar and quill ink.

Face Claim | Adam Gallagher

February 14, 1868
After years of trying, Audrey is finally pregnant again, and gives birth to Reginald in the late afternoon on an unusual snowy day with little fanfare, interrupting the family’s plan to host a Love Day ball. He is a quiet baby until he isn't, and often toddles after his older siblings, wanting to be a part of everything.
1874 Signs of Magic Tillie is born, rounding on the last of the siblings. He displays his first signs of magic the same year, making a book flip pages on his own as he read a fairytale to her.
1875 LessonsReginald likes to write more than he likes to read and often scribbles notes in the margin of books, much to the dismay of his family. He has an opinion on everything and likes to voice it. (Just how much and what he says will get better as he ages.). Reg likes to learn other languages, too. He doesn't like math at all.
School Year 1879-1880
First Year
Reg misses Lucy and Anthony by a year and is promptly sorted into Ravenclaw.
School Year 1880-1881
Second Year
Reg finds he doesn’t like practical magic and would much rather read about it; he struggles with DADA and excels in potions, because he can follow directions very well. He wants to try out for quidditch but breaks his arm and misses out for the year. Lucy gets married and Reg isn’t sure how he feels about Charles; he’s okay, he guesses.
School Year 1881-1884
He tries out for the quidditch team and becomes a keeper. Reginald is thrilled to be able to add electives to his schedule; he takes up Divination, History of Magic and Care of Magical Creature. History of Magic has become his favorite course.
School Year 1884-1886
His OWLs are far less impressive than Reg would have hoped, but he didn’t necessarily fail them. He runs for Quidditch Captain but is beat out. Instead Reg doubles down during his NEWT years, and much to his excitement does well enough to enter the Auror Training Program
Auror Training Program
The Auror Training Program is hard and he barely makes it through the first year; someone gets hurts because of him and winds up in the hospital for severe injuries during a field study, which causes him to promptly drops out for personal reasons. He doesn’t trust himself to be able to protect anyone.
Continental Tour
Embarrassed from his recent failure, Reg goes on a continental tour to see what else is out there in life, spending a lot of his time reading historical books and visiting libraries; he runs into Anthony a few times although doesn’t go out of his way to follow him as he once had. (He’s still busy licking his wounds.)
July 1887 - 1891
Return to London
Reg returns home because the World Fair is in town. Deciding he’s ready to stay for a bit and figure out his life, Reg decides to put his passion for writing to use and joins the staff at the Daily Prophet; he enjoys the job because it’s not monotonous and allows him the freedom he desires. Despite his desire to strike out on his own, he continues to live in the London home to be close to his family, mainly so he can be there for Lucy when her husband dies in 1890. Reg chooses to floo into work each morning. He works his way from a lowly staff writer to a sports writer. He’s a little annoyed Anthony decides to sponsor a team soon after because it makes him look biased.
1892 - Present
The Season
Finally, Anthony is serious about taking a wife, and Reg leaves him to get married first. He’s more than happy to chaperone Tille, instead.
He avoids that though, and decides to move in with Felix in April of 1983.
Extrovert. Spontaneous. Intuition.

Like the rest of his family, Reg is morally sound and stays out of the spotlight as much as he can, despite enjoying being the center of attention. (On most occasions, although he is not one to force the spotlight on him when it is someone else’s turn to shine.) He enjoys speaking of controversial topics and reading things that are ambiguous for their meanings. He is one to follow his head more than his heart, as sometimes his emotions are wishy-washy and get him into trouble. He self-assured and well aware of who he is as a person, therefore tends to be outwardly enthusiastic about his own interests. Reg is rather spontaneous, too.
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