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Malice Wakefield
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Crime & Politics Reporter for the Daily Prophet
21 year old Muggleborn
4 ft. 11¾ in.
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Full Name: Malice Zipporah Wakefield

Nickname(s): She has a few: Mal is what others call her for short on occasion; when people get really uncomfortable with her name, she consents to them calling her Alice — but those people go on her 'sissy' list; she prefers Malice.

Birthdate: 25 December 1871

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Crime & Politics Reporter for the Daily Prophet

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: South Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Dogwood, 11”, Unicorn Tail, Hard

Clara Wakefield | Adoptive Aunt | b. 1830
Perfidy Wakefield | Adopted Sister | b. 1864
Insolence Wakefield | Adopted Sister | b. 1869
Lunacy Wakefield | Adopted Sister | b. 1869
Avarice Wakefield | Adopted Sister | b. 1875
Enmity Wakefield | Adopted Sister | b. 18xx
Wrath Wakefield | Adopted Sister | b. 18xx
Vanity Wakefield | Adopted Sister | b. 18xx
Envy Wakefield | Adopted Sister | b. 18xx
General |
Shorter than average height for a Victorian woman, Mal has a slight, wispy stature due to being malnourished as a child. Her features are angular and sharp, with thin lips and high cheekbones. Her eyes are a prominent if not unsettling feature; they are wide and blue which would be just fine if it weren't for the fact that she often forgets to blink for fear of missing anything in front of her. Her unruly somewhat-wavy-curly and altogether hard-to-manage hair is often braided in a plait before being twisted in a traditional pattern at the crown of her head. Throughout the day it often escapes from its updo and if not taken care of, can stand on end. Her wand arm is her right hand.

Expressions | While always in possession of eyes large enough to border on slightly unsettling, if she doesn't blink for a long time, there's a possibility she might appear catatonic. In modern times, one might say it's akin to watching the spinning wheel of death on a computer screen; for current times, her face goes completely blank. This can happen when Mal's brain moves too fast for her to comprehend. When interviewing for a story, she can often adopt this expression as well, and is quite skilled at writing on a piece of parchment without looking at it (even without using Pittman Shorthand).

Deportment | "Alert" is likely the first thing that one might notice about Mal. Her reporter's eyes never wish to miss a thing and they work hard to make sure a stone goes unturned. Possessing a small stature and if possible, even smaller frame, once noticed Mal can both stand out in a crowd and at the same time be drowned in it. She has good posture however if staring at her too long, one might think she was about to leap up and take flight somewhere. She is always ready to spring forwards, and thus has a tendency to ease up on the balls of her toes before she goes after something.

Fashion | When out in the field, she wears her reporters badge and a darker skirt and coat combination that often has the benefit of hiding any ink stains (of which there are often many given that she is not the best at remembering to get them out. Other colors she favors are neutral earth tones, with the exception of a powder blue gown she got on secondhand that she thinks brings out her eyes quite nicely.

Accessories | She tends towards simple jewelry. She has a broach that she was found with — presumably belonging to her birth mother — that she never wears, and only keeps it in a box below her bed.

Scent | If she remembers to wear a scent, it's of peppermint or something along the lines that will rid the smell of ink and ink-stained paper from her.

Face Claim | Thomasin McKenzie
1871 — 1876
Early Childhood
The Browns of a small town outside of Portsmouth welcome their 6th child. With a father and mother as a blacksmith and seamstress, the family struggle to make ends meet. Both parents work long hours and the children are taken care of by their older siblings. Despite their large, growing family, the child is happy and content to follow her older siblings around for as long as she has the energy to. They spend their days helping keep the house as clean as possible, but with more than 6 people living in their cramped flat, it's hardly a palace to live in. In the following years, 3 more children are born, and the parents are at their wits end.

One day at the market, one of the children makes an entire table levitate in the air. The Ministry is called to calm down the entire crowd. One of the officials is an older man, on the brink of retirement and with questionable morals. In an act of desperation and opportunism, the muggle mother bribes the elder man into modifying the child's memory a little further. She leaves the child in a park, not realizing the little girl had taken one of her mother's trinkets.

1876 — 1881
The child, now 5 years old is taken in by a woman named Clara Wakefield. The elder witch is absolutely appalled by the ridiculous name of the child, and decides to smite the mother by naming her the exact opposite of "Illustrious-Benevolent Promise": Malice (Mal for short until the child learns what in Merlin's name "malice" means). However this somewhat backfires; the child doesn't end up needing to know what the term means.

The trauma of abandonment causes her to have regular tantrums and outbursts, as well as nightmares that last well into the fourth year of her adoption. A few symptoms of her lashing out include but aren't limited to: putting spiders in her siblings beds when they infuriate her, stealing others' toys and hiding them up the chimney sweep (this last one wasn't a very clever tactic, seeing as she came away with a good amount of soot on top of her head. However when she realized this, at one point she put chimney soot in one of her siblings' pillows), and even on a few occasions, biting other people.

Between these tantrums, however, lay a rather empathetic child whose sole fear was being abandoned again by those she lived with; because if her own mother could abandon her, what was preventing everyone else from doing the same? No, better to push them away now.

After throwing fits and learning right from wrong, outbursts subsided gradually. Leading up to the point that they completely stopped, Mal would apologize to her siblings and help clean up the mess (and take care of the spider bites).

1883 — 1890
After a turbulent childhood, Mal's time as a student did not exactly go smoothly. After being sorted into Gryffindor, she was placed in detention within the first week after an older student attempted to humiliate another student in her house. Later that night the student found spiders in their bed. While friends were made quickly after that, enemies were made just as quickly. One cold and chilly afternoon, a student pushed Mal into the Black Lake. Not knowing how to swim, Mal panicked and was sent to the Hospital Wing where she stayed for a night.

Somewhere between her first and third year, Mal's temperament softened even further, and the references to spiders in her classmate's bed and her subsequent dip in the Black Lake were received with laughter (at least on her part). Her interest and curiosity got piqued when the Pan-Magical Games were hosted at Hogwarts; she desperately wanted to participate, but due to her age, that obviously was a hindrance. So she settled on soaking up as much information as she could, and talked to as many students as she could about their thoughts and predictions during the games. During her fifth year, she took up Muggle Studies, Ghoul Studies and Arithmancy. Her work during second year helped when her sixth year arrived along with the appearance of fog in Hogsmeade. Cue more interviewing and investigating. By her seventh year, Mal became fully intent on becoming a reporter for the Daily Prophet, though took her NEWTS all the same. The moment summer rolled around, she secured herself an internship for the paper.

The Daily Prophet
In the past few years, Mal has worked as an intern for the DP in the Crime & Politics Department. Her curiosity has seen her get into quite a few predicaments (sorry colleagues), but she has managed to weasel her way out of....most of them. She makes absolutely no promises for any future endeavors.

The personality that Mal dons when interviewing people can vary depending on if they are suspected or the victim. With the former she is clever and will use the fact that she is a small, unassuming woman to her advantage and will wait for the opportune moment to pounce. With the latter, she is tactful, inquisitive and mindful of the trauma those might have just experienced. When investigating a source, Mal abides by her own personal code of ethics; her word akin to an unbreakable vow, however that doesn't mean that she won't try to search for a loophole if need be. If going after a lead or a story, she can be relentless and nosy, often taking advantage of her small size to hide in places she shouldn't. As talkative as she can be with her inquiries, she also knows when to keep her mouth shut if it means someone will ramble and trip themselves up. Both the previous points means she's developed quite excellent hearing as well as a penchant for detecting when it is time to keep quiet so she can listen to a nearby conversation.

As nosy as she can be, in her personal life she has learned to be respective of others boundaries, especially her family's. She stays out of their possessions (as much as she can help it), however they know if they ever need help finding something, Mal will likely locate it within half the time it would normally take.

  • Languages: TBA
  • Magical Abilities: TBA

  • Amortentia: TBA
  • Patronus: Siberian Cat
  • Boggart: TBA
  • General: TBA
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