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19 year old Halfblood
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Owain Edwards

Full Name: Owain Defiance Edwards

Nickname(s): Owen

Birthdate: April 16, 1870

Age: 19

Occupation: Seventh Year; Prefect; Beater

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Halfblood

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: 9 1/2 in., chestnut, surprisingly swishy, dragon heartstring

Madoc Edwards, father
Adalynn Edwards nee Something, mother
Owain can be described as long and lanky with a height of five feet, eleven and half inches and a slender, wiry build. Owain has green eyes that have a hint of hazel in them and dark, curly hair. He is ambidexterous but uses his right hand as is proper. His clothing tends to be second hand but is always clean and well kept.

Stubborn. Determined. Hard-working. Obsessive. Dedicated. Impulsive. Energetic. Adventerous.
Owain is homoromantic but gray-asexual. He is mildly aware of this and is not quite sure what to think since these exact terms are not known in the era we are playing in and so he has no clue how to describe himself and his romantic proclivities even if he was inclined to.
1870: Owain is born to Madoc and Adalynn Edwards. He would soon prove to be their only child due to fertility problems on Adalynn's side.

1875: First signs of magic see Owain causing a wooden toy snitch of his to increase in size.

1877: Owain's family is happily left uneffected by the drama between muggles and wizards.

1881: Owain gets his Hogwarts letter and in September, he is sorted into Hufflepuff. Between Owain being an only child and the First Year Scolarship, the Edwards are easily able to send Owain.

1883: Owain picks up Arithmancy and Muggle Studies for his electives.

1884: Seeing as they live in Wales, the fire and plague do not personally effect the Edwards'. Owain had planned to try out for the Quidditch team but fell ill when tryouts rolled around.

1885: Trolls in the park! Owains mother had been visiting Hogsmeade friends and in a case of wrong place, wrong time, she loses an arm. Owain is equal parts saddened and grossed out. The summer comes with a prefect badge which changes the family's plans to have Owain leave school after his OWLs. The prefect grant on top of the partial scholarship he gets for his good grades help out immensely. In the fall, Owain tries out for the team and gets a Beater position.

1887: The minister resigns following the fact that his daughter is putted as a werewolf. The following election is the first one that Owain is old enough to vote in. At the Pettigrew Quidditch Party, Owain meets a sponsor that makes an offer that Owain finds irresistible: the entirety of his remaining school year PLUS supplies to be paid if Owain signs on to their team for five years following graduation.

1888: With his final year coming to a close soon, Owain is simply doing his best.
Played By: Kit

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