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Henry Thompsett
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Fifth Year & Beater
15 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 6 in.
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Full Name: Henry Joseph Thompsett


Birthdate: August 23rd, 1877

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Occupation: Hogwarts Student (entering 5th Year)

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: 24 Hibiscus Lane, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Cedar, 9 ¼”, unyielding. Dragon Heartstring core.

Family: Father: Matthew P. Thompsett Sr. (b. 1841)
Mother: Charlotte A. Thompsett (nee: Perkins)(b. 1853, d. 1892)
Matthew P. Thompsett Jr. (b. 1872)
Sisse Anne Thompsett (b. June 14, 1876)

Henry currently stands about 5’ 6” having had a growth spurt recently leaving him looking rather lanky and uncoordinated. This will only be temporary as he’ll find his balance by the time school starts in the fall. Once he reaches adulthood he’ll be nearly 6’ tall and will fill out more. Till then he sports a sort of litheness typical of boys his age.

He keeps his golden light brown hair short and combed back most of the time, displaying his widow’s peak. Other times his hair is a little messy, usually during the evening or when he feels no particular need to be perfectly groomed. He has wide dark brown eyebrows which contrast against his lighter hair. Henry has dark brown eyes and high cheekbones and a pointed chin, giving him slightly delicate features similar to his sister and mother.

His hands are large compared to boys of a similar size as are his feet, thus he tends to wear larger glove and shoe sizes than most kids his age. Henry’s father always claimed he’ll grow into his hands and feet eventually but this will turn out not to be case. He just is big handed and large footed. Having large hands does make doing delicate work with his fingers more challenging but he has no trouble with using his wand or handling a broomstick.

Henry likes to wear more casual clothing, preferring typical middle-class trousers and comfortable tunics and shirts over more formal-wear. He favours tans, greys and more neutral colours, a perfect way to make his Gryffindor colours stand out as he tends to wear the colours as accents to his normal clothing.


Being the youngest of three children and barely a year old when his parents moved them all to Hogsmeade, Henry has no recollection of their original family home in Kent. Being much closer in age with his sister, Henry bonded with her easier than he did with his brother. This was especially true when Matthew Jr. started school in 1882. Henry was 5 years old and his sister 6.

The year when his sister left home to start her first year at Hogwarts was the hardest time of Henry’s life. He didn’t want to be left alone with only the governess for company. Barely a week after Sisse was gone, he ran away from home, determined to go to Hogwarts despite being too young. He was found by the Hogsmeade constabulary by nightfall and despite the scolding he received Henry was glad to be home. For the next couple days he was watched closely to make sure he didn’t try to run away again.

He wrote Sisse as often as he could, asking her several times to come back home because he missed her and home life was so boring without her. Eventually he adjusted to her being away, partly because his mother did her best to keep him busy with various activities. One activity Henry particularly enjoyed was weekly outings to the park and having a chance to socialize with other boys his age.

Finally he turned 10 and would be able to start at Hogwarts, only a year behind his sister. The trip to Diagon Alley to buy everything he would need to attend was very exciting and Henry couldn’t wait to get his wand. Unfortunately most of his books were hand-me-downs from his sister but the wand was brand new.

First Year: 1888 – 1889

Being sorted into Gryffindor was just what he hoped, though the hat had considered him for Ravenclaw. Henry wanted to be in the same House as his siblings, even if his brother would be graduating not long after. He knew Sisse would be around for several years to come but he wasn’t thinking that far into the future.

There was so much going on at Hogwarts he rarely had any time to miss being at home, between his studies and getting to know his classmates and fellow Gryffindors. Henry thrived at school, quickly learning he enjoyed the classes and being somebody other than the baby of the family. Despite making new friends he always checked in on his sister, wanting to spend what time he could with her even if he had to share that time with her own friends.

As time went on he didn’t feel as much need to spend time with his sister especially since he was making plenty of friends among his peers. Even during holidays he was more eager to spend time with friends now that he had some outside of his family. He still cared for her however.

Second year: 1889 – 1890

It had been nice spending the summer with his family but it was hard not to notice Sisse and their mother weren’t getting along as well anymore. He didn’t know what it was all about but he managed to learn it was mostly due to who Sisse hung around with and her extracurricular activities at Hogwarts.

The tensions between their mother and Sisse over the rest of the summer made him glad to return to school in September. With a slightly lighter load this year he decides to try out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team and he’s picked as Beater. Henry’s thrilled to make the team and looks forward to playing. He decides to follow his sister into joining the Duelling Club as well, thinking it’ll be nice to do something with his sister while at school. Naturally he’s not in the same group as his sister but sharing the interest is all that really matters.

As the year progresses he finds he enjoys duelling, finding it an excellent way to burn off some steam without fear of hurting anybody. It also pits him against boys of all walks of life, something he finds very enjoyable and educational. His spell-casting skills improve though he’s not quite good enough to put him in the top 5.

Third Year: 1890 – 1891

During the summer before the start of his third year his mother had sent him and Sisse under the care of their older brother Matthew to go boating on the Black Lake. Henry was glad to go as he enjoyed being out on the water. What he hasn’t expected was that Matthew would abandon them to go see friends.

Deciding he was more than old enough to handle a boat, Henry climbed in to join his sister after pushing the boat away from the shore. What he hadn’t expected was the black squid knocking the boat with one of its tentacles, causing him to drop one of the oars. While he tried to grab the oar before it floated out of reach the other oar started to slip and the next thing he knew his sister was in the water. Not sure how that happened, Henry tried to grab her hand but her flailing ended up sending waves to push the boat away and thus out of reach.

It had been embarrassing not to be a strong enough swimmer to feel confident enough to jump in after her. Fortunately some older boy had seen her in trouble and swam out to help her. Henry stood; ready to help pull Sisse into the boat once the older kid brought her near. Much to his surprise, the young man returned to shore and barely spared him a second glance. The whole incident had annoyed him to the point he barely spoke to either of his siblings after making sure Sisse was alright.

Henry is very excited about his Third year as it’s the first year he can choose some of his own courses. He takes Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures and Divination as his electives. It quickly becomes clear he’ll be very busy this year till he gets used to such a large course load. It isn’t easy but he manages. He is extremely disappointed he couldn’t continue on with the Gryffindor team as both positions of beater were banned due to a bludger incident at the World Cup the previous summer. Henry doesn’t think its fair students have to suffer just because one beater in a professional team messed up. Unfortunately he can’t do much about it but he tries to practice whenever the pitch is free but finds it hard as he’s not allowed even to practice with a bludger or beater’s bat.

His new classes interest him enough it keeps him out of trouble when it comes to protesting the loss of the Beater position. Of his new classes he really enjoys Ancient Runes more than he does Care of Magical Creatures. Oddly enough he finds Divination fascinating even if at times it sounds nothing more than make up foolishness. Still he sticks with it on the hopes he can actually start to see the future, thinking that would make life so much easier if he could see what was to come. Towards the end of the year while reading his tea leaves he swears he sees a beater’s bat and bludger in the bottom of his teacup.

Fourth Year 1891 – 1892

When he learned Sisse had been made Prefect, Henry felt a moment of dread in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t the sort to break rules but there had been times he may have bent them a bit and with his sister a Prefect he worried she’ll be constantly keeping an eye on him. A part of him doubted she would waste her time giving him punishments as any points taken off him would affect their House anyway. More important to him than his sister becoming a Prefect was learning the ban on Beaters was lifted and he could regain his position as Beater for the Gryffindor team. His joy at being on the team again is short lived however when he learns his mother died due to an apparition accident.

Learning his mother is gone was the worst moment of his life. Though he hadn’t been as close to her as Sisse appeared to be, at least till recent years, he still loved her very much. Not wanting to show how much he hurt, Henry buried himself in his schooling and Quidditch. When back home for the holidays it was to learn how distant their father had become, in fact Henry barely saw him over Christmas. Returning to school for the winter was more a blessing, once more he could focus on schooling and not think about how empty home felt now.

After graduating from fourth year dreads spending the summer at home but he hasn’t anywhere else to go. He tries to be strong and present for Sisse and not argue with their older brother too much when Matthew struggles to replace not just their mother but an absent father. Henry just hopes the summer goes by fast as he rather focus on his O.W.L. year studies and Quidditch, anything to distract him from the emptiness he feels at home.


Henry is generally a good person, doing his best to be liked by people he meets. When he thinks it can benefit him Henry can be manipulative but mostly just to get his way and not to be malicious. Henry mostly just wants to be liked and respected by his peers and adults. He’s now of an age where he no longer likes to be the baby of the family as that tends to mean they treat him like a child instead of a teenager only a few years away from adulthood.<./p>

His family is very important to him especially Sisse, even if they aren’t as close as they used to be before Hogwarts. He is protective of her however, regardless of them not getting along as much and worries about her especially after their mother passed away.

He is an active young man but also studious, enjoying learning new things and the reason why he took as much subjects as he was able. Unlike his sister however, he isn’t very artistic and thus avoided taking art or music.

Despite his dedication to learning and participating in active activities, Henry avoids responsibility, preferring to focus on his own interests instead of seeking leadership positions.

4th Year Classes:
Ancient RuinsGG
Care of Magical CreaturesGG
Defence Against the Dark ArtsGG
History of MagicGG
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