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Anthony Alderton
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Played by Fox
Vineyard Owner & Sponsor of the Holyhead Harpies
31 year old Halfblood
Vineyard Owner & Sponsor of the Holyhead Harpies
5 ft. 11 in.
❤   Courting
Full Name: Anthony Thomas Alderton III.

Nickname(s): Aldo~ on occasion, or from old teammates/friends. None otherwise. Tonyton if you want to die.

Birthdate: May 10, 1861

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: Sponsor for the Holyhead Harpies + has some business in France

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Elsewhere, pretty much always. He works primarily in France, but when in England tends to stay either in London with the family, or at the clubs he’s a member of.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Rowan Wood, 11", swishy, unicorn hair core (Protective, moral, and flatteringly showy.)

-- *Anthony Alderton II, father (b. 1838)
-- Audrey Alderton, mother
----------- LUCY HUTTON (née Alderton)**, twin sister
------------------ Charles Hutton brother-in-law, deceased
------------------ Charles Hutton, Jr, nephew
------------------ Anthony Hutton, nephew
------------------ Arthur Hutton, nephew
----------- Reginald Alderton , brother (b. 1876)
----------- Mathilda Alderton, sister (b. 1874)

Anthony Alderton I., Grandfather (1811-1884, deceased)
Helena Alderton (née Rabnott), Grandmother (b. 1818)

-- *Adaline ------ (née Alderton), aunt (b. 1838); and family
-- VIOLA FOXWOOD neé Alderton, aunt (b. 1841)
----------- Atticus Foxwood I., uncle (deceased)
----------- Atticus Foxwood II., cousin (b. 1861)
----------- Basil Foxwood, cousin (b. 1863)
-- Eloisa ------- (née Alderton), aunt (b. 1843), and family
-- Arthur Alderton, uncle (b. 1847), and family
-- Georgiana Dashwood (née Alderton), aunt (b. 1854)
----------- Alexander Dashwood, uncle (b. 1830)
----------- Poppy Dashwood, cousin (b. 1874)
----------- Laurel Dashwood, cousin (b. 1879)
----------- Lincoln Dashwood, cousin (b. 1881)

* denotes twins
** Anthony's twin

Anthony’s most distinguishing feature is his wildly curly hair and consistent scruff. He hates being entirely clean shaven as it makes him appear significantly younger than he is. He also has the Alderton blue eyes as most in his family. In terms of build, he’s an athletic gentleman. He can probably lift your short deb fairly easily, but would certainly drop another grown man. (Not for lack of trying.) He enjoys being firmly right handed in all things and dresses stylishly, though is never the first to be in the fashion “know.”

Faceclaim: Justice Joslin

May, 1861 - Anthony Alderton is born, a blessing to be the first and the heir, and is aptly named after his father. (As the Alderton tradition goes.) Less than five minutes later, he is followed by his twin sister Lucy, a much less significant development. He’s not a particularly fussy baby or toddler, though he does tend to get into a lot of things and is a constant menace to his nanny.

1872-1873 - In his eleventh year, Anthony receives his Hogwarts letter and is thrilled to be setting off. He is sorted into Ravenclaw along with Atticus Foxwood, one of his cousins. He and Atticus become close fairly quickly, both used to siblings trailing after them.

1873-1874 - His second year sees Anthony join the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. He’s naturally athletic and as such excels rather quickly. He’s always been… good at being good at things, and it surprises nobody.

1874-1875 - Towards the beginning of his third year, a new sister is born into the family. Tillie. He doesn’t see her much in those first few months, but that winter break he spends a lot of time peering over the side of her cradle wondering if all babies were so squishy. (In 1876 they welcome another baby, a brother. Anthony thinks nothing much of each of his siblings in turn except that they are new playthings. Eventually he realizes they are more than that, but he still likes to play pranks on them. Until they cry… and then he feels bad.)

1875 - 1879 - The rest of his tenure at Hogwarts sees Anthony grow from a slightly goofy prankster into an all around, quidditch playing goofball. He does well enough on his NEWTs to consider, briefly, becoming an auror and then promptly dismisses the idea.

1875 - 1879 - The rest of his tenure at Hogwarts sees Anthony grow from a slightly goofy prankster into an all around, quidditch playing goofball. He does well enough on his NEWTs to consider, briefly, becoming an auror and then promptly dismisses the idea.

1883 - 1887 - For four years Anthony travels across Europe and Asia. He explores vastly different cultures and learns a great deal about the wider world than simply what it is to be part of the English ton. It is in France that he plants some seeds of business and on the tail-end of his travels, sets up shop in Paris.

1888 - 1891 - The past handful of years have seen Anthony return to English society. Despite his travels and all the fulfilling adventures, he is surprised to find himself rather homesick. Perhaps it is just that age where his friends are settling down, or perhaps it really is a longing for the familiarity of foggy grey days, but whatever the reason, it compels the bachelor enough to decide it is time to seek a wife. He is satisfied these days with his business in France; it gives him just enough of a break from the monotony of daily life to keep Anthony entertained. For added measure, he has decided to take up as sponsor for the Holyhead Harpies.

July 1892 - As the final debut for the youngest of the family finally looms, Anthony has also come to see that he has - perhaps - neglected some of his duties as the eldest son. He is determined to be the best chaperone and/or elder brother to Tillie he can be, in hopes of making up for lost time. If he can marry her off this season, then all the better.


Over the years Anthony has only grown into his personality more and more firmly. He is at his very core a very moral, unflappable sweetheart. He would never dream of taking a lady to bed before marriage and not following through on the consequences. That said, he is utterly and entirely a goofball. He tends to tease and pester those that sometimes find him irritating just to get a rise out of them (his baby cousin Poppy for one). He sometimes plays innocent pranks on family and friends too, but is generally just determined to make life as enjoyable for himself as he possibly can. He does have a bit of a competitive streak and hates to lose, but all in all, a lesser negative quality that need not be settled upon. Right?

Amortentia: Honestly, it has probably changed since the last time he was even near one. It used to be salt spray, leather and a nice glass of whiskey. Torie?

Patronus: An Eagle.

Boggart: Tillie marrying into the lower classes. Failing any of his siblings in his duties as eldest brother.

Business: Anthony is the proud owner of (Name TBD Vineyards), located in the heart of the Bordeaux region in France. He spends a lot of time in France managing the business portion of the venture as well as global import/exports, while his partner manages the winery and vines themselves. He often takes trips to visit the beautiful property in person, sometimes bringing friends and family along for the weekend.

Goals: Surprisingly, or maybe not so much so, Anthony only wishes to make a LOVE MATCH. He would rather be a lonely bachelor his whole life than marry a tart he didn't respect or love. (Much to his parent's dismay.)

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