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Adella Calendar

Full Name: Adella Alice Calendar née Beauregard

Nickname(s): Della, Dell

Birthdate: February 14th, 1863

Age: 25

Occupation: Housewife

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumna 1881

Wand: 11¼" inches, rosewood, ashwinder ash core

Philip Calendar
[1847] Husband, BBB Owner
m. May 15, 1886

Vincent Beauregard
[1834] Father, Trading Company Manager
Stella Beauregard née Walsh
[1838] Mother, Governess
    Shay Ross
    [1861] Brother, DMLE
    Bentley Beauregard
    [1861-1883] Brother
    Elsie Beauregard
    [1866] Sister, Librarian
    Harvey Beauregard
    [1867] Brother, Personal Assistant
    Charlotte Beauregard
    [1871] Sister, Ravenclaw
    Owen Beauregard
    [1871] Brother, Gryffindor

Charles & Edna Beauregard née Quigley | Uncle and Aunt
    Lucinda Cavanaugh née Beauregard
    [8.23.1863] Cousin & family
    Sebastian Beauregard
    [1866] Cousin, Healer
    Phoebe Beauregard
    [1868] Cousin

Maurice & Alice Beauregard née Endicott | Uncle and Aunt
    Chester Beauregard
    [1861] Cousin, Ministry Worker
    Theodore Beauregard
    [1864/65] Cousin
    Emmett Beauregard
    [1868] Cousin, Quidditch Player
    Leah Beauregard
    [1872] Cousin, Slytherin

The Beauregards are also first cousins to the (Sydney) Podmore family.
Seemingly very dissimilar in appearance from her siblings, Della has her father's fair features while many of her siblings have the darker features of their mother; the others are a mix of each. Della doesn't much mind, her blonde hair is something she likes about herself, but she doesn't always consider herself beautiful. She envies the way Elsie's hair waves and curls naturally, while she has to take special care of hers to keep it smooth. She's slender, though fairly short and stands at 5’1”, though now as an adult, she has filled out into a more womanly shape. Thanks to her profession she can dress moderately well and tends to make things for herself out of shop scraps and thanks to the generosity of her employers, a real dress every now and then.
outgoing; aggressively inclusive; hopeless romantic; caring; nurturing; low-key; sometimes insecure; can make brash decisions; can be a bit of a worry-wort
[February 14th, 1863] | Adella Alice joins older brother Bentley as the Beauregard’s second child and first girl. She is an amiable baby, who really enjoys being held and sang to.

[May 13, 1866] | The siblings are joined by another girl, Elsie Violette. She is a quiet, intense child, but Adella is as fascinated as she is smitten and can hardly wait until the baby is old enough to play with!

[March 12, 1867] | Surprise! Another baby arrives less than a year after Elsie, this one is a boy to be named Harvey Vincent.

[1869] Adella displays her first act of accidental magic when she revives dying flowers in a vase on kitchen counter. A soft soul, Dell doesn’t like to see anything suffering. She is also a bright and bubbly child who easily makes friends in her neighborhood.

[May 23, 1871] | After an unexpectedly hard pregnancy, Stella delivers twins, one boy and one girl; Charlotte Jane and Owen ---. Surprised, the Beauregard family remains evened out with this last addition to the family. Stella swears the two-for-one are the last.

[Early Summer 1872] | Shaymon Ross becomes a completely unexpected and the final addition to the family as a ward. His own family are muggles who have found out he is magical and cast him away. Her father knew his somehow and had heard of the situation. Adella could not understand how someone would simply cast their child aside and so she welcomed him into their home, albeit briefly before he headed out to Hogwarts a year ahead of Bentley, due to her brother’s late birthday. They exchange occasional letters, but nothing more until he returns the next summer.

[September 1873] | Bentley heads off to Hogwarts and joins Shay in Gryffindor. Adella is sad to see them ago, but she knew her brother was very much looking forward to it, so she couldn’t hold it against them.

[School Year 1874-75] | It’s finally her turn to go to school and though she secretly hopes to be placed her her brothers, Adella is sorted into Hufflepuff. It suits her, though she’s initially upset to be separated from Bentley and Shay, she soon finds herself very comfortable in her new home. Her cousin, Lucinda has started school with her and is sorted into Slytherin, but nobody is really surprised by that.

[School Year 1876-76] | Second year is rather uneventful, though Adella finds herself very comfortable in her house. She tries to be as outgoing and approachable as humanly possible and is aggressively inclusive in her socialization.

[School Year 76-77] | This year Adella adds Muggle Studies and Divination as her electives. Given her father’s work and her muggle friends she thought it might be an easy class, but she finds she truly enjoys it. Divination was more of an interest to Lucinda, but Della would be lying if she said she wasn’t curious.

[Spring/Summer 1877] | Magic is exposed and wizards are outed. Her father, who previously worked for a muggle shipping company, is fired from his job out of fear and the Beauregards, though do not feel unwelcome in their neighborhood, decide to move to the growing burg of Hogsmeade. Fortunately it doesn’t take long for Vincent to find a new position, though this one is quite the demand on his time. His affinity for working with numbers and money was a huge asset to many shipping companies on the coast; he turned his attention to wizarding companies of similar stock.

Adella took the move rather harshly. She had friends and a life established in Liverpool. She knew deep down it was for the better and that it would be closer to school, which she loved. Admittedly it took longer for her to adjust than the rest of her family but she got there.

[School Year 1877-78] | Elsie and their cousin Sebastian start school and are sorted into Gryffindor together. That choice baffles the entire family, even Elsie, though Sebastian is suited to the house. Della thought Elsie might be a Ravenclaw or even a Hufflepuff, but at least she’s got a lot of family in her house to keep an eye on her.

[School Year 1878-79] | Della sits her OWLs and does alright in what she wants to. She chooses to continue on with Charms, Herbology, Muggle Studies, Astronomy and Transfiguration. Shay graduates and Della is more upset about it than she originally anticipated. She know she shouldn’t, but she’s started to harbor a little crush on him, despite the fact that he’s like a brother to her. She tries not to let it show over the summer and before she knows it he’s off to training to be an auror.

[School Year 1879-80] | Starting sixth year with significantly less classes leaves her with breathing room socially. She feels more at ease, though she hadn’t exactly been struggling previously, without the weight of academics pressing down on her. Bentley graduates and begins an apprenticeship with a local craftsman in town. He’d always been better with his hands than magic and Della secretly hopes she might be able to find something to do like that when she graduates, though she needn’t find a job at all if she doesn’t want to.

[School Year 1880-81] | Adella is very excited for her seventh year, for all she enjoys school, she’s ready to be done and is very much looking forward to her debut. NEWTs go as well as she expected they would and she and Lucinda debut along with the rest of the Hogwarts girls. Her first season is admittedly disappointing, despite her best efforts and she’s quietly relieved about that. She still feels too young to marry, though it wouldn’t be unusual, she is very much looking forward to life after graduation.  

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Astronomy E E
Charms O E
Defence Against the Dark Arts A --
Divination E --
Herbology E E
History of Magic A --
Muggle Studies E A
Potions A --
Transfiguration E A

[December 1881] |  A massive snowstorm blows over Hogsmeade and several feet of snow trapping everybody where they were at the time of the store. Shay is trapped in the house with the family and so is Bentley’s on-again, off-again love interest. Della knows better, though he tries to hide it. She is deathly ill and they all work together to take care of her. Things come to a head between Adella and Shay in a completely inappropriate rendezvous in his room after she brings him blankets. Apparently  her crush is not one-sided. It leaves them in a bit of an awkward situation to say the least.

[January 1882 - Summer 1882] | On the wings of what she’s starting to think was a bad decision with Shay, Adella takes a job offer in Boston, along with Bentley who is dealing with his own romantic issues, to escape and start over. They’re taken in by a little Italian family who employs Adella as an embroideress after seeing some of her needlework. She comes home briefly for the summer to visit, but heads back after another season, until the following spring.

[May 1883] | Cutbacks in her current position in Boston leave Adella with no job and though it breaks her heart to do it, she leaves Bentley, who is doing extremely well for himself, to head home permanently. The break was good for both her heart and her head and she feels like she’s getting to look at Hogsmeade with fresh eyes after being away for so long. The summer sees the World Cup hosted in Irvingly and so much excitement, leaves Dell glad to be home.

[August 1883] | While attempting to train and care for the new family puppy, Adella meets Mr. Philip Calendar, who is the manager at the Beautiful Beast Boutique and though she goes in for puppy treats, she certainly walks away from the encounter charmed by the gentleman who helped her.

[October 1883] | The family is devastated when they receive word that Bentley has died in a massive fire in the building he was living in. According to her friends there, he’d gotten trapped trying to help other people out of the building. Mourning hits the family hard, but they all pull together to make it through.

[Spring 1884] | Adella finds her friendship with Mr. Calendar continuing in a more social setting, which is surprising, though pleasing. She isn’t strictly thinking it would turn into something more, but it certainly could! Elsie graduates and begins working for her friend in the local bookshop.

[Summer 1884] | PLAGUE FIRE DOOM. Most of the house comes down with a mild case of the Laughing Sickness, but everyone pulls through. Mr. Calendar, in a gracious move, offers Adella his vaccine for the sickness, though she assures him she has already been mildly ill. It endears him to her completely however and what was once a strong fondness was turning into clear affection for him and the pair start spending an increasing amount of time together. Lucinda marries her sweetheart, Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh on Christmas.

[May 1885] | Adella is briefly off to Boston to help with the wedding dress of a dear friend who she considers a sister. The family that practically took her and Bentley in while they lived abroad wanted no one else to make the dress and she certainly couldn’t say no! She receives news that Lucinda is expecting her first baby! She cannot wait to get home to celebrate and of course see Philip again. Letters do not do their relationship justice.

[July 1885] | What was supposed to be a nice picnic in the park is utterly ruined by a horde of trolls descending upon the masses. Adella is hoisted right off her picnic blanket by a troll and in true knight-in-shining-armor fashion, Philip manages to rescue her, apparating them both away from the chaos. The intensity of the moment sees them hurrying through admissions of affection for one another- so drastically so that Philip proposes! Naturally she says yes. It wasn’t a picture perfect proposal, but that hardly matters to her!

Unfortunately not everybody escaped the trolls quite so easily, Shay lands himself in the hospital. Things between them have been strained since his return home and she, despite her happiness with Philip, has a small part of her that will always be in love with Shay. He’d up and left her, been gone for so long, well they both had, but he was always gone without a word on where he’d be or when he’d be back. It was hard to push past him and part of her would always love him, but they’d missed their chance. Her happiness with Philip was genuine and true, though she would always love Shay, she loved Philip more.

The summer also sees Adella accepting a new position as an embroideress with the very fashionable, very upscale designer, Mr. Marcus Lytton.

[November 1885] | Lucinda and Wesley welcome their baby girl, Tulip!

[May 1886] | The big day finally arrives and Della marries Philip in a small, tasteful affair. Her gown is designed by her new employer, and it’s everything she could have ever wanted. Philip whisks her away for an extended honeymoon and the pair return happier than ever.

[Presently] | She and Philip are trying to start a family, though almost two years into their marriage, and not for a lack of trying, Adella is becoming increasingly worried about her own fertility. Thinking her work may be causing undue stress, Adella resigns from her previous position and chooses to keep it as a hobby instead. Becoming a mother is something she’d always wanted, and she desperately wants to give Philip children, but nothing’s clicking and it’s become a constant worry of hers. Aside from that however, life is good.
» Adella and Philip married in May of 1886 after a perfectly respectable courtship and engagement, thank you very much!
» If you are familiar with the Beauregards at all you may know that her brother was killed in an apartment fire while living abroad in October of 1883.

» You may have noticed that the pair have been married for a while and have yet to have any children...
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"Something Christmas-sy," Della agreed, her smile faltering every so briefly about saving their good names. The whole thing was starting to make her ill to think about. Nearly a year and a half after their marriage and still no children. Dell forced herself to try and stay outwardly positive about it, but statements like that always sent her into an inward downward spiral. She knew Philip didn't mean anything by it, of course he didn't. They both wanted children and it made sense that he would want to save their favorite names for their children, but the panic over the what ifs was starting to creep higher and higher.

Outwardly she kept herself together, accepting the kiss on the cheek eagerly, trying not to let it ruin her mood when she knew he hadn't said it to upset her (not that he ever did anything to upset her). And so Della mused through her options aloud, "Let's see, Holly? Joy? Noelle?" She liked Noelle the best, the kitten was rather fluffy and mostly white she had more options outside of that. "Winter? Snowflake? No you don't look like a Snowflake. What about Noelle, I think that's pretty." She cast a glance up at her husband with a warm smile.