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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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Victor Daphnel
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Played by Lynn
How paradoxical, bemoaning his ill-preparedness for the traditional path to marriage but steadfast in his commitment to traverse that path nonetheless.
Ambrose Chambers
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31 year old Pureblood
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❤   Complicated
Full Name: Victor Franklin Daphnel

Nickname(s): Daff by friends, on occasion.

Birthdate: August 12, 1861

Age: 31

Gender: Male, perceived male

Occupation: Until his death: Assistant Head, Spell Damage Ward, Hogsmeade Hospital

Blood Status: Pureblood, but the family has only been in England 4-5 generations so they aren't "old" purebloods in English society's eyes

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Pear and unicorn hair, 12", springy. Although Victor's actual wand is no longer with him, he died with it in his pocket and can still be found toying with it from time to time. That it no longer functions is Victor's sharpest regret about his new condition.

Mr. Virgil Daphnel: Dear old Dad is a bit of an academic, and decided two years ago to ship off on an extended research trip to Thailand. When does he expect to return? This is very much up in the air.
Mrs. Kate Daphnel: The de-facto household leader while dad is away, Kate has her hands full managing Bea's debutante life, but still manages to spare some worry for all of her children.
Jasper Daphnel: Although Victor sometimes wonders whether Jasper is too sensitive for life in general, the pair are amiable and trust each other with most things.
Miss Beatrice Daphnel: A debutante whose crippling social anxiety has given her two unsuccessful seasons so far.
Oscar Daphnel: A recent Hogwarts graduate with big plans for his future.
General | In life, Victor had dark eyes and dark hair, and light (but decidedly non-white) skin. He was of average height with a somewhat slimmer build. Since his death, he is notably translucent. He tends to hover a few inches off the ground to make himself look slightly taller.

Expressions | Victor smiles often — more often than he means, though someone who knows him can tell from his eyes whether it's sincere or superficial. He projects a genuine interest in people, though how this comes across varies and he has occasionally be accused by his mother of regarding people as puzzles to be figured out, rather than as fellow human beings.

Deportment | Victor has formal posture when walking (or dancing) but relaxes in most situations where he's able to sit, which sometimes gives others of his social standing the impression that he isn't taking things seriously. In particular, he has been known to lean his elbows on the arms of chairs, the corners of tables — just about anything, really. Death has not broken him of these mannerisms, though he hasn't entirely gotten the hang of leaning against things and sometimes falls through them instead.

Fashion | Victor died dressed for a party, in a neat, fashionable black suit. The ensemble includes cufflinks and a pocket watch with chain, but not any outdoor clothing such as a coat or hat.

Scent | Victor used to wear citrus-ginger cologne but is now odorless.

Face Claim | Justin Min
1861 — 1872
Victor is the first born (subtle nod both to his father in the shared initial's and his mother's brief obsession with gothic horror — Victor Franklin has a literary namesake one could probably guess). He is followed by Jasper, Beatrice, and Oscar. Their childhood is spent mostly in the English countryside, with occasional trips abroad to less than scenic destinations that are of academic interest to their father. Despite being interested in many fields of study, Virgil is not a properly published researcher; the family wealth comes from management of a textile industry that no one actually has anything to do with.
1872 — 1879
Victor is sorted into Ravenclaw and makes friends among his yearmates. His most notable companion is Hector Cartwright; the two bond quickly and are nearly inseparable through Hogwarts, occasionally spending school holidays at the other's house as well. Victor's school years are peppered with occasional pranks and detentions but otherwise unremarkable. He plays Quidditch in prior to OWL exams but gives it up to focus on schoolwork. He is a good student and receives good grades, and continues with a full NEWT course load. Perhaps he's picked up a bit of his father's "interested in everything" tendencies, but mostly it's because he hasn't committed to a career path after school
1879 — 1888
After several career advice conversations with his Head of House, Victor decides to pursue training as a healer. After a year as a trainee at St. Mungos he chooses Spell Damage as a specialty and begins his career properly as a junior healer. Around this time, his mother determines that as more of her children cross the threshold to adult life it would behoove her to be more closely located to the rest of society. While the country house is kept, the Daphnels shift their primary yearlong residence to a new home in Wellingtonshire in 1882. As this coincides with the end of Victor's tenure as a junior healer, he opts to transfer to the less established Hogsmeade Hospital to continue on as a spell damage healer.

Aside from his younger brother's Hogwarts graduation, life continues on comfortably for several years, until Victor's best friend suddenly goes missing without a trace at the beginning of 1886. At first Victor holds out hope that Hector will turn up somewhere, then that if he's run away he might at least contact Victor to let him know where he's disappeared to. Neither occurs, and Victor eventually makes peace with the fact that Hector is most likely dead. His relationship with the rest of the Cartwright family deteriorates immediately thereafter; he'd only ever liked them for Hector's sake.
1888 — 1892
As Beatrice prepares for exams at school, Victor's mother's attention shifts to Bea's life after Hogwarts. There is considerable discussion over whether to withdraw her from Hogwarts and send her to finishing school instead. When she does debut in 1890, the rest of the family is made aware that this is an 'all hands on deck' event and that they are all in the business of getting their sister adjusted and introduced to eligible bachelors. Some take the responsibility on more than others. Victor's father, never exactly a social butterfly, decides to ship off for an extended 'research trip' and Victor does wonder if the pressure to help Bea find a husband is part of what sent him off. Victor, meanwhile, has been doing well for himself, with a promotion to Assistant Head in 1890 — so perhaps that's what drove his father away, and Victor should take his extended absence as a vote of confidence in his ability to run the family. On the 'heir and head of the family' front, Victor's mother does pepper in questions about when he intends to marry and procreate throughout this period. Determined not to give his mother anything else to worry about in that regard, he determines that thirty is a reasonable age to start looking for a wife, and assures her he will handle the entire thing when it's time. And, well, it's time. He meets, woos, and weds Christabel Dempsey in the course of the 1892 season.
1893 — Present
During an argument with his sister just after ringing in the New Year, Beatrice pushes Victor down the stairs and he breaks his neck. He remains behind in spirit form, and takes as the first task of his afterlife the duty of staging his own death so as not to implicate his sister.
The sort of person who uses the phrase "that's fascinating" often and sincerely.
Apparently all she needed to do to get a conversation back on track with a man was to ask about himself, which was really no surprise.
Octavia Fawley
— was a member of Excalibur until turning 30.
— was a member at Atlantis until his death, but not of Black's; the family does not have a generational history of membership at Black's and Victor had no particular desire to pursue a membership there, having heard it's "stuffy."

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