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Miriam Hitchens
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Played by Elaine
10 year old Halfblood
4 ft. in.
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Full Name: Miriam Elladora Hitchens


Birthdate: February 17, 1883

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Occupation: Child

Blood Status: Half-blood

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Unknown

Robert Hitchens, father (b. 1850)
Iola Hitchens, mother (b. 1857)
— “Matthias” Hitchens, brother (b. 1886)

Maternally, Miriam is biologically related to the Black family and other pureblood families, but she is unacknowledged in their circles, and these families are rarely mentioned in the Hitchens household.
General | A dark haired slip of a girl, Miriam Hitchens stands four feet, eight inches tall in her youth. With crystalline blue eyes, she’s the spitting image of her mother when she was young. She is right-handed.

Expressions | Largely, Miriam is unreserved with her expressions, whether joyful or sorrowful. Not that the young lady has had any real reason to feel sorrow, aside from the knowledge of what her mother went through just for her to exist.

Deportment | A rather rambunctious child, though her nanny and governess alike have tried to break her of it. Miriam loves to skip, and very much enjoys being an affectionate person.

Fashion | Miriam dresses in appropriate muggle children’s fashions of the day. She hasn’t decided her favorite color, but enjoys dressing in bright colors.

Accessories | Presently, the majority of her accessories take the form of hats and embroidered stockings. When allowed to play dress-up, however, she enjoys playing with her mother’s jewelry.

Scent | Daisies. She loves them, collects them, and wears them in her hair.

Face Claim | Celine Fedorova
Feb. 1883Born the first child of the Hitchens family, the infant is soon named Miriam Elladora.
1886A boy is born. Miriam, aged three, does not care particularly for the infant.
1887 — 1891Miriam and her brother grow under the watchful eye of their nanny. Miriam herself begins learning the feminine arts around 1889, with a special focus on needlepoint and piano, which she thrives in. She also begins learning mathematics, writing, and the basics of magical history. At some point, Miriam’s mother sits her down and tells her own story, arguably the saddest Miriam has ever heard in her young life.
1892Nine years old now, Miriam is ready for whatever comes her way.
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