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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Euphemia Forsyte
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Played by Kayte
Etiquette Instructor
44 year old Pureblood
Etiquette Instructor
5 ft. in.
❤   Complicated
Full Name: Euphemia Chastity Forsyte

Nickname(s): No.

Birthdate: October 5th, 1847

Age: 44

Gender: Female

Occupation: Hogwarts Etiquette Instructor

Blood Status: Purebood

She has let a house in Bartonburg North where she will stay with her secretary and a house elf.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumna (‘66)

Wand: Silver Lime, Eleven Inches, Thestral Hair core. Rigid.

Horatio Forsyte, Father [1818-1884]
Margaret Forsyte nee –, Mother [1826]
Eustacia Manners nee Forsyte, Sister [1851]
— — Manners, Brother-in-Law
— Horatio Manners, Nephew [1872]
— Julius Manners, Nephew [1876]
— Augusta Manners, “Niece” [1876]
— Eustace Manners, Nephew [1878]
— Philomena Manners, Niece [1880]
Cassian Forsyte, Brother [1853], and family
Rather tall at five feet, six and a quarter inches, Euphemia has what can best be described as a 'willowy' frame, dressed tidily but without much in the way of ornamentation. A square face is decorated with hazel eyes and framed with dark brown hair. She carries herself with impeccable posture, and is right-handed.  

Her PB is Julianna Margulies .

Autumn 1847The first child is born to the Forsyte household—Euphemia Chastity Forsyte. It is an unremarkable entry into the world.

1848-1853Her earliest years are marked by the typical lessons and milestones, as well as the arrival of two additional children to the family (Eustacia in 1851 and Cassian in 1853). The household itself considers itself on the verge of ‘upper class’ success, with Forsyte Publishing the ship that will steer them towards greater fortunes.

Spring 1854A downpour stands between the carriage containing the Forsyte children and the front door. In her first act of magic, Euphemia is the only one to make it across the threshold completely dry.

Autumn 1859 - Spring 1860Euphemia is invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she is sorted into Slytherin. She insists on taking art and music in addition to the hefty first year schedule, and quickly finds herself overwhelmed. In February, her yearmate and dear friend [Marigold] finds her sobbing in a supply closet, evidently having broken altogether.

Autumn 1861For her third year electives, Euphemia selects Divination and Muggle Studies—she sort of learned her lesson in first year, and does not overburden herself with a third.

Autumn 1862 - Spring 1863 Fifteen and with hormones coursing through her still relatively small body, this is the year that Euphemia realizes her affections for [Marigold] go beyond the bounds of friendship. Uncertain what to do with these feelings, in a moment of something (utter foolishness, she would later see it), she kisses her friend just before the Christmas holidays. It is not well-received, and while on return in the new year [Marigold] swears not to tell anyone, the friendship is all but over.

To make up to herself her foolishness, Euphemia pours all her extra energies into her studies.

Autumn 1863When Euphemia returns for her fifth year, it is with the silver P that denotes her status as a prefect.

Spring & Summer 1866Euphemia completes her schooling and makes her debut into society. Though her parents, particularly her father, are hopeful she will be able to secure a match to catapult her into the upper class, her response to the majority of her suitors is decidedly lukewarm.

1867-1872Much to the dismay of her parents, her second season goes much the same—though in 1868, it seems that Euphemia has finally found herself a suitable match. Tragically, the older gentleman has a heart attack mid-ceremony that September, shocking all parties involved and sending Euphemia into mourning.

Eustacia, always the bubblier—but less openly herself—of the sisters, does not share in her sister’s struggles. When she makes her own debut in [1869/1870] she is rather the bell of the ball, receiving three proposals her first season—though none quite what she (or, perhaps more aptly, their father) is looking for. She does, however, wed in 1871, and delivers her first child the following year. This is the same year that Euphemia finds work as a governess.

1875-1876A last-ditch shot at love? Euphemia finds herself enamoured of a Mr. [Willoughby], and the two grow close. Indeed, she is quite certain that a proposal shall be delivered any day, as both seem to understand one another on intangible levels. They give in to their affection for one another (well, hers at least) and a few weeks later, Euphemia realizes their moment of passion has resulted in a necessity to wed sooner than later. Unfortunately, it is over breakfast the same day she was resolved to tell him that she reads of his engagement in the papers; all subsequent letters sent are ignored.

With little other option, Euphemia gives her notice, saying that her sister—in the midst of a difficult pregnancy—needs companionship. The pair spend their pregnancies together in the countryside away from prying eyes, with Euphemia bearing a daughter in June and Eustacia a son at the end of July. The pair are passed off as twins born on the 31st and 1st, with Augusta the more robust of the two. Euphemia spends a few more weeks at the house before departing for the continent, where she will remain for the next several years. 

1877-1887Euphemia develops a strong reputation as a master of etiquette in various areas, working throughout Europe to train servants, young ladies, and even new money on how to deport themselves within their sphere. She publishes two texts on the topic through her father’s (and later brother’s) publishing house: Miss Forsyte’s Guide to Ladylike Bearing (1883, with a second edition released in 1889) and Miss Forsyte’s Tools for the Governess (1887).
1887-1888While in America offering intensive etiquette training for the wealthier crop of graduating Ilvermorny students, Euphemia meets a Miss [Winterbottom], a few years her junior. The two grow very close indeed, and even when Euphemia departs for Hong Kong, continue to exchange letters. Eventually, in coded message, [Winterbottom] confesses her love for Euphemia, who immediately returns to New York.

1888-1892Euphemia spends this time in much the same way as her years before with one notable difference: [Winterbottom] in tow, ostensibly as her secretary.

1892She is contacted regarding an upcoming job opening at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though initially very hesitant, her constant companion encourages her, insisting it will be good to get to know her daughter even if not in a maternal capacity. The two arrive in Hogsmeade in May, in time for Euphemia to observe some of her future pupils at the annual Hogwarts ball.
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German—all fluent. Rudimentary Cantonese.
  • Talented on the pianoforte. Indeed, Euphemia worked hard to develop skill in all womanly arts, even the ones she disliked.
  • Skilled at reading others—their body language as well as their potential. This might seem to some as a sort of magic, but it is simply a skill honed over the years.

  • Boggart: TBD
  • Amortentia: TBD
  • Euphemia is bisexual.

— set by mj ♡ —
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