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Clifford Hillicker
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Played by Gin
Tree Farmer
25 year old Half
Tree Farmer
6 ft. in.
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Full Name: Clifford Reginald Hillicker

Nickname(s): Cliff

Birthdate: December 1, 1868

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Occupation: Tree Farmer

Blood Status: Half

Residence:   Little house in the middle of nowhere near a magical forest in Porchester in South England

Hogwarts House: Former Gryffindor

Wand: Red Oak, Dragon Heartstring, 11 ¾”, Very Flexible

Unknown | Father | b. 18XX
Nori Hillicker | Mother | b. 1850
Heathcliff Hillicker | Half Brother | b. 1877
Meena Hillicker | Half Sister | b. 1884

Perdita Hillicker nee — | Grandmother | b. 1824
Cadence Hillicker | Grandfather | 1820-1887|deceased from unknown causes

Cassia — nee Hillicker | Aunt | b. 1852 & family
Ephraim Hillicker | Uncle | b. 1854
General | Cliff is very tall, standing just above six feet.He has fluffy dark brown hair and matching dark brown eyes. He has olive colored skin, darker in the summer from working outside. More than likely, Cliff has some kind of cut or marking on his face from constant scuffles. He is right handed.

Expressions | Cliff is very expressive; generally he can be seen with a scowl, glare or narrowed eyes. His fingers constantly twitch and have a need to be touching something; his face betrays his emotions, although more often than not he's in a bad mood.

Clothing | He wears typical working class fashion - trousers, shirt and a vest made of heavy cotton or denim, depending on the occasion. He doesn’t follow muggle or wizard fashion much, and buys ready-made clothes when possible. If it’s not too small, or too raggedy he’ll wear it.

Scent | Clifford spends a lot of time outdoors, therefore smells a lot pine trees; he also has a small garden to help feed his family, therefore rosemary and thyme after mix with the smell of pine.

Face Claim | Benjamin Wadsworth


Childhood| 1868-1880 | Around the Globe; Hillicker Farm

1868 |  Cliff is born to Nori Hillicker near Porchester in South England. They live on the Hillicker Tree Farm, dedicated to growing and nurturing trees solely for quidditch brooms and wands, with her parents. She doesn’t know his father, and while her parents are angry, life moves on.
1872 | His first burst of magic, Cliff manages to get some wood recently cut from a tree to float, which he tries to mount to fly. He breaks his arm when he falls off, but it is worth it.
1875 | Aunt Cassia elopes with a middle class man and washes her hands of the family.
1876 | Nori decides it’s time to travel to the world, and packs up herself and Cliff, leaving in the middle of the night. Life is rough without much money, but they make it work. Cliff learns the five finger discount and that most people won’t yell at a child if he bats his eyes at them while his mother has other unsavory ways of making sure he’s fed. He manages to buy his first broom, and while very informal training, Cliff learns he has quite the knack for Quidditch.
1877 | A little brother is born. Nori has enough of tending to two children and drops them off at their grandparents farm before continuing her journey. He’s a handful, angry all the time at having been abandoned, and bitter that he couldn’t have what his friends did. He starts to realize what “working class” means, and he hates it.

Newly founded and still unsure if its safety, and Cliff’s grandparents keep him away from Hogsmeade and on the farm. He really learns how to play quidditch, and it turns out he’s quite good. It consumes his life, and he spends as much time as he can playing it, and if he can’t play it, he’s certainly talking about it.

School Years| 1868-1880 | Gryffindor Tower at Hogwarts Castle

1880 | He has to wait a whole year to go to Hogwarts because of his birthday and after much deliberation from the sorting hat, he is sorted into Gryffindor. He likes his housemates and goes to every quidditch game. It’s the first time he really mingles with the upper class and he’s suddenly very aware of class differences.
1881 | Cliff tries out for quidditch but doesn’t quite make it. It irritates him and he spends more time in the Quidditch Pitches than he does in the classroom. Magic is fun and all, but it doesn’t give him the same rush as Quidditch does.
1882:  This year, Cliff becomes a Gryffindor Chaser. It consumes his life.
1883 | The Hillickers are big quidditch fans, and Cliff gets his first taste of the game when Hogsmeade hosts its first World Quidditch Cup; he decides he wants to be a professional quidditch player when he grows up.
1884 | Nine months after the Quidditch World Cup,  Nori returns home with a brand new baby girl. She doesn’t know her father, either. Money is tighter with more mouths to feed. Cliff doesn’t particularly care for his new sister, but he is a protective big brother. He is happy to be back at Hogwarts, away from the fighting of his mum and his grandparents. He’s not a smart child and struggles with writing and spells, but he basks in the attention that comes with being a good quidditch player. He has that going for him.
1885 | His last year at Hogwarts, but at least he finishes his OWLs. The Hillicker family can’t afford to send him and Heathcliff to Hogwarts, and it'll take a few years to scrap enough money together to give Heath a chance at staying at least through his OWLs. He’s angry about it.

Early Adult Life| 1885-Present| Hillicker Farm in South England

1887 | His grandfather passes away unexpectedly. Ephraim wants nothing to do with the farm, having secured himself a low paying ministry position and it falls on his mother and grandmother to run. He picks up a lot of the slack. He can’t be a professional Quidditch player either,  not when he’s required to work to ensure his family’s survival.  Nori decides the farm life isn’t for her, packs up and leaves once more. Grandma is left to raise his siblings. It’s irritating. He’s a constant ball of anger.
1888 | He pours his heart and soul into making the farm work. If he can’t play Quidditch, he can at least ensure their equipment is top notch quality. A lot of trees wither and die because he doesn’t know how to tend to them. Grandma decides it’s time to move them to Pennyworth. (She won't admit it, but Aunt Cassia helps pay for the flat.) He doesn’t join them.
1892| Cliff gets the hang of growing and farming magical trees and finally starts to turn a profit. He manages to pay for Heathcliff to stay another year at Hogwarts, but it depletes most of what he’s saved. Ephraim agrees to pay when Cliff is short, as he has no children of his own. Meena shows up at the farm and declares she’s living with him. Grandma is too strict. He doesn’t have time to watch her but as long as she helps out on occasion, he doesn’t care what she does. In December he and Daffy Potts host a cut your own Christmas tree event with wreaths and other holiday florals for sale, boasting him into the green.
1983 | Presently... doing Cliff things.
Cliff is a ball of anger from constant maternal abandonment and being stuck in the working class without any ways to claw his way to a better life. Envious, too, but he wouldn’t ever dare admit that aloud. He has a tendency to put things in his pocket and walk away, feigning ignorance if someone calls him out on it. He is free-spirited, mischievous, and lacking in manners. He is brash, loud and can be downright rude. Cliff is passionate about his work (and Quidditch, even if his dreams aren’t feasible for him), and thinks himself to be a very hard worker.
  • Cliff can apparate, but doesn't have a license to do so
  • Boggart: Unknown
  • Patronus: Doesn't know how to caste one
  • Amortentia: Unknown, although it more than likely one of the scents will smell like Quidditch brooms

  • "Never mind they were all about the same age, Cliff… always needed a bit of supervision." - Tom Harvey
  • "It wasn’t like Ida ever really met any Americans but they were generally supposed to be all rude and ill-mannered and that was quite a lot like Cliff, too." - Ida Chang

[Please feel free to hit Cliff at your leisure; he probably deserves it.]
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