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In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Delilah Warbeck
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Played by Gin
Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer
28 year old Pureblood
Potion & Plant Poisoning Healer
5 ft. 1 in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Delilah Evelyn Warbeck, nee Farley

Nickname(s): Lila

Birthdate: January 23, 1864

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Occupation: St. Mungo’s Healer; Potion & Plant Department

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: Tutshill, England

Hogwarts House: Former Gryffindor

Wand: chestnut, 11”, dragon heartstring, supple

Family: Ikenna "Ken" Farley | Father | 18xx
Bess Farley née _____ | Mother | 18xx
Jacob Farley | Brother | 1861
Zipporah Farley | Sister | 1869
Jemima Farley | Sister | 1872
Noah Farley | Brother | 1874

Zachary Warbeck | Late Husband | 1861
Lavinia Warbeck | Daughter | 1886
Ambrose Warbeck | Son | 1888
Standing at five foot one, Delilah is petite in almost all her features. She has dark, curly hair she often has braided to the side to keep it out of the way, although if it was commonplace she would cut it much shorter. She has dark skin and light brown that always show her expressions, although she doesn’t do too much to hide it on her face either.  Trying to stay fashionable Delilah leans more toward the magical fashion than muggle ones, although it’s not to say a few pieces don’t slip into her wardrobe. She’s a sucker for matching with her kids, even if it’s just the same color. She leans toward mostly reds and golds. She is right handed.
1864: Delilah is born to Ikenna and Bess Farley in the wee hours of the morning in Tutshill, England on a cold day in January. They are smitten with their firstborn daughter.

1869: Her first sister joins the family; Delilah shows her first signs of magic by rocking a crib to make Zipporah stop crying in her crib one evening a few months after her birth. She consistently demands to hold her but it isn’t until she is trusted that she is able.

1872: Her youngest sister, Jemima is born. Much like how she was with Zipporah, Delilah adores her; it’s nice to be in a house full of mostly girls.

1874: The last of her siblings is born, though this time it’s a boy. Despite the age difference, she is smitten with him.

1875: Delilah is off to Hogwarts and joins her elder brother in Gryffindor. Like many of her classmates it takes time to adjust to a schedule and living away from her parents. She makes friends and finds the classes she is decent at and those she struggles with. She thrives more in her second year than her first.

1877: By time OWLs roll around Delilah realizes she’s not the smartest person in her house nor in her year, but she certainly isn’t the dumbest. She is thrilled to add more classes to her roster. While excited to finally take Muggle Studies, Delilah doesn’t always agree with how exciting muggle things can be - her parents are quite obsessed with them and she does her best not to roll her eyes at times when they get [i]too[/i] excited.

She excels in Herbology and finds she has a green thumb, and even goes as far to begin a garden at their home in Tutshill over the summer. She finds magical use to care for it is much easier than by hand.

1882: Delilah graduates from Hogwarts. She debuts with the rest of the girls her age and finds some of the men lacking. Still she puts in the effort and doesn’t turn down any potential suitors. However nothing comes to fruition much to her dismay.

Courtship & Marriage
1884: Two years later she finds herself in a courtship with a muggleborn, much to the delight of her parents. He encourages her to apply for a position at St. Mungo’s she’d been considering and her NEWTs are good enough to become a trainee healer in their Potion & Plant Poisoning department; her specialty lies more with plants than potions but she makes due. She finds satisfaction working there.

1886: Zachary Warbeck is everything Delilah could have asked for. A middle class man who works at the ministry, he appears to be nothing special on the outside but Delilah is drawn to him. They finally wed and move to London to begin their life together. They welcome their first child, a daughter, within a year.

1888: Delilah becomes a full fledged healer just in time for their second child to be born. A little boy named Ambrose Zachary.

September 1891: Tragedy strikes and a hurricane claims the life of Zachary while they were visiting Sanditon. Torn with grief and finding the need to be surrounded with support Delilah packs up herself and her children to move back to her childhood home.

Presently… reminding herself it’s not forever, it’s just until she gets back up on her feet.

Delilah can be very strict as she has high expectations for herself, her family and her children, although it is because she wants the best for everyone. Now a mother, she tends to put her kids before herself (and probably everyone else) as she loves them fiercely - there isn’t anything in this world she wouldn’t take on to protect them. She can have a sharp tongue and no problems standing up to others when she is angry, although she hands out second chances often when people have proved themselves worthy of it. She is very enthusiastic about her passions and hobbies, although she has a zest for life and can be a very expressive person about… everything. She'll take your ear off about her children just as much as she will about plants. Delilah can be prideful and stubborn to fault, and perhaps a bit reckless in her youth. (Though it might translate to circumstances in her adult life. She refuses to admit that.)

Patronus: Orca
Amortentia: Fresh rain, lilacs and jasmine 
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