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Sophia Voss
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Played by Nolie
Prima Ballerina
27 year old Pureblood
Prima Ballerina
5 ft. in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Sophia Konstantinovna Voss née Ivanova

Nickname(s): Soph

Birthdate: July 6, 1864

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Occupation: Prima Ballerina

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, her sister Lydia's home

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor alumna

Wand: Ebony, 9 3/4", pliant, dragon heartstring

Husband: Jacob Arnold Voss (1862-1891)
Daughter: Cosette Ivana Voss (1886)
Son: Julien Edward Voss (1888)

Father: Konstantin Ivanov (18??)
Mother: Marigold Ivanova (18??)
Brother: ___ Ivanov (September, 1863)
Triplet Sister: Angela Montague née Ivanova (1864)
---Brother-in-Law: Robert Montague (18??)
---Niece: Eliza "Lily" Montague (1886)
---Niece: Marigold "Mary" Montague (1888)
---Niece: Katherine Montague (1891)
Triplet Sister: Lydia Morozova née Ivanova (1864)
---Brother-in-Law: Aleksei Morozov (1855)
---Nephew: Dmitri Morozov (1889)
Brother: Edward Ivanov (1867-1877)
Sister: ___ Ivanova (18??)
Brother: ___ Ivanov (18??)
General | Like her triplets, Sophia has rich brunette hair, ivory skin, and icy blue eyes. She stands tallest among them, at 5 foot 2 and a half, and is a bit more wiry and lean in build given her extensive ballet training into adulthood. Sophia is right-handed.

Expressions | Sophia makes little attempt to ever disguise how she really feels about something, and her passion for theatrics mean that these reactions are often quite exagerrated. Her favorite thing is to make the people around her react with anything, usually laughter, though if she doesn't particularly like you then yes it may include a little goading with eye-rolls.

Deportment | On stage, she looks ethereal. Due to her ballet training, Sophia puts a lot of care and emphasis into deliberate and confident movements. She moves with fluid grace on and offstage, where her presence commands attention. Anyone who knows all three triplets can usually spot her, as she's the most rambunctious of the three. She's sure that you know when she's arrived in the room.

Fashion | Sophia wears airy, flowy garments that aren't usually the latest trend, but distinctly other-European. She likes to dress feminine and slightly evocative of Grecian times. As a result the cuts of her dresses are a bit more slim-fit than modest, and designed primarily to show off her painstakingly curated curves from training. Also it simply looks so much better.

Accessories | Sometimes, it seems the girls have just one thing in common- and that is their love for hats. Sophia thinks they are wonderful to complete any outfit, and if it's not a hat, there simply must be some sort of wreath or she'll feel naked. Sophia is not above sneaking off with one of her sisters' since they probably wouldn't notice (especially Angela, she has so many of them!).

Scent | Sophia fell in love with the scent of eucalyptus, which combined with florals like rose, she feels gives an invigorating, fresh scent.

Face Claim | Rachel Brosnahan
The Before
1860Upon Marigold's marriage to Konstantin Ivanov, the Englishwoman is bestowed the surname Ivanova. Apparently, this is a tradition in Russia. Any daughters to the couple will obtain her new surname, and any sons would receive her husband's.
September of 1863The eldest son is born.
And Then There Were Three
1864The triplets are born. While publicly, the birth order is Sophia, then Lydia, and finally Angela, they were born identical and were hard to tell apart as babies, so there may have been a switch or two through their early years. If it weren't for their current class difference and vastly different personalities, it really wouldn't matter.
1865-1874Sophia shows her first noticeable sign of magic in 1869, charming her favorite lullaby tune to play on the piano. Overall, the triplets get along through childhood. But as the years pass, they slowly drift apart. Along with their older brother, the sisters are joined by several more siblings by this time, and each starts favoring those siblings over each other. They drift to their own interests and opinions, with Sophia most likely to get in trouble for loudly expressing her preferences, or get stuck climbing too high in a tree. It's perhaps for thi\s reason that their parents decided to enroll the girls in ballet: in part for some blazing peace and quiet!, but also to create a more productive diversion for Sophia's theatrics. Ballet is seen as an illustrious hobby, particularly from Eastern Europe where their father is from.
A Crowded Education
1875The triplets are off to Hogwarts, and bless, they can finally be easily differentiated by their house robes. Lydia is placed in Ravenclaw (not to Sophia's surprise), and Angela is put in Slytherin (with a spot of envy Sophia will never admit, for it was one of the Sorting Hat's two choices for her). Sophia gets sorted into Gryffindor, and her parents and closest siblings are not that surprised themselves. Sophia was never scared of anything, and when decided on what she wanted, she never deviated no matter how hard it got.

That was exactly what happened when Sophia insisted to her family that she wanted to continue ballet training outside of just the summer. After the girls show off some of their natural talent to a well-known tutor, their family manages to arrange for the tutor to make special trips to Hogwarts on weekends to train the "wonder triplets".
1877That summer, Edward dies in the muggle riots. The family moves in the chaos. Sophia gets uncharacteristically depressive (Edward was one of her closest siblings), and her father encourages his daughters to keep channeling this energy into arts, music or ballet. Sophia takes strongly to this, and her grief enables her to make a stunning impression with the ballet tutor. Soon enough, Sophia ramps up her training to multiple times a week for her remaining school years while Angela quit, and Lydia tried to balance practice with classwork. That year, Sophia takes up music and art lessons, along with Divination, History of Magic, and Arithmancy.
1880Her fifth year turned out to be her final year at Hogwarts. Sophia has a good knack for Charms, DADA, History, and Herbology, and generally receives good grades to pursue these courses at the NEWT level. But her focus is elsewhere. That summer she debuts in her first leading ballerina solo in a notable London theatre. Her mother does not come to the debut - fearful of any Muggles in attendance - though her father, and a few siblings, attend with delight. Sophia receives rave reviews for her performance, even the papers mentioned it! Following this, Sophia is invited to continue her studies at the esteemed Imperial Ballet school in St. Petersburg under a premier tutor.
The Ballerina Life
1882While her sisters spend the following two years worried about NEWTs and debuts, Sophia performs for the Tsar of Russia routinely and travels with her ballet troupe to places like France, Italy, and Austria. She writes to her father and a few siblings intermittently, but training is demanding, and hours long.

It is still not entirely uncommon for young men to accompany the troupe as choreography students, character dancers, or stagehands at varying parts of the tour. In Denmark, Sophia meets her first true love: a dance choreographer in training, Jacob Voss. Where most young couples let this lead them to trouble, the two of them are a match-made-perfect: ruthlessly devoted to their careers in art, they'd never give in to such silly distractions, and support each other endlessly.

Until now, Sophia's father was really the only one who endorsed and allowed her to pursue what he viewed as a prestigious ballerina career. Once her sisters graduated, however, Sophia quickly lost this leverage. Angela already started courtship, and their Very-English mother demanded Sophia's return should she "fall behind" otherwise. Sophia returns to London, where she sneaks out regularly to keep up ballet training with her former tutor (it was about as ludicrous as it sounds).
1883Sophia is pursued with great interest by a wonderful suitor who interpreted her stubbornness and world travels as 'vivacious wit'. Sophia rejects him with prejudice (to their mother's great horror). Only the triplets are aware that this is because Sophia is still very much in love and in frequent contact with her boyfriend, Jacob Voss. One night, Sophia sneaks out to meet with Mister Voss, who was visiting London with their ballet troupe. They profess their undying love for one another, but Sophia is too afraid to leave with him (a decision she'll lament present day). Though she doesn't always get along with her sisters, she does not want to impede their future prospects by eloping with this working class man. Jacob understands, but promises to return for her.
Christmas of 1883Angela gets engaged in a grand ado. Sophia tries to be genuinely happy for her, but she can't help but share to Lydia how depressed she is without her true loves: ballet and Jacob. In a fit of tears that night, Sophia writes to tell Jacob she's ready to leave her family.
The Adult Life
1884The day after Angela marries, Sophia runs away with Jacob Voss and the two elope. Though ballet is an exciting career with plenty of fame, the pair essentially become part of the working class as artists who live by modest means (certainly with no support from Sophia's family). But they didn't worry about it, because in exchange, they were pursuing their dreams of traveling with the Imperial Ballet troupe. Jacob worked up to being one of the lead choreographers, and the two arrange incredible new dances together. Sophia grows her reputation for ethereal, romantic dance, and is most noticed for her leading role in Les Sylphides.
1886Sophia and Jacob are in France when she gives birth to their first child, a darling girl named Cosette.
1888Sophia returns briefly between tours to attend Lydia's wedding, and to welcome Angela's second child. This is the first time the family sees each other in four years, since Sophia's elopement. It is also the first time they meet Mister Jacob Voss -- and their grandaughter Cosette -- and note that Sophia is pregnant with her second. The atmosphere is... tense.
1889The Voss family happily continue European tours while establishing a homebase in St. Petersburg. Sophia makes a strong recovery after her second child, Julien, though complications will likely prevent her from safely giving birth again. Sophia does not worry about this, for she's in the prime of her career. In the following years, she even performs for the Queen herself. Papers often tout her as having the talent of a potential prima ballerina, the likes of which had never hailed from England before.
1891On January 2nd, 1891, Jacob and a number of troupe members die tragically in a theater fire in St. Petersburg. It is only by sheer luck that the whole family did not perish: Sophia and her children would ordinarily had been at this rehearsal, but they had stayed back when Cosette felt ill after breakfast.
1892Staying in St. Petersburg proves to be far too painful for Sophia, and the family's savings - even with donated proceeds from the ballet company - were too modest without more support. Still in mourning, Sophia relocates with her two children back to London early 1892. Sophia plans to pursue her career as a ballerina, staying London-based until she may one day have the means to open her own ballet academy.
IN PUBLIC: Sophia projects confidence and artistic passion. She does not care much for the trivial matters of most high-society ladies and finds them incredibly stifling. She would much rather talk at great length about plays, new compositions, or favorite artists and authors! She laughs freely and openly, does not hide how she feels, and fearlessly defends her position. Sophia feels most comfortable in a crowded room, meeting with and making new friends, and acting the center of attention. She loves to provoke emotions in others, believing it forges a deeper spiritual connection. Sophia considers herself accountable to no one.

IN THE HOME: Before the loss of her husband, there wasn't much difference between Sophia's public and personal facade. Since his tragic demise, however, Sophia often retreats to the quiet of home to grapple with her grief in peace. The way she conducts herself privately is only exposed publicly in the moments where she dances ballet - these are the only safe places in the world where she can express her grief fully, and completely. In recent months in particular, her dances have been known to bring audiences to tears.
Amortentia | Her late husband

Patronus | An arctic fox

Boggart | Losing her children in a pit of fire

Star Sign | Cancer

Hobbies | Ballet, song, dance, piano, art, music, poetry -- the soul of life!

Languages | Russian and French fluently, conversational in Italian, bad words in many Eastern and Southern European languages

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