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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Angela Montague
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Played by Kelly
27 year old Pureblood
5 ft. ¼ in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Angela Konstantinovna Montague née Ivanova

Nickname(s): Ana

Birthdate: July 6, 1864

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Occupation: Socialite

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Cypress, 9", ridged, single phoenix tail feather

Husband: Robert Montague (18??)
Child: Baby Montague (d. 1885)
Daughter: Eliza "Lily" Montague (1886)
Daughter: Marigold "Mary" Montague (1888)
Child: Baby Montague (d. 1889)
Daughter: Katherine Montague (1891)
Son: Edward Montague (1891-1891)

Father: Konstantin Ivanov (18??)
Mother: Marigold Ivanova (18??)
Brother: ___ Ivanov (September, 1863)
Triplet Sister: Sophia Voss née Ivanova (1864)
---Brother-in-Law: Jacob Voss (1862-1891)
---Niece: Cosette Voss (1886)
---Nephew: Julien Voss (1888)
Triplet Sister: Lydia Morozov née Ivanova (1864)
---Brother-in-Law: Aleksei Morozov (1863)
---Nephew: Dmitri Morozov (1889)
Brother: Edward Ivanov (1867-1877)
Sister: ___ Ivanova (18??)
Brother: ___ Ivanov (18??)
General | Like her triplets, Angela has rich brunette hair. Her eyes are an icy blue. She stands at 5 foot 1 and a fourth inches.

Expressions | Angela has what would be called in modern day as the Resting Bitch Face. Despite years of attempting to manage herself in regard to this, it especially translates when she is in deep thought. This can lead to misunderstandings of those who may find her to be of cold disposition. It certainly doesn't help that she actively strives to be taken seriously and is often considered the most serious among her sisters - at least of the triplets.

Deportment | A more free-spirited person would call her utterly stiff, though she often loosens up in more casual situation, specifically around those she genuinely trusts. Once that trust is lost, it's lost for good.

Fashion | New to her status, she makes her best effort to match the latest trends, yet often tends to overcompensate by wearing overly flashy outfits every now and then, especially at parties.

Accessories | One thing that most stands out between herself and her triplets is their common love of hats. Their current differences in status does largely affect what sorts of hats each twin has access to. Angela is certainly the most fortunate for options regarding this.

Scent | Lily perfume is her favorite, though she does like to have variations with other scents to compliment the lily scent.

Face Claim | Rachel Brosnahan
The Before
1860Upon Marigold's marriage to Konstantin Ivanov, the Englishwoman is bestowed the surname Ivanova. Apparently, this is a tradition in Russia. Any daughters to the couple will obtain her new surname, and any sons would receive her husband's.
September of 1863The eldest son is born.
And Then There Were Three
1864Triplets are born. While publicly, the birth order is Sophia, then Lydia, and finally Angela, they were born identical and were hard to tell apart as babies, so there may have been a switch or two through their early years. If it weren't for their current class difference and vastly different personalities, it really wouldn't matter.
1865-1874Overall, the triplets get along throughout most of their childhood. But as the years past, they slowly drift apart. Along with their older brother, the sisters are joined by several more siblings by this time, and each start favoring those siblings over each other. Each triplet also develops their own interests and opinions over time and tend to disagree on life in general. Angela shows her first noticeable sign of magic in 1869, turning roses into lilies while complaining about a lack of her favorite flower being in the house. Due to Sophia's over activeness, the triplets are enrolled in ballet. Notably, Angela's hair is turned pink for six days via Lydia's first act of magic in 1870, over an argument regarding a hairbrush.
A Crowded Education
1875The triplets are off to Hogwarts. Their identical appearance may make them hard to tell apart, but their robes do not. Angela is placed in Slytherin, while Sophia is in Gryffindor of all things, and Lydia is in Ravenclaw. Along with that, their overall personalities are an utter giveaway by this time and - at least for Angela - they do not have any real desire to switch places. But the most notable addition is their older brother, a September baby. And he is placed in the unfortunate position of being accused of favoritism for Angela, by their other sisters, when placed in her house.
1877Summer sees Edward dead in the muggle riots. The family moves in the chaos. That year, Angela takes COMC, ancient studies, and ancient runes. It was originally for interest and to impress once she found herself on the marriage market, but summer has made these classes a way to further distract herself from her sorrow.

Slowly, she drifts from ballet lessons. Not only has she lost her brother and overwhelmed herself with so many classes, but she did also not wish to be so tied to something that her chaotic triplet, Sophia, was so abundantly invested in.
1880Angela is only slightly shocked when Sophia leaves school to continue her ballet lessons full on. Still, she's not entirely sure where her sister will go with that, given that she doubts any husband would tolerate such an odd occupation during their marriage.

Angela decides that a bright debutante seems to be the debutante that actually gets a man's attention. She chooses to take six classes. Astronomy, charms, DADA, history of magic, ancient studies, and ancient runes. If anything, it will lead to interesting conversations that may keep her husband actively interested.
The Deb Life
1882 Angela gets decent NEWTs scores, not that she really needs the best of grades as a debutante. With graduation comes the coming out of all three triplets (yes, even Sophia) - while their older brother goes off to work, as a young man is typically expected to - and Angela the one to take to such a life the most. She meets a one Robert Montague through Miss Benevolence Montague, an acquaintance of Lydia. He is part of an upper class branch of the Montague family. Her season ends with the beginnings of a courtship with Mr. Montague.
1883Lydia actually gives up and goes into a career at the hospital. Meanwhile, Sophia outright rejects a suitor and reveals to Angela and Lydia that she is in love. Angela calls her ridiculous but doesn't give her away.
Christmas of 1883Mr. Montague - an upper class individual of a well-off family - decides to make a grand proposal at a Christmas ball.
The High Life
1884Angela becomes a Montague, and a member of the upper circles of society. Dampening the joy is the news that Sophia eloped the next day - which Angela did not hear about until a week later, via letter. There is a sense of betrayal there, but Angela tries her best to focus on her new life.
1885Angela has a miscarriage at the end of the year. Though not incredibly far along, it was noticeable enough for her to have been emotionally impacted by it.
1886Several years of marriage have passed before Angela has her first living child.
1888Another child is born. Despite the distance, Sophia visits for the birth of this child - along with Lydia's wedding. Angela isn't too pleased to meet Mr. Voss, but remains civil.
1889Another miscarriage that is worse than the last. She is bedridden for a month. Lydia's first child is born and named Dmitri. Angela tries not to think about the new, living child, when she has just lost hers.
1891This birth brings one living child and a stillborn. In a coping mechanism of sorts, Angela privately names her stillborn son Edward, after her brother who had passed away in 1877. She doesn't bring up such things. Angela is incredibly wary over having another child. She later learns that her brother-in-law is dead, which is utterly shocking.
1892Sophia returns, in need of more support from the family. Angela isn't sure how she feels about the whole situation. On the other hand, Lydia invites Sophia into her home. Angela isn't sure how she feels about that.
IN PUBLIC: Angela does her best to model the image of society. There are times, however, in which her roots show. Even so, she works hard to appear confident and keep in good graces of those who she must make connections with. Her ambitious nature does tend to become apparent in some conversations, though typically in ladylike endeavors such as parties and making the most at charity events.

IN THE HOME: Though the youngest triplet, she has always had a way of being the serious one among practically all of her siblings. She has always seen herself as reaching to new heights, and her mother did her damn best to make sure that Angela made these goals a reality.
Amortentia | Fresh baked scones, lilies, coffee - not that she would admit to the last one

Patronus | N/A

Boggart | Someone in her life who knows her well, looking directly at her, and calling her Sophia or Lydia. Never Angela, always Sophia and Lydia.

Star Sign | Cancer

Hobbies | Used to like ballet until Sophia ruined it.

Pets | She has several dogs, though has never bothered to give them names
Magic by Elaine
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