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In the 19th century blue was a girl's colour and pink was for boys. Clothing trade publications as late as 1912 advised that pink was for boys and blue for girls. — Dante
"Ah—" Tabi hesitated. This was not a good place to be alone with a man and a ghost.
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Seraphina Hall
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Played by Elaine
Second Year Hufflepuff
13 year old Half-Vampire
5 ft. 0 in.
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Full Name: Seraphina Rose Hall

Nickname(s): Sera

Birthdate: September 12, 1878

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Occupation: Second Year Hufflepuff; Summertime Maid

Blood Status: Half-vampire

Residence: Hogsmeade, working as a maid during the summers

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Ebony, 11⅝", Hebridean Black dragon heartstring, sturdy

Family: She does not speak to her maternal relations, and her mother is dead. She does not know who her father is. All she has is a small, non-magical portrait of him.
General | The left-handed half-vampire stands an almost-grown five feet, expecting to maybe grow a couple more inches, as long as she keeps up the diet Hogwarts has helped her establish. Her strongest facial features are her warm, dark brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, and abundance of freckles. She’s started developing a more feminine figure.

Expressions | With a winning, jovial smile, Sera thinks she can win over anyone. She doesn’t hold her facial expressions back.

Deportment | Freer than most girls, given her freestyle upbringing, Sera can occasionally be found participating in unsavory behaviors such as slouching and twiddling her fingers. She’ll sit still and upright in class, but find her in the library, or worse the common room, and she’s slouching again.

Fashion | Right now, Sera owns three dresses and two sets of school robes. One dress is yellow, one dress is blue, and the third is a work-dress. She keeps them as clean as she can.

Accessories | Sera doesn’t own any important, shiny accessories. The closest is the yellow hair ribbon she bought when she first got paid for her maid-work. It isn’t really ribbon, so much as a scrap of a debutante’s old yellow dress made to look like ribbon.

Scent | Soap, mostly.

Distinguishing Characteristics | If Sera was asked, she would say her most defining characteristic is her incredibly long, curly, reddish-brown hair, which she keeps put back in appropriate styles, though down as is the fashion for younger girls, maybe her smile too. Ask anyone else, and they’ll say the deathly cast to her pale terracotta skin, the overlong canine teeth that threaten and make those around her nervous, and those accursed freckles.

Face Claim | Antonia Gentry
Late 1877Mariana Tulip Hall has resigned herself to spinsterhood when she meets a mysterious and, in her eyes, beautiful gentleman on a trip to France. It is just her luck that he is a vampire, and that their courtship would be frowned upon by her traditional parents. Instead, she finds herself seduced by his hedonistic lifestyle. She even draws him a handful of times.
February, 1878Their trysts end, however, when he expresses interest in another. She's hurt, but expected it to happen eventually. She returns to England by Floo within days.
March, 1878All is peaceful until Mariana misses her monthlies. She is kept in confinement until...
A Beginning
September, 1878A ghostly pale and seemingly half-dead babe is born. The midwife recognizes the child for what she is, and does not discourage Mariana from holding and even naming the girl. Seraphina Rose, she chooses.
January, 1879After being given enough time to recuperate and ensure her daughter's health, Mariana and little Seraphina are disowned and put to the streets. For safety, the young mother uses her meager savings to move promptly to Hogsmeade, taking residence in a small shack. She takes to street peddling to put food on the table.
1879 — 1889Seraphina is a typical child growing up in the slums of Hogsmeade. Her first act of magic is largely unremarkable, just like every other kid in the slums, but to her mother, it’s everything. Mariana teaches her daughter everything she can, from reading to the fundamentals of French. She by no means achieves fluency, but she can at least converse for a few minutes.
April, 1890Suddenly, abruptly, the happy, if penniless, life she leads comes to a dark and twisted end as her mother is murdered in the street for the last of her keepsakes from home. The murderer is unknown to Sera, and while she is witness, she is little help to the incredibly cursory investigation. Her mother becomes just another dead witch in the slums, and she becomes just another homeless orphan. A bastard and a half-breed at that. She takes her mother’s meager savings (set aside for her education), her mother’s sketchbook, and a spare dress from the shack before the constables can empty it out themselves, and sets herself up in an alley. She spends as little as possible.
July, 1890A regal owl finds her alley in the slums one morning, an Important looking letter in its beak. She is accepted to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, on the scholarship for impoverished youth. She barely has enough money left to cover the uniform requirements and her food supply for July and August. It takes begging a friendly older kid in the slums, the youngest in her family and less than a year Sera’s senior, for her last year’s books to get them. She only gets them on the promise that her parents never find out.
An Education
September 1890Barely nourished and sporting slightly outdated books, Sera arrives at Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. One early night, as her dorm-mates write letters home to their families, Sera finds herself crying in the hall outside the common room, where Professor Darrow comes upon her. A conversation later and he knows why — she has no home, and no one to write to, and will probably find herself in a workhouse following the school year. There is an initial, vague promise of help, which Sera doesn’t expect to come to anything. No one wants to help the vampire bastard. Not really.
1891Her grades just barely scrape by enough to muster the full academic scholarship. And surprise, surprise, Professor Darrow actually follows through on his promise! Apparently, her mother was a Hufflepuff, too — something Sera didn’t even know. He gets her a position as a maid with a middle class family, work she’d never hope to hold without the professor’s sponsorship. It’s just for summertime, but it covers her school-things for second year. Sometimes she even gets the chance to study.
1892Sera’s back at Hogwarts on the scholarship fund, better nourished and feeling better about herself. But she still doesn’t think most people care about her — and unfortunately, she’s right. Some people, even, would rather see her dead. But right now, she’s just a kid, trying to become an adult.
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