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Lowri Dempsey
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56 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 4 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Lowri Aoibh Dempsey née Sayre

Nickname(s): Ri

Birthdate: November 5, 1836

Age: 56

Gender: Female

Occupation: Poet

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: The Dempsey Family Estate near Galway, Ireland

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: silver birch, 13", reasonably flexible, kelpie hair

Iseult Amelia Sayre née _____ | Mother
Tadhg Sayre | Father

Ronan Sayre | Brother | 1830
Liam Sayre | Brother | 1833
Declan Sayre | Brother | 1839
Tadhg Sayre II | Brother | 1840

Eamon Dempsey | Husband | 1824
Ozymandias Shelley Dempsey | Son | 1856

Dearest Shelly, he may be my eldest but that doesn't prevent me from wondering how he was the first one to emerge. I do adore him to pieces, and I believe he's met his match in young Sina, but Merlin if he doesn't think he's too clever by half. I shall do my best to nurse on his ambitions, but I fear the day will come when he realizes his dramatics will only take him so far.

Thomasina Carmella Dempsey née Pompfrey | Daughter-in-law | 1863
A beauty if there ever was one, though I find myself quite perplexed after witnessing her interactions with Oz. Their marriage seems to work in their own way, so I shan’t bore you with my occasional scruples; it’s easy to see how happy she makes Oz, though I might be a bit more informed than the common bystander. If I was confident enough to say I knew her better, I would say it was easy to see how happy Oz makes her, but I believe I must work to get the measure of her a bit more. I believe if she and Oz ever bear children they will be born with quite healthy lungs, given their arguments. Do remind me to sharpen up on my silencing and muting charms at some point.

Endymion Keats Dempsey | Brother | 1859
Witnessing your son’s bare backside while he’s still in nappies is one thing but I can assure you that witnessing it yet again whilst he’s in the throes of passion with a Veela is quite another. If someone would please remind me to remind dear Shallot that not all physical romances will be quite so bumpy. Additionally if we could add a note to talk to him about constantly rubbing it in Oz’s face, please. I don’t believe I could bear Oz lashing back by teasing him for one more minute.

Porphyria Browning Dempsey | Daughter | 1862
Her father’s daughter to be sure. Make no mistake, I’m quite proud of Phyri’s accomplishments no matter what the public says, but I do wish she would stop stressing her maid out with the amount of ink stains on her clothes. Our budget for ink bottles rivaled that of her sister’s clothing allowances. Although I must say, I’m quite surprised that during her childhood I never walked in on her surrounded by a makeshift river, a bed of flowers and staring languishingly up at the chandelier in her room, though perhaps it’s naive of me to think that has never been something the maids haven’t had to clean up.

Don Juan Byron Dempsey | Son | 1863
I told Eamon naming this child Don Juan was tempting fate and I shall hold it over my husband's head for years to come.

Christabel Coleridge Dempsey | Daughter | 1865
A bit of a lost soul at times. She may need some guidance occasionally, that one, but on the whole I trust her to her own devices. In fact, I find I'm eager to witness what will happen to the next person who might underestimate her.

Shalott Tennyson Dempsey | Daughter | 1867

Lycoris Wordsworth Dempsey | Daughter | 1869
My darling little romantic. There are times when I fear for her innocence, but I'm confident in the canopy her siblings envelop her that she might gain some knowledge of the world before too long. In truth, I fear one day that her heart might break and in turn, cause me to truly do something in defense of her that I may regret.

Sophia Lorraine Miller aka 'Millie' | Lady's Maid/Personal Assistant | 1859
Bless darling Millie, she would lose her head if it wasn't directly attached to her body. Eamon thinks I should have sacked her years ago, but I don't think I have the heart. She is frightfully intelligent, but sometimes it takes a while for the cart to catch up to the horse. Ever since she utterly failed sitting her exams because she failed to see that space in which to answer the first question was actually the second question, I don't think she would survive much outside the family. Really though, I don't mind, even if she does drool over Endy occasionally. Her heart's in the right place, the dear girl.
General | The older Lowri gets, the more she thinks it suits her. Her dark hair is slightly peppered with gray, a tribute to the many stressful situations her children have put her through, and she has keen brown eyes that rarely miss anything. She is five foot five inches and her wand arm is her right.

Expressions | After giving birth and seeing through her children (with the help of nannies), Lowri likes to think herself not easily startled, and usually wears a pleasantly neutral expression most of the time. When she's around her children, that expression often turns to one of utter exasperation, but in the most maternal, loving way possible.

Deportment | Early on in motherhood she could be found with a rather tense stature. This soon relaxed after her 3rd child, and she can now be found walking around the family estate with a brusque manner, often quick to change directions especially when she's brainstorming or thinking. Poor Millie has worn out the soles of many shoes trying to keep up with her surprisingly agile mistress.

Fashion | She tends to wear fashions that she considers timeless, and is never one to wear many frills and bows, especially when at home. She does delight in a good costume, so she likes to go all out especially around Halloween.

Accessories | While her jewelry changes from time to time, she can always be found wearing her wedding band on her left hand, which is accompanied by a gold signet ring with the family crest on her pinky.

Scent | She particularly likes the smell of lemons and keeps a few trees in her own personal gardens on the family estate.

Face Claim | Julia Louis-Dreyfus
1836Lowri is born the first girl of an Upper Class Irish family, the Sayres — distant relatives of those Sayres.
Declan is born.
Tadhg is born, resulting in Lowri being the middle child of the Sayres with two boys on either side.
Lowri plays a prank on Ronan and ends up hiding from his wrath behind her father. Ever the gentle soul, Tadhg holds out a hand to stop his eldest from pummeling his only daughter into a pulp. Eventually, under his breath, he ends up suggesting that Lowri lock herself in the pantry for a few minutes while Ronan calms down. This results in Lowri's first act of magic (and subsequently her second prank: when Ronan comes to fetch his sister, he finds her fast asleep. When roused, she startles and causes a tub of flour to dump its contents over Ronan's head.)
Lowri turns 11 and subsequently gets her Hogwarts letter.
1848 - 1855
Hogwarts Years
Lowri is immediately placed into Slytherin. This is of no surprise to her nor any of her brothers. She immediately proves to be a bit of a precocious student; sharp with a biting tongue and she often finds herself in detention at least once in the following years. Her prominent second year detention happens after she hexes a student so their eyebrows are permanently affixed to the very top of their forehead. Her reasoning is that the student (a fellow classmate) deserves it because she heard them call a Hufflepuff a mudblood.
Lowri graduates and marries Eamon Dempsey.
Oz is born.
Endymion is born.
On the verge of lamenting being surrounded by men, Lowri gives birth to her first girl, Porphyria.
Don Juan is born.
Christabel is born.
Shalott is born. By Merlin, this is the last one.
1868Ozymandias goes to Hogwarts
1869Lycoris is born, during which Lowri throws a brass goblet at her husband's head and banishes him from the room. Afterwards she feels bad, but there's none so infuriating as a man trying to help during labor.
1870Endymion goes to Hogwarts.
1873Porphyria goes to Hogwarts.
1874Don Juan's turn to go to Hogwarts, god help them. Though this is the year Oz graduates, so at the very least the Dempsey Clan numbers are still even at school.
1878Shalott goes to Hogwarts.
1880Porphyria graduates and fails to turn up at her own debut. While not entirely unexpected, Lowri sends Millie after Porphyria.
1881Don Juan graduates. The ‘Endymion, The Veela and The Hammock’ incident occurs, witnessed by both Lowri and her maid/assistant, Millie. Whether this is the incident that sparks Millie's fancy in her son, Lowri neither knows nor cares to investigate. Thus begins Lowri's distaste for veela (before this incident she had remained rather neutral). Don Juan is sent abroad, which again Lowri thinks might bit them in the arse later on, but the deed is done.
1882Don Juan returns and with him come a barrage of comments about his time on the continent. While she missed her son, Lowri immediately wishes to cast him right back out after a mere fortnight of being home. Phyri publishes her first complete collection of poems. Lowri is bursting with pride - after two unsuccessful seasons as a debutante, Lowri has stopped prodding her eldest daughter to marry and is quite content to welcome her as a fellow poet. In truth, she's intrigued what kind of man, if any, would catch any of her daughters' eyes.
1883 Christabel graduates.
1884Plague and fire. The Dempsey Household, having been largely removed from this event, is safe. Lowri is quite in raptures at the resulting poems that spring forth from Phyri afterwards.
1885Shalott graduates and is off to finishing school.
1887Oz marries Thomasina Pompfrey
1890Phyri is cursed and turns into a wren.
  • Quite skilled at making people realize they’re being stupid to their face without insulting them.
  • Energetic, yet forgetful
  • Like any loving matriarch, she is protective of her family
  • A writer through and through, Lowri believes that behind everything said is a desire to communicate. As such, she will suffer fools — which she credits to overseeing the adolescence of her children — but even [i]she[/i] has a breaking point.
  • Was a romantic in her youth but has since grown to be a bit more realistic.
  • If her family has taught her anything, it is to take things as they come. Working oneself into a flurry can often become the spark that lights the powder keg.
  • Sees wisdom and beauty in age - and most of all, sees a certain power to fall back on. There’s none so overlooked and forgiven as an elder woman in society; think of the things one could get away with to be brushed off as simply the tactics of a woman, adled in the mind!
  • Languages: Conversational in Latin and French
  • Feminine Skills: Decent at embroidery if her patience allows, though it's rare. She's a marvelous dancer though, and delights in the moments at society events when she and Eamon take to the dance floor.
  • Magical Abilities: Ever since the birth of her children, she's become quite skilled at gardening and herbology

  • Patronus: A Magpie
  • Amortentia: Fresh ink, the smell of breakfast at the table (accompanied by the sound of her children squabbling, though this part she will never disclose), mint
  • Boggart: She will never tell.
  • Keeps her own garden/oasis on the family estate. This was born partially out of necessity - she needed a place free from her rather large family. Complete with a small grove of lemon trees and a babbling pond with a magical brook, her children know not to go in there unless invited.

[Image: pMKpkah.jpg]
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