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His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Vincent Iago
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28 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 10¼ in.
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Full Name: Vincent Silvanus Iago

Nickname(s): Vince, Sil, silver-tongue, "Honest Iago"

Birthdate: August 13, 1863

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Occupation: Obliviator for the Law Enforcement Office, under the DEPARTMENT OF MAGICAL LAW ENFORCEMENT

Blood Status: Halfblood, raised muggle. Has no living wizarding family (that he knows of.)

Residence: He has many hidey holes, some in Hogsmeade, some in London, some abroad... No big "Iago" family house since family funds were depleted and the estate was sold awhile back, but his muggle side has some estates. (He's no stranger to the family home, after all.) Vince himself however has a small sponsorship from a rich fellow, and as such maintains rooms in both Hogsmeade and London.

Hogwarts House: former Slytherin

Wand: blackthorn wood, 11 1/4", swishy, dragon-heartstring


Father - Bartholomew James Iago [deceased]
Father's first wife - Mora Iago [deceased]
Second wife/Mother - Tarabelle Iago nee Peters
Muggle cousins, only on the Peters side.

Neither tall nor short, Iago stands at about 5 ft 10 in. He doesn't have a domineering presence by any means, but he can be hard to ignore when he tries. That said, he dresses rather smarty, especially for someone who really oughtn't know all that much about societal trends and fashion. He's low-key a vain peacock fashionista though, and likes to stay abreast of the latest looks.

He is left-handed, though he tries desperately to use his right-hand for everything, including his wand. Most of the time he manages just fine, but on the odd stressful day where he just can't anymore, he forgets and will sometimes use his left hand. Strawberry blonde hair and green eyes mark his most notable features. He's lithely built and lanky, but as an adult he has managed to put some meat on those bones. There's nothing akin to real muscle on his string-bean arms, but he can hold his own. He's rather sprightly when it comes to boxing or physical self-defense, but he's not in the least bit traditionally athletic. He'd sooner fall off a broom than manage to fly anywhere with any amount of success.

Faceclaim: Tom Hiddleston
Iago is a tricky sort of man. Like a snake that slithers out of your grasp just when you think you have a handle on him, his past is as difficult to piece together. Not a lot of it is widely known to many, the truth only to a select few. Below are the recorded facts of the origins of such a man, in some areas grey and hazy where truth is hard to pin down.

Pre-History & Birth (1863 - 1865)

Bartholomew Iago Sr. was once a prominent, powerful wizard from a respectable family. He was of the finest uppercrust, pureblood lineage and even formed part of the Wizengamot of the time. (He served in the capacity of interrogator.) He was a man of vices however and had many a flaw that often caught him out. He gambled, cheated freely (discreetly), and later in life even fraternized with would-be criminals that his corruption had let walk free on particular arrangement. He was married for a first time at an older age for a man of such prestige. His first wife was beautiful, young, and vibrantly full of life. She too had a spectacular pedigree and society deemed them a good match, all things considered. She was vain however, and trapped in a loveless marriage, drank heavily and threw lavish parties to fill the void. They struggled to conceive a child. Over time the funds for the family diminished between the parties, gambling, and all around hedonism. And still, that first wife never bore a child. Rumor abounds that on a particularly low evening, after much drinking and further waning of funds, Bartholomew killed his first wife for being so feckless. He blamed her for their misfortunes, seeing none of his own part in the matter.

As such rumors circulated, more started to be lost. Bartholomew was kicked out of the ministry, he lost his position in the Wizengamot, in society, and further rumor even suggests he served time in Azkaban for the murder of the late Mrs. Iago. (This rumor has never been proven, but the stigma that goes with it haunts the youngest Iago to date.) With little left to capitalize on other than a somewhat tainted upperclass lineage, Bartholomew moved into the muggle world and sought a wealthy wife. He married for a second time, this time to an even younger muggle heiress. She bore him a son within that first year - Vincent. Despite this success however, Bartholomew was displeased with his lot in life. He had a halfblood for a son, and heir. He was married to a muggle woman (whom he secretly despised), and he'd lost all prestige and society in the Wizarding world. Drinking heavily, and gambling still, he managed to loose a vast amount of the new fortune his wife had brought and he was violent. The new Mrs. Iago was clever, however, where the late Mrs. Iago was not. She is said to have poisoned him in his sleep, though this could never be proven. The authorities simply found Bartholomew Iago Sr. dead, in a drunken fit early one January morning.

Childhood (1865 - 1874) London

Born in the chaos of his father's demise, Vincent was a quiet boy. He displayed his first signs of magic very early in life, but was raised primarily as a muggle so the magic went unrecorded. After the fall from grace his lineage had suffered in both the muggle and Wizarding worlds, he and his mother were plunged firmly into the middle class - held afloat only by what fortune she managed to retain, and her family's influence in their circles. For eleven short years, Vincent grew into an accomplished boy. He had a governess early on and from her he learned: Italian, French, and German. He studied hard, and his mother always pushed him to be better than society expected of him. They were close, and he pushed for her sake. He was always the cleverest boy in the room, but he could never quite escape the slightly malicious streak he had too. He was once caught by the housekeeper hiding mice in jars and torturing them.

Student Career (1874 - 1881) Hogwarts Castle

It came as only partially a surprise to the family when Vincent received a Hogwarts letter. Mrs. Iago knew of her late husband's abilities, what he was, and she'd suspected some of it had passed onto her son. That said, she had never expected an institution to seek him out since the occasional odd thing only really occurred when he was emotional. Still, she allowed him to attend and it was there that Vincent really grew into himself and learned more about his father's supposed crimes. 

Sorted into Slytherin as a first year, Vincent found himself avoided pretty spectacularly by others - even those in his own house. He was picked on most mercilessly by other Slytherins and eventually grew to resent his house altogether. He hated having his lot thrown in with this classist, elitist, purist group of bastards. He wished endlessly that he'd been sorted into Ravenclaw. It seemed such a noble, intelligent house - one he could have been proud to represent! (Not that those students were much friendlier to him.) Still, throughout his tenure at Hogwarts, Vincent did his best to achieve top marks and strove to break the stigma as far as it came to his deportment and personality. He was a quiet but friendly bloke, charming on the best of days, and always there to lend a helping hand to those who might need it. That said, he had his moments of revenge and vindication, like the worst of them. He played nasty tricks on those that were mean to him and learned very early on how to manipulate a situation such that he would come out immaculate and the offending party, decimated.

As years wore on, his abilities only increased with practice. Vincent became quite the silver-tongued innocent and learned the best way to achieve power was to get in with those seen as more powerful, more worthy, than others. He never quite managed it in his time at Hogwarts, but he observed it clearly in the hierarchy structure and it drives many of his decisions to date. He also managed to befriend a handful of folks in his time there, none more notable than Cassian Valenduris.

They met in passing a few times prior to the chance encounter that would thrust them into friendship. Vincent never had much of an opinion of the Gryffindor other than observation that he seemed like a bit of a hot head. Sometime in his third year however, that very temper came in handy. Trapped, as per usual, by some obnoxious seventh year and held at wandpoint only to hear his father berated for his crimes, Vincent swore this time he'd loose an eyebrow, or worse. Luckily, Cass stumbled upon him and managed to turn the entire altercation in time for Vincent to retrieve his own wand. Between the two of them, they sent the seventh year off to the infirmary with a new respect for Gryffindor muscle, antlers, and a black eyed warning to never mention it again. From there, the friendship blossomed easily. They became best friends, and Vincent grew rather attached to Cass over the years. Sometime in his sixth year he grew to realize just how attached he'd become despite the warnings that it was so wholly unnatural to feel as much.

In fourth and fifth years, Vincent focused more academically on charms and transfiguration. He studied tirelessly for his animagus transformation (eventually completing that in his sixth year) and became particularly adept with camouflage spells. (Mostly out of necessity.) In his sixth and seventh years, the Slytherin grew into a fondness for occlumency and legilimency and studied obsessively to become accomplished.

In his seventh year, Vincent managed to complete his chosen N.E.W.T.s with top marks and left Hogwarts with a bittersweet feeling of both loss and satisfaction. 

Adulthood & Ministry Career (1881 - present) Everywhere

After graduation, Vincent moved into a decent enough ministry position in the Law Enforcement Office. He became an obliviator while Cass became a trainee hit-wizard. He's worked tirelessly over the years to become one of the best obliviators in the department, hoping for a promotion. These days, Iago feels he's due for a bit more. He's on the cusp of thirty; it's time to move up and become a department head or at least assistant to one. And, probably, find a wife - however useless he might be to one. He's recently managed to befriend a man by the name of Othello Timoleon Maxime. Maxime is a powerful man in the ministry, one Vincent knows will be a great ally in his volly for promotion. He introduces Cass to Maxime in a gesture of good will. Perhaps his friend too could benefit from the acquaintance one day. They become friendly. Friendlier than Vincent would have liked, or even imagined.

In October, 1891 Cass is promoted by Maxime to a higher position, instead of Vincent.

November 1891 - Vincent tries not to let his anger, betrayal and jealousy get the better of him.
December 1891 - "
January 1892 - "
February 1892 - "
March, April, May 1892 - "
June 1892 - Vincent hatches a plot to ruin Maxime's career in retaliation. He doesn’t care who else gets hurt in the process.

“Though I do hate him as I do hell pains,
Yet, for necessity of present life,
I must show out a flag and sign of love—
Which is indeed but sign.”


Despite the tragic lot he's been handed in life, Vincent tries desperately to be the best version of himself he can be. Whether or not he's successful, is up for debate. In some regards, he's managed to achieve success in overcoming his father's legacy (and reputation) to some degree. He's clever, spry, and always willing to lend a helping hand to someone powerful in need. He's earned himself rather a reputation for honesty and reliance amoungst his peers and, most importantly, those above him in both class and rank. On the other hand, Iago also has a rather nasty penchant for revenge and a mean streak he was born with and can't quite seem to overcome despite his efforts.

Some call it natural evil, something one is born with and can't overrule due to fate. Others say all natures are formed, not bred, and are moulded from one's life experience. Either way, Vincent is on the loosing side and his Tragic Flaw has always managed to keep everything he truly desires just out of reach. He's his own worst enemy. Generally Vincent tries really hard to be good, and stay on the right side of things. If he's befriended you, actually, and not just as a pawn, then you're pretty much set with a protective ally that would murder do anything for you. If you get on his bad side however, there is little he wouldn't do to see you fail and burn. 

Amortentia: Cass and whatever power smells like. TBD

Patronus:  A fire salamander.

Animagus Form: A black garter snake. Dark and easily threatening, but entirely harmless. Registered. Distinguishing marks include red speckles on the snake's underbelly.

Greatest Fears: 
- Becoming his father/continuing that legacy
- The sight of his own blood.

Boggart: Himself, tattered and bleeding out, abandoned by every single person in his life he cared about and knowing he's the reason they were driven away.

Greatest Weaknesses: 
- Himself.
- Superiority inferiority complex: Iago's ambition has proven to be his greatest flaw, as his passionate hatred of Timoleon Maxime, lust for power, and his tendency to alienate himself through his ignoble actions greatly impedes his ability to bring his well laid plans to fruition.
- Can't fly for shit! Will 11/10 times aparate. Not keen on Floo either.
- Cass

Goals: Iago aspires to be... many things. He wants to have a higher ministry position (dare he even dream it, Minister one day?) , he wants to marry up, he wants to be a man of importance and redeem his family name. But deep, deep down... he really just wants to be loved and not live under the shadow of his father's ruined legacy. He wants to be seen as his own person, and not the unfortunate disgraced child of Iago Sr or the less shiny, tag-along friend of the Ministry's golden boy.

- Iago is an accomplished legilimens and occlumens.
- Iago is very abstractly aware that he's bisexual. He would like to marry and have a wife serve as his partner in crime, but he's also head over heels in love with Cass so there's a plot twist to untangle. (Low-key, I want an Emilia for him tho.)
- He plays by his own rules and dares anyone to defy him, regretting nothing but the fact that Cass will not stand as his right hand or back down. He does still care about the other in many ways but ultimately, Iago will chose power over sentiment at any price.
- Sometimes he saves memories that could come in handy in the future, instead of entirely obliviating them. For 'insurance' purposes.
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