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Honoria Rookwood
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Played by Dante
Second Year
11 year old Pureblood
Second Year
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Full Name: Honoria Whilemina Rookwood

Nickname(s): Honnie,

Birthdate: April 6th 1881

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Occupation: Child

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Bartonburg North

Hogwarts House: Unkown

Wand: Wood: Ivy
Core: Dragon Heart String
Flexability: Unyielding
Size About: 10 3/10 inches

Family: Albert Rookwood- Father, Business Manager and Accountant at Rookwood and Rozier
Da-Eun Rookwood nee Gae - Mother, usually anglicises her name to Diane, her Korean name is Gae Da-Eun
Eugene Rookwood - Elder Brother
Wilamina Rookwood - Grandmother - Widow
A petite girl, even for her age, she is short and slender, in comparison to many of her peers. With dark brown eyes and even darker brown hair. She is free of freckles but thinks they are adorable and so tries to 'sneak' items or time in the sun in hopes of gaining some - to no avail thus far.

Her mother dresses her well, and her clothing is always immaculate and 'pretty' - doll like and feminine. She is naturally left handed but has learned to use her right and so will likely wield a wand with her right hand when the time comes.
The story of her parents meeting and marriage is something of a scandal known only to her parents and the assorted grandparents. Her father, while on business in Goguryeo (Modern Korea) had dallied with the daughter of a man that he was doing business with. The pair were caught together and a hasty marriage under the auspices of a love match was arranged. No child resulted from their foolishness and by the time they returned to England as man and wife, the story was plausible enough and the timeline muddied by time and distance so no one ever raised a question. Wilamina Rookwood has however, never let his son forget that one occasion when his head did not rule his actions.

The pair are reasonably well matched. Albert has a head for business and Da Eun has social ambition and grace. They conceive a child, joyfully a boy. Eugene - to be named for his paternal grandfather. It is after Eugene's birth that the family relocates to Hogsmeade. Fluu allows Albert to return to London daily for business, but Hogsmeade affords his family the luxury of space and the quiet and safety of country living.

Honoria is born, her birth is difficult and Da Eun is recommended against having any more children. She dotes on her daughter, treating her more like a doll than a child. Honoria displays magic at 3 years old, animating a doll.

She grows up healthy and happy in Hogsmeade - her brother goes off to Hogwarts and Honoria cannot wait to follow. The prospect of her first wand fills her with delight!

In February of 1892 she is playing in the park -and was kidnapped and transformed into a snidget by a transfigurationally skilled show man, Mr. Mortimer Lansing. She escaped and was helped back to humanity by Citrine Weasley.

A few weeks later she was drank a sample of enchanted tea and transformed in Dalhia Potts! She is fed up with not having her own face!
Creative, kind, Generous, bright and sweet.
She has a pure black main coon cat, called Pitch
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