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Walter Staghart
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Played by LdyPayne
35 year old Halfblood
6 ft. 1 in.
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Full Name: Walter Miles Staghart

Nickname(s): Walt

Birthdate: April 21, 1856

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Occupation: Auror

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Pennyworth, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Ebony, 10”, rigid, dragon heartstring

Family: Father: Irwin Staghart – Works in Security
Mother: Barbara Staghart (nee Carlyle) – part time seamstress
Siblings: William (b. 1858)
Jennifer (b. 1859)
Marilyn (b. 1861)
Thomas (b. 1866, d.1866)
Sarah (b. 1866, d. 1866)

Walter grew to be taller than average, reaching 6’ 1” tall , has a medium build. Has short to medium length dark brown hair and smoke blue-grey coloured eyes. Tends to have a day or two’s worth of facial hair depending if he’s out in the field or needs to keep a scruffy look for work. He will shave when he has a few days off or when duty requires it. Walter doesn’t like to wear full beards but may sport a well-trimmed moustache from time to time.

He wears sturdy practical clothing and robes of good quality for everyday and most typical days at work. As an Auror he could wear many different styles or quality of clothing depending on the disguise he needs. For formal events he wears good to excellent quality clothing currently or only recently out of fashion, depending on the situation. He makes a good income as an Auror but prefers not to overspend, liking to save money for a rainy day.


Walter was born to working class parents whose combined incomes allowed for a decent level of living. They were far from wealthy of course but they had enough to live out of the slums of London. He is the eldest of two boys and three sisters and was expected to be a good role-model.

He was two when his brother William was born followed barely a year later with his first sister, Jennifer and nearly 5 when Marilyn came along. His twin brother and sister, Thomas and Sarah came about a year before Walter left to attend Hogwarts. The birth of his twin siblings was the most tragic time of his young life.

A breach birth followed by lack of oxygen due to an umbilical cord being wrapped around one of his baby sibling’s neck resulted in tragic consequences. Walter’s brother Thomas suffered brain damage and his intellect never rose above a 5 year old child. His baby sister survived and seemed perfectly normal but died in her crib a week later. The loss of her baby daughter left Barbara depressed and after Thomas was fully weaned, she died. The exact cause of death was marked as unknown but plenty of rumours circled around at the time it was anything from suicide to murder.

Walter left to go to Hogwarts still trying to process the loss not only of his baby sister but also the death of his mother not long after. As the oldest of the Staghart children he was expected to act like a man and he did, remaining silent, aloft and seemingly unaffected by the lost, much like his father. In some ways leaving home to attend Hogwarts was a relief; a chance to put behind the emotions he had to bury within and turn his attention to one thing that always interested him, learning how to use magic.

He was sorted into Ravenclaw which neither of his parents had been a part of. Both parents had been Hufflepuffs as had many generations before them. Walter wasn’t too disappointed; he just wanted to focus on learning so he didn’t have to focus on the pain he was still processing at the time.

It soon became apparent he was a quick study when it came to learning magic. He quickly reached the top of his class in several courses and in the top five for most of his other classes. Though some of his classmates may think he was some kind of hidden genius in truth he achieved such good grades because he focused almost entirely on his studies, doing very little of any socializing for the first year at Hogwarts.

By the time he returned to school for his second year, Walter knew what he wanted to do for a living. He certainly wanted to be more than just work security as his father did, he wanted to be an Auror and for the remainder of his time at Hogwarts he kept that goal in mind. During the summer he took whatever jobs he could get to earn money to go towards paying for his Auror training after his father suggested it the summer before his second year.

Not all Walter’s time at Hogwarts was study, as the years progressed he did spend more time making connections with other students, especially those from more prominent families than his own. He didn’t try too hard with the elite as he knew they wouldn’t give him a chance to prove himself. He didn’t avoid them however and always maintained an air of respect and subservience as etiquette required towards those above him in station.

OWLs came around and Walter studied hard, knowing he would need to do well in order to continue at Hogwarts. Hard work and dedication to his studies paid off and he did well, so well in fact he felt confident he would excel in his NEWTs two years later.

He felt something of an outsider as so many of his friends moved on after completing their OWLs, whether because their career goals didn’t require further magical training or they just didn’t get enough OWLs to continue. Walter wasn’t going to let this slow down his advancement however; he was more than content to focus on academics more than socializing. He still did his best however to interact and establish good relations with fellow students who had parents in positions which could help him gain acceptance into the Auror Training Program.

NEWT years once more took his complete attention, as he worked his hardest to get the grades he would need to qualify to become an Auror. He didn’t just take the core classes he would need but also took a couple additional to better round out his qualifications. With hard work and the occasional request for extra help ensured he was ready to take his NEWTS. It was with a great sense of accomplishment when he received the results of his NEWTs to learn he passed all his classes with great marks, getting Outstanding in several of the courses he needed to qualify to become an Auror with Exceeds Expectations in the others. His remaining marks were also quite impressive given his background.

He had several letters of recommendations, mostly from his Professions who were willing to help him when he applied for Auror Training. He completed the required essays and assessments then had to wait like all the other applicants to learn if he would be accepted into the ATP.

It was a long few weeks of anticipation and worry but a few days before Training would officially begin Sept. 1875 Walter received notification he was accepted. The next three years would be the hardest he had yet to experience.

Walter finally became a fully qualified Auror in the spring of 1878 and began what to him were the best years of his life. Walter thrived as an Auror, learning from those who had many years of experience till he gained several years in the force.

For ten years he dedicated his life to hunting dark wizards and proving he was quite good at it. A few times his stoic nature and need to be in control did cause some tensions but he never crossed the line of insubordination or that of the law.


Walter comes across as a very steady, serious, proper, dedicated person. It is difficult to get to the core of his being, as the face he presents to the world is pretty solid. He is even tempered, rarely showing any strong emotion in fact, always approaching life with calm and focus, idea for somebody in his line of work.

When on the job, he can easily switch from his normal stoic personality to just about any personality type in order to bend in. At times he puts on such a face with strangers and new acquaintances simply to fit in better in society so often there’s some confusion on just what sort of personality he has for anybody who doesn’t know him well. One thing that can be said for certain is he is dependable, focused on his job and loyal to the rules Aurors are governed by.

Privately he is somebody who needs to be in control of all aspects of his personal life. Any relationships he has he is definitely the one in charge and he expects complete obedience. Not many would know this, as he doesn’t keep a household of servants, preferring to keep his modest home himself though his Auror salary is sufficient for him to hire a maid if he wished.

Required/Optional Classes:
  • Etiquette
  • Music
  • Magical Theory
  • Flying
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOO
Care of Magical CreaturesGG
History of MagicEN/A
Muggle StudiesAN/A
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