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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Gus Lissington
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Played by Gin
Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor
28 year old Pure
Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor
5 ft. 11 in.
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Full Name: Augustus Finch Lissington

Nickname(s): Gus, Lissing

Birthdate: June 20, 1863

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Occupation: DADA Professor

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: Egypt (& various other locations around the globe); Hogwarts Castle; Lissington Family home, Bartonburg; Lissington Family home, Ireland

Hogwarts House: Former Hufflepuff

Wand: Dogwood with Unicorn Tail core, 11 ½”, wielded left handed

Mainchin Lissington, (b. 18xx), father
Ottilie Lissington née Doherty (b. 18xx), mother
Figueroa Lissington (b. 1865), sister

Mairead XXX, née Lissington, aunt & family | 18xx
Saoirse XXX, née Lissington, aunt & family | 18xx
Fionn Doherty, uncle and family |18xx
Mckenzie Doherty, uncle & family | 18xx
Siobhan XXX, née Doherty, aunt & family | 18xx
Gus stands just above the average height at an even 5’11”. He has curly dark red hair that he’s quite fond of, and bright blue eyes that always seem to be wide with excitement. He has a small amount of freckles spread across his skin, which are more prominent in the summertime from the sunshine. He has a round face and larger ears. Gus has a large, shiny scar about four inches long and half an inch thick down his left forearm, although several other much smaller ones litter his body.

Throughout his time as a Curse Breaker Gus dressed down, foregoing the hat and waistcoat in favor of trousers and linen shirts - it was much easier to move in and out of ancient tombs (and run, when necessary), in less fitting clothing. He has a habit of rolling his sleeves up past his elbows, which translate to rolling up his school robes. His shoe preference are boots, or more casually in his personal residence, sandals. Now that he is back in society he will begrudgingly wear the waistcoat once more with proper shoes, trying on different styles and colors until he finds something he finds looks decent.

June 1863: Gus is born to Lottie and Mainchin in Ireland; she had wanted home roots to raise a family rather than moving from place to place, as is the life of Curse Breaker. They still visit Mainchin for weeks at a time, but Ireland will always be home.

November 1864: Figueroa is born. Their family is complete. Gus loves his little sister and spends much time playing outside with her; while they have a governess, it is their mother who tucks them in each night. Their father, when home, spins tales of his time before bed each night. Gus wants to be a Curse Breaker too.

March 1866: Mainchin accepts the position to be a Curse Breaker at Gringotts to work in their vaults and the family relocates to London. It is much more expensive here and they live more modestly than previously. It is their permanent home base.

February 1870: For a while, it is thought Gus would be a squib; he shows his first displays of magic at six years old, nearing the age of seven. He enlarges a slug so he can play with it outside. His parents are relieved.

1874-1881: Gus begins his first year at Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. It is a magical place and he falls in love with it. Fig joins him a year later in the same house. 
Life passes by quickly. Nothing of importance truly happens, outside of learning magic and growing older. He excels at Defense Against the Dark Arts. He hates Divination. He makes friends, he loses friends. He is adventurous but he knows his limits; of course he earns some detentions as most students do, but for the most part keeps his head down.
He decides he’s not interested in women after quite a lackluster experience. He tells no one.
Like most wizarding families, they are run of London and settle near Hogsmeade in 1877. The Lissington family purchases a modest townhome in Bartonburg South. Gus’ room faces the front of the house, and he finds enjoyment watching the people outside. He and Fig make up stories about their lives.

May 1881: He falls in love his final year at Hogwarts; it was fast, simple and crazy, but he wouldn’t have any other way.
Gus accepts a job as an apprentice Curse Breaker. He asks the boy he’s fallen in love with to travel with him so they could go to the ends of the Earth and be together. But he’s rejected, and all at once Gus’ world is crushed to pieces.
He still leaves for Egypt a month after graduating Hogwarts. He doesn’t look back.

June 1881-Present: He doesn’t have a home base and travels the world for the next decade. He spends a lot of time in Egypt. He visits home and home visits him.
He eventually drops the apprentice from Curse Breaker, and thrives in his new role.
There is nothing he enjoys more than the thrill of the adventure that comes with his job; he sees mountains and creatures he’d only read of in books. He sees the ocean, a personal favorite. He earns scars that are attached to tales. Gus meets people who make him laugh, and he falls in love too easily. (None of them compare to the boy who broke his heart.)
He spends time trapped in a tomb at twenty and finds it's the story he speaks the most of. It’s a fond memory. 
He is petrified by a cursed statue at twenty three and sometimes still has stiff limbs from it.
He spends a few months trapped in a genie lamp at twenty seven and laughs about it. (It's an awkward and forced laugh; it's almost an entire year of memories he can't touch even though his fellow curse breakers swear it was only a few months at most he was trapped..) He can’t remember a single thing from that stint, and has a feeling he missed something important.
He wakes up one morning terribly homesick at twenty eight. The grand adventure of traveling the world is tiresome and lonesome and he wants to unpack his bags for as long as he’d like. So on a whim Gus decides to apply for the Defense Against Dark Arts position at Hogwarts.
In January 1892, he steps into Hogwarts as a professor for the first time. This might be the grandest adventure yet.
For the most part Gus is easy going; he is a true extrovert and thrives around groups of people, finding that there is little enjoyment in being alone. He is friendly, perhaps overly friendly, and could easily be fooled by fake sincerity thinking that they are friends. He is quick to presume and doesn’t articulate his assumptions which can cause some uproar, although he’d rather roll over than actually continue with a fight. In fact, he’d probably just laugh and grin.

He falls in love easily, although he is most pointedly not interested in women. He is at least polite though.

He is adventurous to a fault, although he’d like to fully blame his father for spinning so many tales as his time as a Curse Breaker; he had the time of his life following in his footsteps. He can’t seem to sit still, constantly having to fidget and move, although it is a trait he doesn’t notice. That means he enjoys getting into things, and might even stick his nose in business it doesn't quite belong.

He uses Irish idioms that he's picked from from his mother, father and extended family who still live in Ireland, and tends to speak with in an Irish-British accent.

Boggart: The writing on his arm, currently covered by a botched up scar, being revealed. It marks him as a homosexual, which would send him to Azkaban to live out the rest of his days.

Patronus: Capuchin Monkey

According to Basil, he tastes like cinnamon, chocolate, cedar and spices.
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