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Olixander Blackwood
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Played by Fox
Gentleman of Leisure
24 year old Pureblood
Gentleman of Leisure
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Full Name: Olixander Emrys Blackwood

Nickname(s): Oli, if you want to die. Only baby Meida calls him that, and even from her he only just tolerates it because it was her first word

Birthdate: October 13, 1867

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Occupation: Gentleman of Leisure

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Blackwood home, Hogsmeade; Blackwood home, London; Penningmeir Manor House & Estate, Kent

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Hawthorn wood with a dragon heartstring core, 11.3” and generally malleable (Can be quite temperamental on a bad day.)

Family: Cillian Blackwood (father)
Sibyl Blackwood nee Sidonia (mother)
Theophilis Blackwood, 22 (younger brother)
Valentine Blackwood, 16 (younger brother)
Andromeda “Meida” Blackwood, 12 (younger sister)

Bertram Blackwood Sr. (uncle, head of Blackwood family currently)
Eugenia Blackwood (aunt)
Bertram Blackwood Jr. (cousin)
@Ginevra Blackwood (cousin)

—— Sidonia (uncle)
—— Sidonia (aunt)
Ignacio Sidonia, 26 (cousin)
Bartolo Sidonia, 21 (cousin
Antonia Sidonia, 17 (cousin)

Olixander is tall, dark and handsome on the outside. He has dark features, most of which is attributed to the Sidonia side of the family who (mostly) immigrated from Spain. He inherited pale skin from the Blackwoods however, and he burns easily in the sun. He is right handed and dresses in the fashions most popular of the age. 

Faceclaim: Diego Barrueco

October 1867: Olixander is born in Barcelona, Spain* the first son and heir to… the second Blackwood son, Cillian and his wife Sibyl. He’s nobody’s great wish except his mother’s but that doesn’t stop Papa Blackwood from appreciating a healthy son. To the extent he cares enough to appreciate anything.

*On a holiday tour visiting Sybl's family. It was a big to-do for the first son to be born outside of England.

Christmas, 1868: First signs of magic show early in the young boy. In a fit of hunger, Olixander manages to explode a glass bottle in the nurse’s hand. The milk inside is boiling hot and scalds the woman, leaving a nasty scar.

1870 - 1878: Throughout his childhood, Olixander is rambunctious and troublesome, always causing mischief. He has sticky fingers and likes to take things that don’t belong to him. He picks up languages rather quickly in his studies and learns Latin, French and German, dabbling on his own in Spanish. He’s able to pick up quite a bit from letters and conversations he hears his mother have with his grandmother who lives overseas and eventually his mother takes to teaching him formally. (Olixander is currently fluent in Spanish, French, and Latin. He didn't care for German as much but has a working understanding of the language.) In 1870, his first brother is born, soon to be followed by another in 1876. Olixander doesn’t pay either of them much mind, and plays only just with Theo for the first few years before losing interest. He and Valentine never quite manage to hit it off as brothers should.

1879 - 1880: In September of ’79, Olixander heads to Hogwarts. He’s relieved to be out of the house as being one of three boys has become a lot like being part of a pack rather than an individual. He is sorted almost immediately into Slytherin, and takes his seat with pride. He’s a bit of a bully, especially to the muggleborn students, but his hatred of them stems more from his own father’s prejudice than his own experience.

1880 - 1881: In the fall of Olixander’s second year another child is born, this time a sister. She’s smaller than the adults expected apparently, and Olixander is facinated with her when he comes home for the holidays. He spends much of his time escaping his brothers by sitting in Meida’s room reading to her. Her first word later that year is “Oli.”  Also in his second year, Olixander tries out for the Slytherin Quidditch team and makes it as a chaser.

1881 - 1884: Olixander’s third, fourth, and fifth years see him succeeding in his OWLs. Nothing much remarkable happens, other than he discovers his childhood penchant for sticky fingers is enough to earn him some fun goodies from students who are careless. He devotes himself fully to quidditch practices and manages to become one of the best players of his year/s. Sometime in his fifth year, Cilian Blackwood introduces his son to the Knights of Walpurgis and Olixander joins the cause. His bullying of muggleborns increases ten-fold, and it’s no secret he’s a blood purist.

1884 - 1886: In his sixth and seventh years, Olixander decides to route his focus into specifically DADA and Alchemy. He takes a handful of other classes, but these become his main focus. He works obsessively at becoming a practiced legilimens and he achieves the goal somewhere between sixth and seventh years. He continues as Slytherin chaser, by this point the best of the three on his (or really any) of the house teams and takes the role of captain. He graduates with honors and mostly, has managed to keep out of trouble.

1886-present: In the years since Olixander graduated Hogwarts, he’s managed to accomplish little compared to his schooling efforts. His practice at legilimens has continued to exceed, and he plays quidditch recreationally with friends but he hasn’t made any particular name for himself. His mother expects he is on the lookout for a wife, but in all truth, Olixander prefers to flirt with no real intention in mind. He’s slightly aimless, always on the lookout for something new to get into, and sometimes he wonders what his purpose in life really is. He made a tour of the continent some time ago and has considered doing that again, just to pass the time.


Olixander is a difficult soul to perceive. He puts on airs and is the first to jump at belittling the nearest muggleborn, but deep down he’s more lost than found. He enjoys travel and experiencing new cultures/languages because he hopes these experiences will help him find his identity and aim in life. He can be a manipulative sod on occasion, and doesn’t take kindly to being told no or brushed aside for someone else. That said, he also has a very soft spot for his sister Meida and, oddly, little furry creatures.

One day Olixander will marry; he recognizes it as much his duty as running the estate one day when his father passes, but he’s in no hurry to do either. Ideally he’d like to marry for love but he’s not sure there is anyone in this big wide world who will ever truly know him enough to love the real, deeper him. Perhaps he can marry someone who falls in love with an idea of him. That would be good enough.

Amortentia: tbd...

Patronus: A fox. Sometimes, when he's particularly lonely, Olixander will cast his patronus just to watch it move around and play with it.

Boggart: tbd...

I. Olixander is a very accomplished legilimens and he is not above using his talent to exploit people, should the need arise.

II. His mother’s side is from Spain, though most of them have either passed away or (in the case of his uncle and family) immigrated to Britain in recent years. His grandmother stubbornly refuses to make the transition and remains, widowed and alone, at her estate in Barcelona. It’s a general point of contention between Sibyl and her mother.