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Poppy Dashwood
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Played by Fox
"[Suki] sometimes rather thought that if someone gave Poppy Dashwood sufficient leeway and 20 minutes with the ear of the Wizengemot, many of the ills of the world might be resolved with an expediency that would make Henry David Thoreau blush." - Natsuko Mountbatton

Wistful Debutante
19 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 0 in.
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Full Name: Letitia Poppy Dashwood

Poppy. Just, Poppy. She despises her first name and frankly, won’t introduce herself by it unless forced.

Birthdate: May 10, 1874

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutant

Blood Status: Halfblood

Hogwarts - during term; Dashwood Hall, Surrey - occasionally; Dashwood House, Hogsmeade - otherwise; (Despite her own family's residence in Wellingtonshire, Poppy stays with the Foxwoods quite frequently, and whenever she goes to London)

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw, proudly

Wand: holly wood, 8", supple, unicorn hair core (it's quite short actually, much like her)

Alexander Dashwood, Father [1830]
Georgiana Dashwood neé Alderton, Mother [1854]
-- Laurel Dashwood, Sister [1879]
-- Lincoln Dashwood, Brother [1881]

Langston Dashwood, Half-brother [1856], and... extensions
Lysander Dashwood, Half-Brother [1854], and family
Lorelei — nee Dashwood, Half-Sister [1858], and family

Arthur Alderton, Maternal Grandfather (1811-1884) - Deceased
Helena Alderton (née Rabnott), Maternal Grandmother (b. 1818)
-- Arthur Alderton II, Uncle (b. 1838), and family
-- Adaline ------ (née Alderton), Aunt (b. 1847); and family
-- Eloisa ------- (née Alderton), Aunt (b. 1843), and family
-- Anthony Alderton I, Uncle (b. 1847)
----------- Audrey Alderton, Aunt (b. 18XX)
----------- Anthony Alderton II, Cousin (b. 18XX)
----------- Lucy ------ (née Alderton), Cousin (b. 18XX); and family
----------- Mathilda Alderton, Cousin (b. 1874)
----------- Archie Alderton, Cousin (b. 1876)
-- Viola Foxwood neé Alderton, aunt [1841]
----------- Atticus Foxwood I., Uncle [deceased]
----------- Atticus Foxwood II., (favorite) cousin [1861]
----------- Basil Foxwood, cousin [1863]

Poppy is on the smaller side of average height and quite a dainty little thing. She has small features, small hands, and big ambitions. Dark auburn curls, freckles and hazel eyes are keynotes of her facade. She weighs hardly anything and struggles with anemia and appetite. She is right handed for quills and needlepoint but wields her wand ambidextrously. She had exquisite taste in fashion and constantly goes to the modiste for new outfits, especially favoring the more recent trends from France. 

Faceclaim: Poppy Drayton

- May, 1874 | Poppy is born to Georgiana and Alexander Dashwood on May 10th to a brand new nursery decorated specifically for her. (Or so she’d like to think.) She is a spoiled baby and she cries a lot.

- Jan, 1877 | Poppy lives a fairly simple, charmed life. At the age of three she displays her first signs of magic by levitating a toy that the nursemaid had left just out of her reach. Likely for good reason; the eye button is loose and there’s fear she might choke on it. That said, Poppy never once touches the poor thing’s eye instead opting to pull on its ears instead.

- Aug, 1883 | At nine years old Poppy is caught, again, by her governess getting into mischief. This time she’s found with ripped tights, a muddied dress, flowers in her hair and collecting mice for one of her make-believe ‘potion’ brews. (She fancied herself a capable witch from a young age and tried to prove it to everyone.) The governess yells at her in the parlor thinking Mrs. Dashwood is from home, and calls her “a hellion sent from below”. The governess is promptly dismissed that afternoon but the phrase sticks with Poppy, always undermining her self-esteem when it comes to getting into trouble. Also this year scandalous things occur behind closed doors that Poppy is not privy to regarding her half-brother Langston. She never had much of an opinion on him, but now she feels she has reason to turn her nose up. (Even if she doesn't quite know what that reason is.)

- 1885 - 1886 | Poppy receives her official letter to Hogwarts and ships off with her owl, new quills, and a massive pit in her stomach that she’s going to be sorted into Slytherin and turn into an evil hellion. Later that year she meets Juniper — solidifying that very prophecy, even though she’s ultimately sorted into Ravenclaw.

- 1886 - 1889 | Nothing too remarkable happens in Poppy’s second, third and fourth years. She comes into her own as a student, realizing she has a penchant for academia, and she expends equal effort studying and getting into trouble. In these three years she likely looses as many house-points for mischief as she gains through her correct answers in class.

- 1889 - 1891 | Throughout her fifth and sixth years, Poppy focuses a great deal on her O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts, specifically focusing on Potions, Herbology, Alchemy, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. In this time she also begins to get into a new kind of mischief, one that involves boys and bears a lot more risk to her reputation. She becomes sneakier and even more rebellious than before.

- Fall 1891 - present | Now seventeen, almost eighteen!, and preparing to graduate from Hogwarts - Poppy is on the cusp of being unleashed upon society. Her mother has determined this upcoming spring is to be her first social season as a debutante. Poppy is both wildly excited and secretly terrified at the prospects. She’s absolutely not yet ready to be married, but if the ‘perfect’ suitor were to come along and offer her the adventure of a literal lifetime, she supposes she’d be inclined to accept. But only after graduating from Hogwarts with the highest possible honors: all Os in her N.E.W.T courses.


"Poppy Dashwood thought herself invincible, [Kristoffer] fancied – her self-preservation (which she did have: he had witnessed it before, and suffered it too) always seemed to kick in a fraction too late, like she was chasing after something more important first." - Kristoffer Lestrange

Poppy is a lot of things, but stupid is certainly not one of them. She's spirited and ambitious, though perhaps not academically even if she has the mental prowess to be... well anything she'd like. She excels in her classes and favors potions above all else. Her preference is driven by a keen fascination in the things out there that can change human desires and interactions. Things that can be bent at will.

Outside of academics however, she's very charismatic and sweet. She generally gets along with most people, regardless of status or station, and certainly likes getting into her fair share of trouble. Over the years her troublemaking has forced Poppy to try and find an inner balance given her family's... scandalous reputation. Or at least, her half-brother's. (Her siblings were perfect, just like her.) In truth, she still waffles between trying too hard to be the ideal young lady and letting loose. Her inner rebellion against everything proper makes it difficult. Once and only once, a governess scolded her by claiming she was "a hellion sent from below" before being promptly dismissed by Georgiana who'd overheard. Still, it's a phrase that has always stuck with Poppy and come to define how she sees herself on the worst of days.

She knows she can be difficult, and that her impulses drive her in the wrong direction. She also knows how futile it is to deny the sense of  l i f e  that giving in to banal whims gives her. She tries very hard to do her best, to believe the beliefs she knows she should, to get the top marks. But, at the end of the day, it's not always enough to keep her on the right side of the line. 

Amortentia: tbd...

Patronus: A mink.

Boggart: Herself as a reincarnation of a hell-hound standing atop a pile of her dead, disgraced loved ones.

In a similar vein, Poppy's biggest fear is not living a life she's proud of. She has a mad adventurous streak which is where her "hellion" trait comes from. She wants to live fully, wholly, and not a stifled, cookie-cutter experience. In the words of Avicii: "One day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember." This is Poppy's motto and she takes it very seriously.

Goals: Poppy has grand ambitions to marry into a family with status and power (probably wealth too) but doesn't particularly care about blood purity or, oddly enough, marrying for love.

© Fox
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