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Ozymandias Dempsey
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Played by Lynn
Ozymandias Dempsey.

It took several long moments for Stan to place the ridiculous name, but when he did— "...but he's insufferable."
Minister of Magic
37 year old Halfblood
Minister of Magic
6 ft. 2 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Ozymandias Shelley Dempsey

Nickname(s): Oz, Ozy

Birthdate: November 20, 1856

Age: 37

Gender: Male, perceived male

Occupation: Oz considers himself a creative genius but that’s probably not a real profession, is it? So: gentleman of leisure & occasional inventor

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Dempsey estate near Galway, Ireland

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Spruce and unicorn hair, 12 inches, supple.

Eamon Dempsey | Father | 1824
Lowri Dempsey nee ? | Mother | 1836
Endymion Keats Dempsey | Brother | 1859
Porphyria Browning Dempsey | Sister | 1862
Don Juan Byron Dempsey | Brother | 1863
Christabel Coleridge Dempsey | Sister | 1865
Shalott Tennyson Dempsey | Sister | 1867
Lycoris Wordsworth Dempsey | Sister | 1869

There is also a Wife.
General | Fair skin with dark hair and brown eyes. Tall. Right handed.

Expressions | Ozy's default expression is judgemental, even when he's not being judgemental (you can tell when he is because of the addition of some frown wrinkles on his chin; no wrinkles and you're probably fine). His frowns and smiles are slight because he'd much rather express emotion through words in most cases, though he can say a fair bit with his eyebrows (mostly questions — he's perfected an are you sure about that? look that usually stops those unfamiliar with him in their tracks).

Deportment | Oz carries himself more like a cat than a person. He slinks and stalks rather than walking. When you've annoyed him he'll grow progressively more tense, and since he's generally so fluid in his movements it's very noticeable (that's actually one of the tells when he's talking to his wife: no matter what he says to her, he never tenses up).

Fashion | Ozymandias would describe his style as "understated elegance," and anyone hearing this would be left to wonder if he knows the definition of the word "understated." Oz mostly wears dark suits with jewel tone vests, with matching accent pieces when appropriate. He occasionally wears a cape. It's understated by Dempsey standards.

Scent | Oz smells good. That's because he wears a magical cologne he invented himself which smells differently to different people, similarly to the way amortentia changes scent. Patent pending. You can't afford it.

Face Claim | Hale Appleman
1856 | Oz is born. As he doesn't consider his early years formative to his development, he will not regal you with descriptions of his childhood personality or antics.

1858 | Endymion is born.

1862 | Porphyria is born.

1863 | Don Juan is born.

1865 | Christabel is born.

1867 | Shalott is born.

1868 | Ozymandias goes to Hogwarts, where he meets and quickly bonds with a housemate named Dash. They are the sort of Ravenclaws who get into trouble, much to the consternation of their more studious peers.

1869 | Lycoris is born.

1870 | Endymion joins Oz at Hogwarts. Ozymandias picks up some electives, and if they're ever important I'll figure out what they were.

1873 | Porphyria starts Hogwarts when Ozy starts sixth year, with a lighter but still fairly serious NEWT level course load.

1874 | Don Juan begins Hogwarts during Oz's final year. He finishes up his courses and gets reasonably high grades, not that he ever intends to use them.

1875 - 1877 | Being young and rich, Ozymandias takes off to the continent for an extended tour with his best friend Dash. He occasionally returns for family events but is largely absent while Christabel goes off to her first year of Hogwarts (fall of 1876) and Endymion graduates (spring of 1877), and by the time he returns there's this new place called Hogsmeade where once there was only a train station, a boat dock, and an inn.

1878 | Shalott goes to Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Oz and Dash have established lifestyles at home as similar as possible to the ones they lead abroad, which includes a lot of revelry and seducing women. For the next few years, Oz keeps a room at the club (Atlantis) and mostly lives there to avoid scandalizing his family (although he's sure his parents and siblings are aware of the sort of things he gets up to).

1879 | Because one can't debauch all the time, Ozymandias decides to become an inventor. His early efforts are met with fantastic failures, due not to a lack of skill on his part but rather from overblown expectations of what he (and wizardkind, and magic in general) is capable of.

1880 | Porphyria graduates and tries to skip her own debut, which is cute.

1881 | Don Juan graduates. The ‘Endymion, The Veela and The Hammock’ incident occurs. Ozymandias is a little jealous, having never had the opportunity to sleep with a veela, and shows this by making fun of Endymion endlessly for the next two years.

1882 | Phyri publishes her first complete collection of poems. Oz is also a little jealous of that, because he hasn't managed to do anything particularly noteworthy yet. He takes this as the impetus to give up his room at the club and move back home more permanently so that he can have a dedicated work space for his inventions.

1883 | Christabel graduates. Dash has a kid with his mistress which seems like a combination of poor planning and awful luck to Oz. Although he would never say as much to Dash, Ozymandias personally thinks his plans to marry his mistress are a little ridiculous and definitely something he'll regret once the impulse wears off, so he's secretly relieved when Dashwood Sr. stops that plan in its tracks.

1884 | The season in Hogsmeade is punctuated by plague and fire. Oz is safe from both, but it does put a damper on his party plans. The relatively quiet social season actually isn't the worst. He wonders for the first time if maybe he's starting to outgrow this sort of thing. Phyri’s second anthology of poems is released.

1885 | Shalott graduates and is off to finishing school. Oz, being of an age where men generally consider marriage, starts to consider it, but in a very unhurried way. Dash certainly isn't in a hurry, and it seems a shame to leave him all alone in bachelorhood (ish) after they've been inseparable so long.

1886 | Ozymandias meets Thomasina Pomfrey, an eccentric female healer who annoys him, then irritates him, then... actually sort of excites him, in a weird, passive-aggressive way. They have several verbal sparring matches, some of which are very public and others of which are very loud, so they get a bit of a reputation within their respective social circles.

1887 | To the surprise of literally everyone, Oz decides to propose to Miss Pomfrey. He tells Dash that for all her innumerable faults she is at least interesting, and if he must marry he would prefer to marry someone interesting. To the surprise of everyone except Oz (who had himself never doubted how much of a catch he was), she accepts. They are engaged for several months, during which time they appear no more willing to tolerate each other than previously, and are then married. During this, Dash has another child with his mistress. Within their social circle they're generally considered equally scandalous for a few months, as most of his friends assume Ozymandias is marrying Miss Pomfrey after having accidentally knocked her up and/or gotten caught in the throes of passion. When Thomasina fails to become visibly pregnant at any point in the months following their marriage and Dash continues playing family with his mistress, the scales of respectability tip much more heavily in Oz's favor (though it's not as though Oz cares if Dash is mired in scandal).

1888 | Married life suits him, and suits him even better when people eventually stop making teasing comments about their future children (by now, most people assume they sleep separately — they certainly don't, but he doesn't mind that people think so).

1890 | Phyri is cursed and turned into a wren. Oz jokingly confuses her for her pet raven several times.

1892 | Ozymandias continues living his best life: haphazardly inventing things in his spare time, spite-flirting with his wife, and occasionally painting the town red with Dash. The latter does start to lose some of its appeal, but Oz is hesitant to completely abandon his lifestyle with his best friend — which is perhaps a contributing factor towards his establishing a regular tryst with ballerina Sophia Voss. While hardly his first extramarital affair, she is the first relationship serious enough that one could actually call her a "mistress" (though Oz does not).

1893 | Midway through the year, Minister Justin Ross announces his resignation which spurs a Ministerial election. While bullshitting with friends at the club Oz boasts that he could probably campaign just as well or better than any of the current candidates — and throws his hat in the ring to prove it. While the campaign begins with Oz just going through the motions, it picks up momentum and he eventually secures several key endorsements (including one from Minister Ross), which contribute to his winning the election by an exceptionally narrow margin in October. This is quite a shock, as he had not actually intended to become Minister.
She resisted the urge to needle her brother for more details, because no doubt that was what Ozymandias wanted her to do, to be reeled in by his ostentation and artificial mysteriousness – or else, he was simply trying to annoy her.

Even in childhood, something that had always stood out to Lowri about her son was that his mood affected everything around him.

when Oz was vexed by something he was very good at making it everyone else’s problem, one way or another.

...before closing up her paints and breezing out of the room. With Ozy, sometimes that was the only way to get the last word in.
Ross found himself surprised: he actually liked Dempsey. He was not entirely sure that the man should be Minister, but he did like him — the way he talked about his class, and himself, was charismatic rather than off-putting.

'He'd best be careful' Bel remarked, taking a sip of her coffee and retrieving the paper from where she had tossed it for Ozy's perusal. 'With dramatics like this at breakfast, people will begin to think he is French.'

If Ozymandias had a single fear of a future of torturous discontent, he was hiding it spectacularly. All he was doing was being a high-and-mighty, bloody smarmy know-it-all, even though it was supposed to be Endymion’s turn to be that here, and forevermore, til death did they part and whatnot.

Damn Ozymandias Dempsey and his poor timing, ridiculous name, and lacking social graces. [...] she couldn't help but respect his boldness and tasteful disregard for social etiquette.

Evander didn’t like to question authority... but then he would need a good decade to see Ozymandias Dempsey sink in as any kind of reasonable authority, so if he dared anywhere, it was here. It was for the best, he told himself. In everyone’s interest that someone should show a little mercy and steer him right before Dempsey became a laughing stock. (More of one.)

MJ is the light of my life <3
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