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His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Mabel Brighton
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25 year old Muggleborn
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Mabel Rosemary Brighton

Maple: Most often called this affectionate name by close friends, family and (on occasion) co-workers.)

Little Wolf: Sometimes called this by those who have seen her in her animagus form which is a rather small, russet-colored wolf.

Birthdate: Oct 13, 1868

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Occupation: Mediwitch at St. Mungo's Hospital

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: At the corner of Penny and Brumble Lane, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: cypress, 10 ¼ in, pliant, single phoenix tail feather

— Adoptive Family —
Sebastian Astorwood, Father
Marian Astorwood nee — , Mother
Sibyl —, nee Astorwood, Older sister
Algernon Asterwood, Older Brother
Mabel would like you to think she’s not [i]that[/i] short, thank you very much. There are plenty of people she’s encountered that are less than her 5 ft. 2 ½ in. Her hair seems to switch between a light-reddish brown in the summer and a cooler, muddy shade in the winter; neither of which she particularly likes. The only thing she seems to like on good days is her hair, which has a nice natural curl to it which means she can avoid a never-ending battle with the curling iron. Her skin can take on a sallow, pale color when she’s nervous and can adopt a few splotches of pink when she’s embarrassed; both features a product of her time spent with her muggle parents. Some things never change, no matter how much we might want them to.

Her stature used to be quite hunched over in attempts to hide herself in a room with only two people in it. Since being separated from her parents, however, her posture has improved, and she only tends to show this habit when she’s scared. At the end of a particularly long day, Mabel turns to her comfort snack: oranges, and often shifts into her Animagus form to avoid having to confront anyone. Her habits of both eating oranges and walking around outside has seen both scents of oranges and pine cling to her.

Her hair often gets put up for her job, but she seldom remembers to adjust it during the day, and so it tends to appear a bit mussed. She prefers her healer’s robes for the day, and muggle clothes for her days off.

Mabel was born left-hand dominant, but was forced to use her right, and so now does so out of habit.

Do you ever see someone and think, "God must hate me"
He spent so much time on them and for me, He got lazy

1868Mabel Rosemary Brighton is born the daughter to muggles Gerald and Lydia Brighton. It's not a particularly happy family she's born into. From the start, she is immediately disliked by her family, as her father strongly suspects that Mabel is illegitimate. Her birth is what causes a rift between her parents, which never sees itself mended.
By the age of four, Mabel is thoroughly despised by her mother, who blames her for most of the family's misfortunes. Mabel is naturally a small child, but is often mistaken as younger by the rest of the children at school, and assumes most of the other children don't like her enough to play with her. It's of no matter, anyways. The Brightons are forced to move from their abode and to another, even smaller town. While her family are rather sour, Mabel enjoys this, as the children here seem to like her a bit better. But maybe only marginally so.
On the way back from church, Mabel spots a family at the park — the young girl has bright ribbons in her hair and a lace trimmed dress with a straw hat, while the boy, who despite wearing a warm coat and hat, has rather bright red cheeks. Mabel decides that is what a happy family looks like, and every subsequent Sunday, looks for them on the way back home.
While enjoying a rare day at the park, Mabel is approached by a red-cheeked and bright eyed boy, who wants to let her know that he quite likes her hair ribbon, and then asks if she would like to share his books on plants. Mabel, all of six now, has never had a real friend before, and is immediately taken with the younger boy. Upon introducing themselves, the boy misunderstands Mabel's pronunciation of her name, calling her Maple instead. Though she corrects him, Mabel quite likes the mistake, and from then on, it is a special nickname they share between them. The two children spend the rest of the hour flipping through the pages of a book on plants and herbs.
Later in life, Mabel would mark this down in her memories as the first time she's ever felt truly welcomed. The younger boy introduces her to his family, who immediately are charmed by the small girl - albeit a bit shocked at the state of her. She's a timid little creature, and quite likes to keep to herself, but none of this stops her curious, wandering eyes. She discovers she likes to watch the family - so different from hers in every single way, yet they all seem so familiar somehow. It's not long until Mabel begins to talk quietly to each of them individually; little requests here and there. And then eventually, she feels more comfortable chatting with the family than she ever had with - well anyone in her life. Soon, the family are all calling her Maple as a pet name.
One day, Mabel is playing with a few other friends waiting for the boy and his older sister to show up. Before the last two children can arrive, eventually an argument breaks out and Mabel ends up exhibiting her first sign of magic. In a fit of emotion, she levitates her book and it hits another child in the head. Chaos ensues as the children scatter, while Mabel is left angry and scared at what she'd just seen herself do. The boy and his sister never show up, however Mabel is soon seized by her mother who'd heard from another child's mother about what had just happened. Mabel is subsequently punished.

I'll let 'em take accountability
For everything that's wrong with me
Can't hold myself responsible
So I blame the metaphysical

1878Mabel isn't seen by her friends on the playground for weeks. When she returns she learns that the boy and his family have moved to an unknown location. When a stranger turns up at the Brighton family's household one day, Mabel is the one to answer the door. Soon, her life is turned upside down as she is told that she is a witch. While providing ample explanation for what had happened on the playground, that is the only solace the child has, as both her parents recoil in horror at this news. Almost as if this was the reason they were looking for, Mabel is thrown out of the house, barely given any time to pack her clothes. Instead of going to an orphanage, she is taken to a different house - a kinder looking one in a town called Hogsmeade. After what seems like an eternity waiting at the door, it is finally opened to reveal the young boy. It's explained that after the incident at the park involving Mabel's first sign of magic, the boy and his sister were not too far away and witnessed the entire ordeal. Shaken, they ran back to their mother who is indeed, a witch, and immediately recognized the signs Mabel was exhibiting. But even as she sent her children to the park every day to look for Mabel, they weren't able to find her, and eventually the wizarding family was forced to move to Hogsmeade. Once they heard word about Mabel's fate, it was decided that she would be taken in as the ward of the family.
It's quite some time until Mabel stops running from every sign of magic in within the household, even though there are no repercussions to be found. She eventually receives her Hogwarts letter, and after some convincing by the boy, is taken to Diagon Alley to get her school supplies. She is sorted into Ravenclaw.

If Jesus died for all our sins
He left one behind, the body I'm in
I don't know what I believe
But it's easier to think
He made a mistake with me

While quite timid with most people at first, Mabel eventually makes friends. One of her friends introduces her to healing, and - though thoroughly used to magic by now - Mabel seeks comfort in her abilities to heal instead of harm. Eventually, the idea of animagi piques her interest and she begins to study the subject.
Upon graduation, Mabel decides she is not ready to head into debutante season. While those she's come to know as family are quite willing to send her through the Seasons, she refuses and insists on working at St. Mungo's Hospital as a medi-witch. She is immediately put to work once the disaster at the World Market happens, and though she feels fulfilled by her decision, she has trouble getting rid of the sight of the victims.
Mabel finishes her studies and attempts to transfigure into an animagus. She is successful in transforming into a rather small, russet-brown wolf. She immediately loves this form, and enjoys running through forests and the grounds around Hogsmeade.
practical - kind - quiet - reserved - hates violence - a little jumpy - dislikes confrontation, but isn't afraid to do so if the situation calls for it - tidy - observant - claustrophobic
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