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Sixth Year
Sixth Year

16 year old Halfblood
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Ruby Urquart
“Why can’t I try on different lives, like dresses, to see which fits best and is more becoming?”
— Sylvia Plath

Full Name: Ruby Regina Urquart


Birthdate: May 25th, 1873

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogwarts during the bulk of the year; Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Pliant, 9'', willow and dragon heartstring

Balthazar Urquart, father (1845)
Mary Urquart née Adams, mother (1853-1885)
Delight Urquart, sister (1871)
Topaz Urquart, twin (1873)
Sebastian Urquart, brother (1875)
Ruby is a fascinating example of the beauty genetics can produce. She has her mother's African features, but her colours are much lighter. Her skin has a golden hue, so it's somewhere between her mother's brown tone and her father's pinky/pale tone. Her hair has her mother's texture but it is light brown. She has her father's blue-green eyes.

Ruby is of average height. Her body is shapely, a soft hourglass. Overall, her shape, from her body to her facial features, has a roundness to it.

She's right handed.

Fashion wise, Ruby is very crafty. She wears Delight's hand-me-downs, which she alters to fit her body better. She wears warmer hues, since they look better with her golden colouring.

❧ Charming and extroverted, she is at her best when she is surrounded by many people and when she feels connected and popular.

❧ Mistrustful and prone to be prejudiced about others being prejudiced. She doesn't trust purebloods, upper class people and the like.

❧ Very feminine, Ruby likes grooming herself, dressing nicely and being taken care of.

❧ She is insecure when it comes to her appearance and her position in the world. She struggles with feelings of inadequacy, of feeling that she doesn't fit in. Deep down, she doesn't truly believe that others see worth in her.

❧ She's not afraid to defend herself and she can be very vocal about things she dislikes.

❧ Ruby is a talented artist. She has created her own Tarot card deck.

❧ She's skilled in the arts of divination, so she can make small predictions. She doesn't have the Sight, but she can use divinational techniques to get a sense of what might happen in the future.

Childhood (1873-1884)

The pair of Ruby and Topaz were the first legitimate children born to Balthazar and Mary Urquart. Theirs was a happy household and the children received a lot of love from their parents.

Ruby was an early bloomer and displayed magic at the mere age of one, by turning a pebble into a ruby. Her Mama kept the precious stone with the intention to turn it into a jewel of some kind when Ruby became older. Her twin was much slower at displaying magic, by doing so years after Ruby had.

A boy joined the family when the twins were three, in 1875. Ruby never much liked Sebastian and neither did he. Not even recent family tragedies have managed to improve their relationship.

The year 1880 saw the family's relocation from London to Hogsmeade. Ruby is pleased with the move, since her new town is much more magical and it's easier for her to see other magical children.

Delight is the first Urquart child to go to Hogwarts, in 1882. Ruby doesn't like all the attention Delight is receiving, and she throws a tantrum during her sister's school supply shopping, when their parents wouldn't buy her an owl.

In 1884, Papa receives the highest honour in magical Britain when he is elected Minister of Magic. The eleven-year-old Ruby is convinced her family is something like magical royalty now.
The twins depart for Hogwarts in the fall of 1884, where they're seperated for the first time. Ruby is sorted into Gryffindor and Topaz into Ravenclaw.

Mama's Death; Adelia Lovegood (1885-1886)

Mary passed away after being bit by an adder. A sad and unfair death, seeing that not even magic could save her. Ruby, who was quite close to her mother, is deeply shaken by her death. What will she do without her Mama's support. With Mary gone, Ruby feels even more vulnerable to her insecurities.

Papa soon decides that he can't raise his children on his own and he searches for a second wife. He becomes involved with an spinster called Adelia Lovegood. Ruby sees her as a threat; she's blonde, rich and pureblooded and her children will no doubt replace Mary's in Papa's heart! She sees Balt's move to marry her as an attempt to "fix" his mistake of marrying a woman of colour and maybe an attempt to reclaim his place in the old magical "aristocratic" world. She's loud and clear about her feelings on Adelia Lovegood and that somehow strains her relationship with Papa.

On the bright side, the "common threat" in the face of Miss Lovegood makes the twins closer than ever. They'd become more distant since going to Hogwarts, seeing that their interests were so different. Ruby cared about being popular and having fun, while Topaz was bookish and studious. It's the two of them against the world, as Ruby's moodiness about the whole ordeal makes her end up in a fight with almost everyone in her life.

The Worst Year of All (1887)

In a shocking turn of events, Miss Lovegood leaves her father at the altar. Without a common enemy, Ruby and Topaz cease to have a reason to be so tight. It's not different from their relationship before the Miss Lovegood shenanigans, but because Ruby got used to them being best friends and because she ended up fighting with almost everyone in her life, she doesn't like the change. She reads Topaz' diary to find out why her twin's "changed" and the two end up fighting.

In the beginning of August, during a slumber party at their cousins' house, Topaz leaves in the middle of the night to go back home. She's attacked by a werewolf and she's turned. The family tries to keep it a secret, but it ends up all over the news anyway. Ruby is somewhat scared of her twin, but she tries to push those fears aside for her sake.


Ruby's fifth year doesn't go very well. She progressively becomes depressed after her fall of grace. Many "friends" have turned their backs on her, now that she's no longer the Minister's daughter and she's the sister of a werewolf, on top of that. She's only trustful of Holliday Fudge, who was Topaz's best friend before she was a werewolf.

She doesn't do great at school and she doesn't see a point in getting an education. She's not bright like Topaz or Delight. She prefers her artistic hobbies, since they let her unwind and escape from reality. She feels inclined to continue trying at school only because Topaz would really want to be at Hogwarts and she feels guilty to waste away the opportunity given to her.

Her OWL scores aren't the greatest, but they allow her to continue on to her sixth year with Charms, Divination, Herbology, Transfiguration and of course Art.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsP--
History of MagicP--
❧ Ruby's father used to be the Minister of Magic from 1884 till 1887. He is currently a member on the Wizengamot and the Head of the Dept. of Mysteries. He's known for his progressive politics.

❧ Ruby's identical twin sister is a werewolf.

❧ Her father was disowned for marrying beneath himself. Her uncle is Caspar Urquart, the patriarch of the wealthy and pureblooded branch of the Urquart family. This makes Ruby related to many of the pureblooded families in Britain.

❧ Her father was left at the altar by Miss Adelia Lovegood in.

❧ She's a member of Hogwarts' art club.

❧ Her mother was an American muggle.

❧ Her sister, Delight, works for the Ministry.

❧ That she is friends with: Holliday Fudge, Acacia Ruskin.

❧ Her sister, Delight, is technically a bastard.

❧ Her mother was a former slave.

Played By: Soph

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