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Percival Adlard Jr.
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Played by Fallin
Assistant Head of the Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures
32 year old Halfblood
Assistant Head of the Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures
5 ft. 8 in.
❤   Engaged
Full Name: Percival James Adlard, Jr.

Nickname(s): Percy

Birthdate: 3 July 1857

Age: 32


Occupation: Asst. Head of the Dept. R&COMC

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: South Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Almnus

Wand: Cedar, 10 1/2", supple, unicorn tail hair

Father, Percival J. Adlard Senior | [1815] father, served as a senior member of the ministry until he grew ill five years ago (1882), currently believes himself to be on his deathbed
Constance M. Adlard, nee Merriston | [1838-1880] mother, deceased
Catherine M. Smith, nee Adlard | [1861] younger sister, married into a middle class family in 1881, has two children. Alfred, born 1882 & Constance, born 1884, husband died in the laughing plague in Hogsmeade
Timothy J. Smith | [1854-1884] brother-in-law, worked for the Ministry of Magic, deceased
Alfred T. Smith | [1882], nephew
Constance F. Smith | [1884], niece
Felicity J. Adlard | [1867] youngest sister, unmarried, is living with their father because of his ailing health, is betrothed and has been since 1886
Percy is rather average. He stands at 5’8” and is rather narrow. He is not skinny persay, but he is not burly or built. He is rather pale and prone to sunburn when exposed to the sun for long amounts of time. His brown hair is rather nondescript and falls to his chin. He has been known to sport a mustache but has more of a tendency to be clean shaven. He prefers to wear muggle garb in darker nondescript colors and tends to dress for the occasion to blend in - not one for the spotlight. His wand hand is his right, although he was born with left handed decencies which his mother and governess made sure to correct by the time he was old enough to attend Hogwarts and buy his first wand.
- Pre-Percy Years -

Percy’s grandfather, Romulus Adlard, was a well respected ministry member who in his youth married a muggle born witch, Mary Turner, in a foolish move for a man from a preeminent pureblood line according to his family and social circle. The first few years of their marriage were blissful enough and resulted in the Percival Senior’s birth and the birth of his younger brother, Tristan. Over the years Romulus’s family and friends ridiculed his choice of a bride and turned him from his wife. Mary grew more and more withdrawn with her husband’s growing resentment of her. He no longer visited her bed and she no longer bore him children. Their marriage became a shadow of what it had been, shortly before the fifth birthday of her son, Mary took her own life. Romulus did not grieve his wife, indeed he resented her even more for the scandal she had caused. He had little involvement in the raising of his sons, indeed, he had little involvement in anything beyond his work. Preferring to bury himself in work and advancement as if it might atone for his earliest mistake of marrying his wife. His sons were raised by the staff of the house and with involvement from their father’s family, leaving them with the impression that it was their duty to embrace the sentiments of the Adlard family.

Percival Adlard, the Senior, gained a great sense of ambition to try and clear the family name working in the ministry like his father and establishing quite a career and fortune before deciding to settle down. At the age of two and forty Percival met young Constance Pembrell, a young lady of a well known birth and lineage. While her family had lost most of their fortune, she was beautiful and of good birth as a pure blooded witch. Percival and Constance courted for only a month before they were married. It was a happy enough marriage which resulted in three children and the unhappy memories of both parties were buried (for the most part) in the past.

- Early Years -

Percy was born to the couple in the first fall of their marriage. Constance dotted on her son, although Percival thought his son unremarkable and spared little time for him. Percy was a well behaved child, he often followed his mother around, quietly watching from behind her skirts. She took to calling him her ‘little shadow’. It was four years until his sister, Catherine, was born. Catherine was a bright high energy little girl, prone to getting into trouble, and capturing their father’s attentions. Compared to her Percy was often left in the shadows. Percy didn’t mind, he loved his little sister and would do anything for her. Their parents employed a governess when Percy was five years old, his father stating that if his son would do nothing else remarkable then he should begin his lessons. Despite the age gap Percy and Cat were often found together playing. It was clear that Percy was devoted to the little girl, even when she often got him in trouble with their parents. When Percy was ten his mother gave birth to his youngest sister, Felicity. Percy doted on the little girl. Often he would slip away to spend time in the nursery and would be found telling stories to the newborn. Upon learning of these ventures, Percy’s father punished him harshly, insisting that no son of his would become a nursemaid, he took a more active interest in his son and bemoaned his son’s lack of skills in the realm of physical activities. Percy would scare away the game on a hunt and hover near the ground on a magic broom rather than learning the rules of quidditch. The one bright spot that his father could find in his son was his love of animals. At least it was respectable of a young man to taken an interest in horses over his sisters! Percival Senior was relieved when his son’s Hogwarts letter arrived, glad to have the nuisance off his hands.

- Hogwarts Years -

At school Percy was sorted in Hufflepuff. He was amiable enough, but tended to keep to his friends and his studies. As was his habit he blended in to his surroundings and brought little attention to himself. Indeed, as a young man he was rather unnoteworthy. More was said of his younger sisters than of himself. Indeed, often he is only referenced when it comes to his sisters, “Oh did you hear that Felicity Adlard’s brother is eligible?” or “Have you heard that Catherine Smith’s older brother recently received a promotion?” It should be noted that Percy did have friends outside of his sisters. Indeed, he found it easy to get along with the boys in his year, particularly the Hufflepuff boys whom he remained friends with beyond his school days. He was especially close with a yearmate of his, Margaret Wittmore, a Gryffindor beauty. She was adventurous and kind and blossomed into a beautiful young woman. As they grew older Percy began to fall in love with her. Of course he knew he could never marry her right out of school but he rather hoped she would wait for him to establish himself in a career.

As an average student Percy had shown little interest in many of his subjects only choosing one or two extra electives each year. He had greatly enjoyed Care of Magical Creature and even to some extent Charms. However, because of his lack of interest in many of his school subjects Percy felt little desire to succeed in any particular career. Yet another shortcoming his father found in him. As following the family path into the ministry seemed to be the only plausible option open to him, Percy took a job in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures - Beast Division as an intern upon his graduation from Hogwarts in hopes of advancing, not for ambition or his family’s sake, but for the sake of marrying Margaret.

- Academic Record -
Class-----------O.W.L.s-----------N.E.W.Ts. Astronomy --------------------- P Charms ----------------------- A ------------------------------ A DADA -------------------------- A Herbology -------------------- A History of Magic ------------ E ------------------------------ E Potions ----------------------- A ------------------------------ A Transfiguration -------------- A ------------------------------ A Care of Magical Creature --- O ------------------------------ O Earth Magic ------------------ P

- Adult Years -

A year out of school Percy was promoted from intern to a division employee, a moment he wanted to tell Margaret about. He went to visit her at her parent’s home in London only for her to tell him she was engaged. After Margaret’s marriage Percy fell out of contact with her. He kept to himself in a small loft in London, finding peace in his solitude and trying to fill the void with countless books.

In 1877 after the exposure to muggles, Percival Senior sold the family home outside of Coventry, a small manor/farm, to move his daughters to Hogsmeade away from exposure and expulsion from their home. His father purchased a nice home in North Bartonburg as Percy remained in his loft in London despite his mother’s imploring letters asking him to remove himself from danger and join the new settlement. Wary of returning home, Percy remained in his loft, becoming more solitary and trying to adapt to the ways of the muggles around him. Concerned for her brother, Catherine, after graduating from Hogwarts in 1878, also began to encourage her brother to move to Hogsmeade. Percy could deny his sister nothing and used his meager savings to buy a home in South Bartonburg.

During February of 1880 Percy’s mother fell ill with pneumonia and died within a month. Percy’s father had grown old and Percy began to step in more and more for his sisters. In 1881 Catherine married a respectable fellow by the name of Timothy Smith. A year later Percy’s nephew Alfred was born, Percy doted on his nephew and found himself spending more and more time with the Smiths. In 1884 Felicity graduated from Hogwarts, she moved into their father’s home as their father’s health had begun to fail. During this time the three siblings became rather close. Then the plague hit Hogsmeade. Catherine’s husband was among the first to succumb to the disease. Percy’s father turned his pregnant daughter and her son away, worried they carried the plague and it would affect his favorite child, Felicity. During this time Catherine moved in with Percy. When a cure was found in September Catherine as strong headed as ever returned to the home she had once shared with her husband. Shortly thereafter giving birth to her daughter Constance, a niece whom Percy adores and dotes upon.

Alone in his home Percy keenly felt the void in his life, in 1886 Percy was passed over for promotion, although he firmly felt the senior employee deserved the promotion it did remind him of his original pursuit of a career after school. Due to their father’s health and the birth of Catherine’s daughter, Felicity turned to Percy to chaperon her to events in hopes that it would brighten his spirits. In 1885 she met a respectable young man and in 1886 he proposed. The marriage was postponed because of their father’s frailty and Felicity remained at home. He had begun to complain of ailments that bothered old men and feared for his life. Sensing the end was coming he began to extend more offers to his heir, Percy, to spend time with him. While Percy is content in his life, his sister's have begun to press him to take a wife, seeing little reason for Percy not to put himself out there now that he is firmly established in his life. They took this to an extreme during the Ministerial Election in the fall of 1887 where they invented reasons to take him to every social political event they could find.

Percy is not a highly ambitious individual. Rather he is an observer. He is not shy, nor is he outgoing. Instead he rather enjoys his solitude, finding peace in it and preferring not to be bothered by others. When he does make a friend he is fiercely loyal, much as he is toward his family, however out of place they may make him feel. Percy enjoys reading although he was never much of one for school work. He’s been known to read everything and anything. He also greatly enjoys animals, especially horses and dogs. He currently owns a cocker spaniel named Lily. Percy never wished to learn to play quidditch because he is deathly afraid of heights. He is kind and amiable, although some mistake his silence and solitude as arrogance. While his father is intolerant of mixed blood, Percy himself is neutral on the topic. Or rather claims neutrality around his father but has little qualms about Muggleborns in reality.

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