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Desiderius Morgan
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Played by Kit
Spirit Division Head
32 year old Halfblood
Spirit Division Head
5 ft. 11¾ in.
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Full Name: Desiderius James Morgan

Nickname(s): Desi

Birthdate: April 4, 1861

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Occupation: Spirit Division Head

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Springy, 12", hawthorn, dragon heartstring

Family: Emerentius Morgan, Father, 1825.
Vera Morgan nee —, Mother, 1841.
Eldritch Morgan, Brother, 1863.
Rhiannon Cameron nee Morgan, Sister, 1867.
— Percival Cameron, brother in law, 1861-1886
—— Icarus Cameron, Nephew, 1887.
Rachel Morgan, Sister, 1875.

Trinket, Niffler, Born September 1892 and adopted from Eugene Scamander.

General | Just a smidge under six feet as well as just a smidge taller than his brother at five feet, eleven and three-quarter inches, Desi could be an intimidating figure if it weren't for the constant smile on his face. He has a lean sort of muscular build. Desi has honey-brown hair and hazel eyes. He tends to have a bit of facial hair that he keeps nice and tidy. He is ambidextrous but was trained to use his right more prominently as is proper.
Expressions | Tends to always have a smile on his face. If he doesn't and his brows are furrowed with a scowl on his lips, then you probably really fucked up somehow.
Deportment | Desi holds himself in a "proper but relaxed" sort of way. His wealthy upbringing and proper instruction of deporting himself is obvious but at this point in his life, it is second nature and he isn't doing it purposely.
Fashion | Desi dresses fashionable and tidy. He knows what colours he looks good in and tends to favour them. In honor of his school house, he always has a hint of golden accents somewhere on his clothing.
Accessories | Cufflinks and a tie clip with the family crest are the main accessories he wears. He also has a couple of rings that he also alternates between depending on his mood of the day.
Scent | Wears a cologne that has a hint of cinnamon and other warm spices to it.
Distinguishing Characteristics | Has dimples when he smiles and a couple beauty marks on the inside of his left wrist. Desi also has two moles on the left side of his face.
Face Claim | Sam Claflin
1861Desiderius James Morgan is born, his first name supplied by a naming Seer.
1863-1871A little brother joins him in the nursery and Desi enjoys having someone to play with immensely. Even though baby Ritchie is a little useless at it for the first couple years owing to the fact he has not yet gained much mobility. They are joined by a sister in 1867 and Desi adores her just as much as he did Ritchie before her.
1872-1873Desi goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. He is quick to make friends and is generally considered a joy to be around. He also does well in his classes so professors have little to complain about when it comes to him.
1873-1874 In his second year, Desi joins the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a Seeker. He finds it to be great fun and it boosts his popularity even more.
1874-1876Ritchie joins him in Hogwarts but is sorted into Slytherin. In 1875, another sister is born.
1876-1877 At the age of fifteen, Desiderius finds himself fascinated with someone in a romantic sense. Well, he thinks about kissing them a lot, at any rate. He can't really speak to anyone about it because said object of his teenage desires is another boy. He had heard of such things from whispers between his classmates but never thought [i]he[/i] would be one of the men to hold such desires. It causes him more confusion later in the year when he has the same thoughts towards a particularly pretty girl in the year below him. He does not act on any of these urges but eventually does come to accept that he seems to harbour attractions to people despite their gender.
1877-1879These are the years when Desi starts to actually act on his urges though he is very discreet and careful when it comes to the people he dallies with. In 1878, Annie joins them in Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Desi privately thinks it would be hilarious if Rachel turns out to be a Gryffindor. He graduates in 1879 and goes to work in the Ministry in the Spirit Division department. While he enjoyed Quidditch as a school thing, he never entertained it as an actual career.
1881A hussies scandal erupts at the school and Desi is certain that Annie is not among their number. He very quickly 'corrects' any of the gentleman in his circle who so much as even jokingly suggest otherwise. Ritchie graduates and begins his own foray into the working world, eventually becoming a lawyer.
1882Desi is drafted into the Hogsmeade Trail Expedition and it is an [i]awful[/i] experience. He does get an allotment of Irvingly land though which he is currently renting out.
1884 The Laughing Plague hits but Desi does not contract it.
1885Annie goes off to finishing school though Desi isn't sure why she needs to do so. She is already pretty perfect in his rather biased, brotherly eyes. Desi is thankfully not in the Ministry when the explosion and following week long Ministry lockdown happens so is quite safe though worried for his coworkers.
1886-1887 A classmate that Desi never really liked (and Desi likes everyone) starts paying attentions to his sister. He is eligible enough and despite Desi's personal dislike of the man, he [i]could[/i] be a good match so Desi keeps his mouth shut about it except to Ritchie. Percival leaves his sister a pregnant widow and their family is joined by Icarus, a rather lovely little nephew.
1888Desi desires a little more independence so he moves into a home in Wellingtonshire. He had considered moving into his Irvingly land but decides he greatly prefers being near the entrances of the Gentlemens clubs he is a part of: Atlantis and Excaliburs.
1889Following his 28th birthday, Desi finds himself promoted to Head of Spirit Division. Which is rather surprising because he wasn't even angling for the position.
1891Now that he is thirty years old, Desi begins considering finding a bride. His mother is always nagging him to do so though which contrarily, makes him not want to do so. He also has a rather fun exit ceremony from Excaliburs and now maintains a sole membership at Atlantis.
Fun-loving, protective of his siblings, affectionate, discreet, irresponsible, impulsive, carefree, flirtatious, charismatic
  • Can cast a patronus which is in the shape of a tiger.

  • Sexuality: Very much not a virgin. Is Pansexual.
  • Is the sort of brother who thinks literally no one, not even an angel themself, would be good enough for one of his siblings.


Care of Magical CreaturesEE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
Ghoul StudiesOO
History of MagicA

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