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Ida Chang
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Played by Nolie
Flint Institute Scholar
20 year old Pureblood
Flint Institute Scholar
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Ai-Mei “Ida” Chang

Nickname(s): Ida

Birthdate: October 23, 1873

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Flint Institute Scholar

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Irvingly, Chang estate

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cypress wood, 10 3/4”, rather inflexible, unicorn hair core

Mr. Huan Bo Chang - b. 1846

Ida’s father is a wizard and brilliant merchant. Born in China, Huan moved with his father to London in the 1850s as working-class migrants. Where his father was a simple tradesman, Huan’s natural charisma helped grow their modest earnings into a profitable spice and herb trade that propelled their family to a middle-class station by the 70s. His pioneering spirit championed their businesses’ survival when they moved to Hogsmeade, and found them even greater success when they moved to Irvingly. Today, the Chang family business supplies many of the ingredients for shops in Hogsmeade, as well as astute potion makers seeking rare ingredients from the Eastern world.

Mrs. Mei-ling Chang - b. 1850, d. 1886

Cheerful and kind-hearted, Mei-ling was betrothed to her husband in an arrangement between their parents. They first met each other in London, the day she arrived from China and the day before their marriage. As far as Ida remembers, their relationship was loving. She was a doting mother who threw herself entirely into her children and household. Ida suspects her mother emphasized education so much due to regret over her own illiteracy and limited magical ability. She drowned tragically.

Mr. Longwei Chang - b. 1872

Ida’s older brother is clever and business-savvy like his father. He was the first of the Chang family to pursue an education at Hogwarts, though he dropped out following his O.W.L.s to assume his responsibility as presumptive heir to the family trades business.

Mr. Tao Chang - b. 1880

Ida’s youngest brother has few memories of his mother, a fact that never ceases to break Ida’s heart. Not being home to take care of him creates a lot of guilt for Ida, despite the fact that he is a very cheerful boy. He starts at Hogwarts later this year.
Ida stands at 5’6”, an imposing height for a lady. Her thick, black hair reaches to her mid-back when loose, though she almost always wears it up in braids or chignons. It’s a severe contrast to her pale skin, and try as she may to soften her look with fashionably romantic curls laid on her forehead, they always fall limp and straight within the hour.

Ida’s almond-shaped eyes are dark brown and inquisitive, engaged in every detail of her surroundings. She likes to wear a soft, rosy hue on her lips, cheeks, and around her eyes. As she’s gotten older her cheekbones are more pronounced from her soft oval face, though she’s destined to keep a thin and almost boyish frame (she eats a lot of scones - it never seems to help).

Her choice of dress errs on simple and modest western garments, rarely the latest fashion but always appropriate for the occasion. She mostly wears neutral colors or the most subdued patterns - an almost direct revolt to the harsh reds, golds, and patterns found in the elaborate eastern garments her mother left. She is right-handed, and deals magic with graceful and exacting movement.
Family history
Early 1850s to 1870As a child, Huan Bo Chang and his father moved from China to London to follow burgeoning trade opportunities between Western and Eastern worlds. As Huan Bo came of age, he took over the family business, and built a profitable spice and herb trade that served muggle and wizarding communities alike.
1871Ida’s parents are arranged in marriage by their families. The two meet for the first time in London, and marry the next day. Mei-Ling’s modest dowry supports an expansion in the family business through the purchase of property and a ship. Over the next few years, business became profitable enough to elevate the Chang family into middle class.
1872Ida’s eldest brother and heir is born.

Ida's history
1873Ida was born. Her parents name her Ai-Mei, which translates loosely into beautiful love. It was her father’s way to honor her Mei-Ling and the love they share. She proves to be a shockingly passive and quiet baby.
1877As conflict between Muggle and Wizarding worlds escalated, Huan Bo held fast in London, hopeful for support from the broader Chinese migrant community from the job opportunities his trades business provided. This all changed when Mei-Ling and her children were verbally accosted by a man who followed them home, swinging a knife that very nearly missed Ida’s brother’s head. Combined with recent reports of murders, the Chang family shuttered their operations in London and fled to Hogsmeade. Their business nearly halved when they eliminated any connections with Muggles.
1880Ida’s youngest brother is born amid financial troubles.

At 6 years old, Ida exhibits her first sign of magic when she screams at her older brother for stealing her toy, and shatters all of the glass in the room. Fortunately, no one was badly hurt, though to this day she has a small scar from window glass that seared her forearm.
1882The Changs are among the first wizarding families to relocate to Irvingly, when Huan Bo gets an opportunity to buy a large amount of inexpensive land nestled on the furthest outskirts of the growing town. Over the years he turns this land into farm crops, storehouses, and their family home. He forges deeper connections with shopkeepers in Hogsmeade that rely on his variety of herbs and spices, and meets significant potion makers who choose to purchase rare and high-quality ingredients from him directly.

The same year, Ida’s eldest brother enrolls in Hogwarts. She envies him.
1884Ida starts her first year at Hogwarts with few preconceived notions, because her older brother likes to keep everything good to himself. So she hardly had a preference in terms of her house, but the Sorting Hat weighed between Slytherin and Ravenclaw for some time. Ultimately, it told Ida that her ambition may always be abstracted by way of rational thought. Whatever that means.

Ida's blunt conversational skills earned her a few quick friends who thought it was funny, but alienated her from some of the students from better established, old wizarding families. After a few confusing starts with her peers, Ida decides to go exclusively by the name Ida, rather than her given name Ai-Mei. This unwittingly marks her first rejection of her own culture.

Despite her efforts to fit in, being one of the few people of Asian descent at Hogwarts exposed Ida to plenty of cruel comments. In part goaded by her brother who thought she might have better luck as a girl, she’d never let those comments pass without asserting that person’s stupidity and ignorance. It sets aback even some older students, who reported her behavior as inappropriate. Though as the circumstances of the situation became clear, her own Head of House encouraged Ida to hold her ground, noting “here we are all students of equal footing.”
1886Just as Ida approached the end of her second year, her mother tragically drowns. She and her brother return home two weeks early to come to terms with their tremendous loss.

This changes the Chang family forever. Ida’s father grew distant, and weighed heavier responsibilities on his eldest children. Her brother was expected to take a greater hand in the family business, while she was expected to take on her mother’s duties in managing the household and helping care for her baby brother.
1887Ida and her brother appeal to their grief-stricken father to return to Hogwarts for another year. Her brother made the case that completing his fifth year with strong O.W.Ls will give their family business a more advantageous position appropriate to their class. But her father did not see the value in his daughter’s continued education, and expected her help with the household.

In her fury, Ida said the unthinkable - maybe if her mother had known more magic, perhaps she wouldn’t have died in the first place. Some days later, Ida’s father reluctantly agreed to let her go, on the condition that she would return to household duties during all school breaks, and work menial tasks for the business to pay tuition. Ida immediately agreed, though she and her father have had a strained relationship ever since.

When Ida returns for her third year, the girl is almost an entirely different person. She had the pressures of upholding her family reputation and succeeding in school now, and life had shown her just how cruel and unfair it can be. She became reclusive, and rarely participated in the extracurriculars she enjoyed before. She enrolled in additional subjects of Arithmancy, Ancient Studies, and Ancient Runes, and dropped Music.
1888Ida’s brother did not return to Hogwarts after his fifth year O.W.Ls, and the mysterious fog that started in Irvingly wreaked havoc on their ability to do business.

Ida gladly kept her distance from family woes, having earned a Full Academic scholarship to continue at Hogwarts for her fourth year. She focused on schoolwork at the expense of any friendships, hobbies, and her own health. 
1889Ida made the case to return to Hogwarts for her fifth year by presenting her father a strong letter of recommendation from her Professor, encouraging her continued study. She keeps her Full Academic scholarship a secret from her family. This allowed her to work in simple aspects of the family business during break under the auspices of paying tuition, which left her a bit of pocket change for the occasional treat in Hogsmeade or new book.

Ida wears independence well. She began to gain back some weight and color in her cheeks. While she started having more friendly exchanges with her peers, she rarely talked about herself.

Despite the aggressive curriculum, Ida’s discipline and determination earn her E’s and O’s in all courses. She began her studies to one day become an Animagus. Her patience in tutoring peers earned her a more positive reputation at school.
1890In her sixth year, Ida realized she needed to think more about her future outside of school. Where other girls started diligent preparations for their debut or future husbands, Ida developed severe anxiety about the idea of marriage. An aggressive courseload helped her ignore the rest of the world.
1891Afraid of a future of caretaking and housework like her mother’s, over summer break Ida repeatedly broached the topic of starting work with her father and brother. For reasons she can’t comprehend, her father refused Ida’s involvement in anything beyond the menial tasks she’d done for most of her childhood. Her older brother’s reluctance to support her also wounded Ida more than she’d like to admit.

So begins her seventh year, in outrage and anxiety about her future. There is no doubt she could apply her considerable expertise to a career, but her father’s rejection shattered her hard-won confidence. Should she risk a life of rejection and disapproval by forging a path of her own, or strive to be a proper woman and fall in line?
Curious | Observant | Self-disciplined | Rigid | Righteous | Non-judgemental

At first meeting, Ida can come off as very guarded, quiet, and rule-abiding. This is because in unfamiliar territory, she would prefer to approach with a cautious scientific method. She observes and gathers all the information first. But she is hardly one to mince words. It takes only a short conversation with Ida to learn she is very forthcoming with her perspective on just about anything. She has been called indelicate at best, or morbid and unusual at worst.

Get to know Ida a bit better, and you'll realize this is also her most charming quality. If there is a topic she does not have a perspective about, her curiosity causes her to pursue it aggressively. If it becomes a topic she enjoys (usually the most complex ones), she'll pursue it obsessively. She often uses this as her shield, to avoid having to speak on more personal matters such as her family or future prospects.

Despite these trust issues, she does have a few reliable friends. They are diverse in class and blood but almost are intellectual-types who can parry easily about their shared interests. Girls closest to her know she is vocal about her disdain for three things: her older brother, how "easy" men have things, and just about any perceived inequity or unfairness about polite society. If she ever does get in trouble, it's usually because her curiosity led her into doing something against the rules, or because her comment was maybe a little too honest.
Ancient RunesEO
Ancient StudiesE-
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOO
History of MagicE-

Other Skills
➢ Fluent in Mandarin
➢ Horseback riding
➢ Basic book-keeping and money management
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