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Echo Lowe
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Played by Kelly
34 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 5 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Echo Bridget Lowe p. Mokani née Rookwood

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: July 15, 1857

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Occupation: Socialite

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Larch, 9", rigid, unicorn hair

Husband: Rufus Lowe (1833)
Step-Daughter: Eliza Lowe (1871)
Step-Daughter: Julia Lowe (1874)
Step-Daughter: Mary Lowe (1877)
Son: Charles Lowe (1888)
Daughter: Angelique Lowe (1890)

Late Husband: Dhiren Mokani (18??-1884)
Daughter: Naima Mokani (1876)
Son: Ambrose Mokani (1877-1884)
Daughter: Kalyani Mokani (1880)
Son: Ekavir Mokani (1882)

Father: ____ Rookwood (18??)
Mother: ____ Rookwood (18??)
Sister: Ambrosia Selwyn née Rookwood (1856)
and family
Sister: Daphne ____ née Rookwood (185?)
and family
Eyes: Depending on the lighting, her eyes tend to shift from blue to green

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5 ft. 5 in.

Clothing: While not striving to be a trend starter, Echo stays in touch with the latest fashion to keep up appearances

Dominant Hand: Right

PB ~ Elisabeth Moss

1857-1867: Echo is born the middle child of what will be three sisters of the Rookwood family. She proves over time to be the calmest of the three - Ambrosia showing a temper that scars their sister and Daphne matching the famous annoying younger sibling with abundance.

1868: Joining Ambrosia in Slytherin when her time at Hogwarts comes, Echo is eager to learn anything that she would deem worth her time.

1872-1873: By her fifth year, Echo is disenchanted completely by the popular concept of love. In all likelihood, any marriage would be arranged for her anyway, given father's declining wealth. It's a business transaction more than anything else.

1874: Her assumptions are practically confirmed when Ambrosia is married soon after her debut, to a man with a claimed bastard nonetheless. She worries if her luck will be so sour.

1875: Two months into her own debut, Echo is married to a childless widower. Her feelings are fairly indifferent. Both seem to be in agreement that this is a business arrangement, and do not fool themselves of any 'love' nonsense.

1876: Her first child is a girl, promptly given the name of Dhiren's mother.

1877: An heir is born and given the masculine variant of her favorite sister's name.

1880: Another daughter is born and named after Dhiren's only sister.

1882: A spare is born and named after Dhiren's brother.

1884: Dhiren dies of the laughing plague. While not altogether sad, Echo is rather disappointed. Raising children alone is a challenge that she was not prepared for. Ambrose is also lost, which leaves Ekavir as the one to inherit.

1886: Once out of mourning, Echo finds herself courted by Mr. Rufus Lowe. While far older than herself and a second son, he is well positioned and in need of an heir, having only daughters that will need a feminine guide into debuting.

1887: Mid-year sees the pair married, late-year sees Echo once again with child.

1888: An heir for the Lowe couple is born. Echo is not as interested in the naming process these days, so doesn't really much care that their son is promptly named Charles.

Eliza, Echo's oldest step-daughter, finishes her OWLs and is promptly taken out of school and placed into Pendergast. Echo finds this to be a marvelous idea, one that she feels would benefit all of the girls under her care. They even bring up the discussion that this will be until each girl reaches the age of twenty. This is plenty of time to be finished, while avoiding becoming too close to the dreadful spinster years.

1890: Echo brings another girl into the world. She is rather disappointed, hoping to finish off childbearing with a spare for her current husband. Should two more daughters come before a spare, or she get too old, she plans to cease trying and be satisfied with the amount of children she currently has.

1891: As this is the year that Eliza is to turn twenty, the couple decide to let her debut with the year's season, rather than wait until her post September birthday, in which case either debuting after the season or waiting until the next season completely. This leaves Echo with playing matchmaker, hoping to find her step-daughter a respectable match before the season is done.

Some how the Selwyn bastard gets married. This gives Echo worries about Eliza's prospects and Ambrosia's pride.
Amortentia: Doesn't really care to remember

Patronus: Has not cast one

Boggart: Herself, in mourning clothes, sobbing

Star Sign: Cancer

Hobbies: Reading various non-fiction and fiction novels, horseback riding

Pets: Her last pet passed recently, and she is debating whether she wants a new one
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