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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Iris Prewett
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Played by Bree
9 year old Pureblood
4 ft. in.
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Full Name: Iris Auguste Prewett


Birthdate: February 13th, 1882

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Occupation: Child

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Kensington, London

Hogwarts House: TBD

Wand: TBD

Faustus Prewett, Father [1850]
Jane Prewett (née Pettigrew), Mother [1856-1883]
Edelweiss Prewett, Sister [1877]
Mezeron Prewett, Brother [1883]

Harriet Prewett (née Potter), Grandmother [1828]
Gideon Prewett, Grandfather [1820-1868]

Frances Crabbe (née Prewett), Aunt [1856]
Felix Prewett, Uncle [1860]
Fitzroy Prewett, Uncle [1860]
— Camilla Prewett (née Zabini), Aunt [1865]
Florence Greene (née Prewett), Aunt [1861]
— Chloe Greene, Cousin [1883]
— Corinne Greene, Cousin [1886]
Felicity Riley (née Prewett), Aunt [1863]
— Gideon James Riley, Cousin [1883]
— Grace Florence Riley, Cousin [1885]
Frederick Prewett, Uncle [1864]
More notable than any physical feature is her sunny disposition. She is always happy, or at least seems so externally, even when she ought not to be. Everything is a joke to her, and everything warrants a smile—a wide, bright, happy smile that earns her as many compliments as admonishments. She likes to smile and will even go out of her way to smile as a cover for other, less pleasant emotions.

Her appearance favors her mother, with her long dark hair and brown eyes. Her skin has a warmer undertone and tends to darken in the sun. She doesn't care about parasols and being a human doll, in part because she's never had a mother to mimic but also because she thinks her governess is awfully un-fun when she suggests she stay in the shade while other children play.

Altogether she is average for her age. She doesn't like being so short but knows she will one day be at least as tall as Edelweiss. She swears by it. She is right-handed but fancies herself ambidextrous even if her left-handed handwriting is God-awful.

1882 | Iris is born to Faustus and Jane Prewett. She is, naturally, the angel of the house. Mostly.

1883 | Mezeron is born. Iris is too young to remember it as it happens, but she can't go a week without being reminded of it later in life. As her brother comes into the world her mother leaves it, and suddenly Faustus is a widower and the Prewett children are motherless.

1884 | Life goes on about as well as it can. In the absence of a mother it is Edelweiss that Iris looks up to. She takes to mimicking her sister in words and actions, wanting to be involved in everything her sister does and throwing tantrums when not allowed to.

1886 | While spending the day with her extended family, Uncle Freddie tells her that many young witches and wizards begin showing their first sign of magic around her age. Wanting to be a "real" witch, Iris concocts a plan to fake her first sign of magic—and subsequently goes through with it. The guilt of it all haunts her, but she never confesses.

1887 | Iris begins her education under Edelweiss' governess. While she and her sisters share in etiquette lessons, nearly all of their other lessons are separate. It isn't always easy for her to stay on task during her lessons, but she tries.

1888 | Edelweiss goes off to Hogwarts. This is devestating news, because no longer does Iris have a playmate in the home who isn't Mezeron. She tries to convince her sister not to go, saying that she will cry for days, but in reality she cries for about fifteen minutes before Papa distracts her by taking her into a London doll shop. However, that doesn't stop her from lamenting to her sister through letter a week later about how the maids had to come upstairs and mop her bedroom from how many tears she shed.

1889 | Papa is reappointed as head auror, which means Iris sees less and less of him every day. She is proud of him of course—(she doesn't know what head auror means, but she knows it's very important)—but she misses him, especially when he misses dinner.

1891 | With two years still to go before she boards the train to Hogwarts, Iris is determined to "discover who she's meant to be", as if that's something nine-year-old girls have a track record of doing with any sort of ease. It doesn't help that at nearly ten she has yet to show her first sign of magic—especially when everyone else thinks she has.

Naive | Curious | Daydreamer | Talkative

Iris is no troublemaker but she'd rather people think she was one. It's so much more exciting to be a troublemaker, someone who doesn't play by the rules. She doesn't have much of an option not to play by the rules, but her mind is usually swirling with all sorts of fantasies about what life would be like if she didn't have to. Fortunately for her father she was not imbued with a rebellious spirit; she is easily placated when angry and entertained by the most mundane things, and even the most minimal hardships are enough to send her crawling back into comfort's corner.

Her interests have always deviated from that of High Society. She likes bugs and changing weather patterns and questioning everything (like why are broomsticks popular when flying horses exist!?). She doesn't think before she speaks, oftentimes blurting out something entirely unrelated to the topic at hand. She is good-natured, though, and worries about being perceived as mean or unlikable.
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