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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Justin Ross
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The history of man is hung on a timeline of exploration. And this is what's next.
Minister of Magic
44 year old Halfblood
Minister of Magic
5 ft. 10 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Justin Lachlan Ross

Nickname(s): Almost exclusively called Ross.

Birthdate: April 5th, 1846

Age: 44


Occupation: Minister of Magic

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 9.5", Red Oak, Unicorn Tail Hair

Family: Henry Murray Ross | Father
Ainslie Davina Ross nee Something-or-other | Mother
Benjamin Duncan Ross | Brother | 1849 and family
Elizabeth McKenzie -- nee Ross | Sister | 1854 and family
Harold Kenan Ross | Brother | 1861 and family

Roslyn Marian Ross nee Fisk | Wife | 1859
Idris Ross | Son | 1878
Rhiannon Ross | Daughter | 1886

Though his wife, Ross is related to the extensive Fisk family.
Ross is above average height at 5'10" and has the sturdy build of someone who used to very seriously keep himself in shape. He has dark skin, brown eyes, and close-cropped black hair that is just starting to turn a silvery gray. He dresses well and formally. He is quick to smile and has a relaxed, easy presence. Ross is right-handed. Soft-spoken, Ross has a slight Scottish accent.
1846: Ross is born, the first child of Henry and Ainslie Ross. He is a whiny, colicky child that eventually becomes a bright, happy, and inquisitive toddler.
1849: Ross' first brother, Benjamin, is born. He is rather indifferent to the addition.
1851: Ross displays magic when he is trying to get a toy down from a shelf and summons it to himself. For a small child, Ross has a strong sense of right and wrong.
1854: Ross' only sister, Elizabeth, is born. Ross shows a cursory amount of attention to this new creature but ultimately decides that babies are dreadfully boring.
1856: Ross begins actually going by 'Ross' after deciding that Justin is sort of a boring - and so terribly English! - name.
1857: Ross is invited to Hogwarts. The hat settles on Ravenclaw; Ross' curiosity is his most driving personality force, over his strong sense of justice.
1859: Ross picks CoMC and Ghoul Studies as his electives.
1860: Ben joins his older brother at Hogwarts.
1861: Harold is born.
1862: With help from his Head of House, Ross decides that he eventually wants to join the Ministry's Investigation Department. While he has the predicted grades that make being an auror a possibility, Ross rules it out for two reasons: 1) most prospective aurors seem like self-absorbed tits, and 2) the training seems more than a little extra. After taking his OWL exams, he streamlines his courses accordingly. He continues with DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, Potions, & Ghoul Studies.
1864: Ross graduates with decent N.E.W.Ts and joins the Investigation office as a trainee in September.
1865: Beth goes to Hogwarts. Ross is now a full Investigator and commits himself fully to his job; though he lives with his parents still, they frequently go days on end without seeing him because he is occupying himself with one case or another. He is also nearly unsettlingly cheerful while arresting people both because cheer comes naturally to him and because he thinks it's hilarious.
1867: Ben finishes Hogwarts and gets a job in business.
1870: Ross is promoted to Assistant Head of the Department of Investigation.
1872: Beth finishes Hogwarts and marries later that year to a man that Ross considers to be sort of boring. That September, Harold goes to Hogwarts.
1873: Ross' father perishes of scrofungulus. Ross is left with financial responsibility for his mother and for Harold, as well as responsibility for the upkeep of his mother's house in Scotland. Though miserable for a bit, he adapts to the added responsibility after a year or so.
1874: Beth has a daughter.
1875: After eleven years in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Ross is promoted to Head of the Department of Investigation. He enjoys the authority - and the rise in paygrade - and takes a somewhat passive hand in leadership, never being one to be overbearing - though god help anyone who irreparably screws up one of their cases.
1877: After things explode a bit, Ross moves to Hogsmeade. Elizabeth refuses to leave the home of her dead husband, but is happy to live with her younger sons. That June he meets Roslyn Fisk at her Coming Out Ball and becomes quite infatuated with her even if she is basically his opposite; they marry by the end of the year after a very fast courtship.
1878: Ros bears her first child, a boy named Idris. Afterwards Ross finds that his wife is shunning his company at night, and is rather baffled until she admits that she doesn't want to have as many children as, say, her incredibly fertile mother. This suits Ross fine, and he agrees to 'pulling out.'
1879: Ross' sister has another daughter. Harold graduates and gets a job in something-or-other.
1880-1882: Ross and Roslyn are happily married even if nothing especially interesting happens, unless you count her giving him a condom one Christmas. He continues to putter around the DMLE and generally be cheerful and Scottish and solve all your weird fucked-up-but-not-dark-magic murder crimes.
1884: At the beginning of the summer, Ross becomes Minister Urquart's first Wizengamot appointee. A plague happens. Ros' mother dies and so does Beth's boring husband. Ross feels absolutely dreadful for his wife and sister even if he secretly cares more about his MIL than the husband. Also, he's promoted to Assistant Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
1886: Ross becomes Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. #lit. Oh also, he and Ros welcome an accidental daughter, Rhiannon.
1887: Minister Urquart is forced to resign after his daughter is very publicly infected with lycanthropy. Very quickly, Ross decides that he has to run, with his brother-in-law Konstantin Fisk (another very pro-Urquart dude) as campaign manager. In December, he wins the election, launching his family from the level of notoriety that is normal for middle class department heads - aka not much - into something else entirely.
1888-1890: Ross conducts the typical business of the Minister, repealing the half-breed ban and making various appointments to the Wizengamot.
1891: Ross begins to think about legacy.
  • Transportation: Ross is comfortable with apparition as well as the Floo network.
  • Occlumency: He is familiar with keeping up mental barriers, but a very skilled Occlumens may be able to break through.
  • A practiced duelist, Ross keeps up his skills as best he can.

  • Amortentia: Earl Grey tea, Roslyn's greenhouse, and the smell of old books.
  • Boggart: TBD.
  • Patronus: A deerhound.

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