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Imane Tuttle
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Played by Stefanie
Pastry Chef at The Ivy Leaf Tearoom & Bakery; Farmhand
22 year old Halfblood
Pastry Chef at The Ivy Leaf Tearoom & Bakery; Farmhand
5 ft. 1 in.
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Full Name: Imane [ee MAHN] Juliette Tuttle.

Nickname(s): 'Jules' to childhood friends.

Birthdate: April 17th, 1869.

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Occupation: Pastry Chef at The Ivy Leaf Tearoom & Bakery; Farmhand

Blood Status: Halfblood.

Residence: Elsewhere. Family owns a large farm out in the countryside.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumni.

Wand: 11 ⅓” - Chestnut - Unicorn Hair - Swishy

Father - Theodore Tuttle
Mother - Eliza Tuttle
Sister - Amaryllis Tuttle
Brother - X Tuttle
Sibling - X Tuttle
Sibling - X Tuttle
Flashing a coy smile rather than a delicate one, Imane stands at a short 5’ 1” but with the confidence of someone well over 6’. Despite being rather slender, she is surprisingly strong from all of the farmwork she does, and as such she sports a healthy tan that makes the freckles across the bridge of her nose pop. Her big doe eyes and full lips are framed by long waist length wavy brown hair that is rarely kept in any overly dolled up or fashion forward style. A fitting look considering her dresses are rather out of date and often have clear signs of wear with a dusting of flour and sugar on them. She is right handed.
Imane was born first of a pair of identical twins. Despite the difference being minutes, Imane quickly took on the role of ‘big sister’ during their childhood. Always a scrapper and a tomboy, Imane wasn’t afraid to put herself in a tight spot if it meant defending her twin. She feared no boy despite always being so small, and would often have bruises or scrapes from roughhousing. A fact that left her parents exhausted and her grandmother hiding a bemused smile.

As soon as the girls were old enough they were quickly put to work on the family's farm. Even though it wasn’t the cleanest of work, Imane fell in love with the array of animals on the farm, and genuinely loved every second of working alongside her family and the creatures. During this time is when Imane also gained an extreme love for baking and cooking, as her grandma would often be in the kitchen repurposing the byproducts produced on the farm to feed the family and also to sell at small stalls/stands in towns for money.

-Academic Years:
While not dimwitted, Imane’s drive as a sociable troublemaker often distracted her from focusing on her schoolwork and solidly applying herself. As such, she was a rather average student at best outside of the classes that really drew in her attention like CoMC and Herbology. It was much more fun being involved with mischief and attending quidditch games than sitting around the library studying after all. However due to the Tuttle’s financial situation and more Tuttle children entering Hogwarts, Imane and Amaryllis left after completing their fifth year. A matter that Imane wasn’t too horribly upset by since she’d never really enjoyed her classes anyways.

-After Schooling:
While Imane enjoyed going back to her family's farm after leaving Hogwarts she found herself with a lot of desire to expand her baking knowledge as she began working side by side with her grandma more in the kitchen. It didn’t take long for this passion to drive her into looking for more ways to learn, and after speaking to Meredith Edgecombe at The Ivy Leaf Tearoom & Bakery in London she was kindly offered the opportunity to be taught in the girls spare time. This became a major turning point for Imane, who over the years has worked on honing her skills and has currently worked her way up to pastry chef. Despite being busy with her culinary dreams, Imane still helps her family out on the farm as much as she can.
Aries. Extroverted. Confident. Loud. Cheerful. Charismatic. Enthusiastic. Sassy. Playful. Direct. Brash. Hot-headed. Quick-witted. Blunt. Bold. Reckless. Fearless. Impulsive. Troublemaker. Prankster. Competitive. Passionate. Driven. Perceptive. Loyal. Great listener. Maternal desire to comfort through food. Stands up for what she believes in. Would fight to the death for her family. If she doesn’t like you, you’ll know it. Doesn’t care what people think about her.
-Patronus: Never learned how to perform one.
-Amortentia: Freshly baked bread, brown sugar, and butter.
-Boggart: Her twin sister dead.

-Extremely adventurous eater who loves trying all kinds of new foods and flavors.
-Dreams of traveling to try authentic dishes from around world.
-Loves baking and cooking for people. Especially for anyone willing to be a test subject.
-Able to hold hotter things in her hands then the average person from handling hot trays and foods so often.
-Enjoys gardening flowers for the beehives that are on her family's farm.
-Has named both of the beehives queens; Enda and Marjorie.
-Often hums to herself while working. Never sings though, which is best for everyone's ears.
-Frequently attends quidditch matches as she has loved the sport ever since seeing her first match.
-Enjoys drinking and can hold her liquor well. Gets extra snarky.
-Used to hate her name when she was younger so she’d go by her middle name.
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[ee MAHN]
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