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They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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Victoire Malfoy
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21 year old pureblood
5 ft. in.
❤   Courting
Full Name: Victoire Colette Malfoy

Nickname(s): Torie, by close friends

Birthdate: May 31st, 1872

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 9 ½” dogwood, unicorn hair, springy

Roderick Malfoy | [1822] Father
Elisabeth Malfoy née Moreau | [1842] Father's First Wife
Philippe Malfoy | [1862-1862] Half-Brother
Zandra Malfoy née Carrow | [1839] Mother
Raphael Malfoy | [1865] Brother
Angeline Malfoy | [1867] Sister
Estelle Malfoy | [1870] Sister
Barnabas Malfoy | [1814] Uncle
Gwendoline Malfoy née Pierce | [1831] Aunt
Titus Malfoy | [1851] Cousin and family
Gaius Malfoy | [1854] Cousin and family
Claudia Rowle née Malfoy | [1858-1884] Cousin and family
Flavia Malfoy | [1864] Cousin
Fair in appearance, Torie thinks she lacks any color, even her eyes a watery blue-gray and her hair naturally a pale blonde. Torie spent a year (June of 1892 - August 1893) with bright red locks, thanks to a curse from her sister. She has decided to let it run its course, simply to prove that red hair will not stop her. Another mishap in August 1893 had her briefly sporting blue hair, and in the process of changing it back, saw her back to her natural blonde. She enjoys dressing in brighter hues, blues, greens and purples, sometimes even daring a red if allowed. She dresses her 5’ 1 ½” in frame fashionably, as if her family would let her leave the house in anything less. Slender and lacking curves, Torie is not overly confident in her appearance, but chooses to wear a smile all the while, thinking it helps. To say she does not enjoy being the center of attention would be a lie, so she is always dressed immaculately and the picture of poise and grace. She is naturally right-handed for her wand work.
After losing one child in the crib and two more in the womb Roderick Malfoy begins to consider that his bride, despite being twenty years his junior and as elegant a creature as he could have hoped to marry, might well be useless to him in the pursuit of putting children on the family tree. He bears her no specific hatred and divorces her with as little fuss as can be managed. She is well-provided for and never returns to England to the best of Roderick's knowledge. He doesn't much care if she does. Within six months he opts to take his chances with a girl of English stock. Zandra Crabbe is attractive and comes with a substantial dowry but is quite a bit older than he would like. By the time they marry in 1865 she is already twenty-six years old, but Roderick discovers his gamble was a good one when Zandra swiftly becomes pregnant and is delivered of a son within their first years of marriage. - Angel's App
May 1872
Victoire is born the final child to Rockerick and Zandra Malfoy. A cheerful babe from the start, her arrival was met with little fanfare from her siblings.
Raf goes off to Hogwarts and though Torie hardly gets to spend time with him, his absence is noted and she feels like a piece of her left with him off to school.
Angeline follows Raf to school and is quickly sorted into Slytherin. The family trend continues.
Having only Estelle to play with isn’t all that bad, but it is in a spat with her sister that Torie displays her first sign of magic, accidentally muting her sister for a short while until it can be reversed.
Estelle leaves her too and Torie is torn between being lonely and enjoying having all of the attention to herself. She spends her time at home throwing herself into more womanly pursuits, picking up the piano forte quite easily as well as drawing and needlepoint with quite a bit of success. She is naturally creative and theatrically inclined.
First Year
Finally it is her turn to head off to school and the very outgoing Torie could not be more excited. She is sorted into Slytherin after a short debate with the Hat about Hufflepuff. It was a close call and sometimes Tor wished the Hat had indeed placed her there, but she finds Slytherin to be just fine as well. Raf graduates and starts, of all things, a quidditch career.

Surprisingly, this is also the end of Angel’s Hogwarts schooling as she is off to the Pendergast School for Young Roses. Finishing school does not sound like something Torie would enjoy all that much so she pays a little more attention to her studies.
Second Year
Torie has found herself quite at home amongst the social situation that school provides. Her outgoing and generally approachable (compared to her siblings) demeanor is a recipe for social success. She takes art and music classes along with her normal subjects.
Third Year
Third year sees her adding only Divination for her electives. Not a natural student, she picks the class thinking it would be easy and she could use the knowledge for parlor tricks.
Fourth Year
It is this year that she really starts to see the merit of her personality shine through, she has a fairly wide circle of connections and acquaintances she can use to her advantage when she wants to (homework help) but she also has a couple of really close friends with whom she almost feels closer to than her own sisters.
Fifth Year
OWLs are quite daunting, but with help, Tori is able to pass Charms, Potions, Astronomy and Divination in addition to keeping up with Art and Music. She is allowed to continue with her current education at this point, with the promise it will be straight off to finishing school after her seventh year concludes.
Sixth Year
With far less on her place academically, Torie finds herself in a bit of a dalliance with a seventh year boy. It’s all in good fun and only results in a few stolen moments and kisses in abandoned classrooms, but she is hardly taking it seriously. He graduates and that’s the end of that, but it was fun while it lasted and Torie finds she quite enjoys the attention she gets from the boys and the thrill of the chase.
Seventh Year
With the end of her education looming, Torie knows finishing school looms and she is still fairly indifferent to it. She doesn’t quite see the point, as she is already fairly accomplished in what she needs to be to debut, but she won’t argue with her father. Her grades are passable, Astronomy and Charms being her best courses. She attends the school’s Coming Out Ball, to celebrate her friends taht are participating, but she is not out yet herself, and so is only the tiniest big jealous.
This year proves to be almost a waste of time. Not that she is perfect by any means, but compared to her sisters is a positive delight on the social scene. She learns a few helpful tricks and refines her needlepoint, but finds the whole thing a little lackluster. She is ready to be out in society.
June 1891
The Debut
Her debut is nothing short of stunning and her entry to society is fitting for her station. Nothing immediate comes of it, but secretly Torie is pleased as she is quite looking forward to the season itself.
Summer 1891
The Season
Torie was built for this. She is charming, social, flirtatious, everything a debutante should be. The summer passes in a whirlwind of enjoyment, Torie finding the whole thing rather enchanting. She is a bit put out that she finishes the season unattached, but wouldn’t mind one more under belt next year; she is only nineteen after all!
Autumn 1891
Currently she is coming down off the disaster at the season close of the Sanditon in which she suffered minor injuries, but that doesn’t dampen her spirit or her social life.
For all outward appearances, Torie carries herself with confidence and class. One of them has to, at the very least. She is charming and everything a debutante should be, cultured, artistic, driven. Torie knows what she wants and is willing to put in the leg work to get it. She is however, not quite so sure of herself privately. She worries she is not enough, cannot carry her sisters into successful marriages or keep the family's public appearance in favor of their peers. Torie is a loyal friend those who can get past the façade, and she will do anything for them once they are. She loves with all of her heart and is very much looking forward to settling down and doing the traditional upper class housewife thing for the rest of her life, including becoming a mother.
But Miss Torie? She was perfect. In every way. It was no wonder she’d charmed all three of them to some degree.
- Anthony Alderton

And if their mother couldn’t just lock Torie up until Estelle was engaged and could patronise her sister to full effect, then the least her sister could have done was keep out of the way. But no, she had to be spiteful and self-absorbed and petty, had to give everyone that faux-innocent tone as if she didn’t know perfectly well how she was making her sisters look.
- Estelle Malfoy

Leo absolutely despised women like her – they were never ones to fall in line, to shut up and be seen and not heard. It wasn’t as if women often had opinions of value.
- Timoleon Maxime
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Back to blonde mid-August '93. Boo.
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