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Phillip Darlington
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Played by Elaine
Viscount Winfield
30 year old Muggleborn
Viscount Winfield
6 ft. in.
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Full Name: Phillip Rhys Darlington

Nickname(s): To his sisters, Philly

Birthdate: April 14, 1861

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Occupation: 9th Viscount Winfield

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Lately, Hogsmeade, though his permanent residence is decidedly not there.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: English oak, phoenix feather, twelve and three-eighths inches, decidedly sturdy

Phillip Henry Darlington, 8th Viscount Winfield, father (1828-1879)
Amelia Josephine Darlington, Dowager Viscountess Winfield, mother (b. 1836)
Cassandra Olivette née Darlington, sister (b. 1856)
Katherine Alexandra née Darlington, sister (b. 1859)
Annabelle Victoria née Darlington, sister (b. 1864)
General | Dark of hair, light of skin, with sea-glass blue-green eyes. He keeps his hair about chin-length, though always respectably swept back, sometimes with a hair potion to help keep it tame (particularly when he goes riding). His figure is quite a lean one, hiding strength in slender lines and clean cuts. Phillip is right-handed.

Expressions | To call Phillip Darlington emotive is an understatement. On first impressions, the viscount seems to wear his heart on his sleeve, or rather, display it in his eyes. From a smile to a glance of rage, his emotions seem to be held in his eyes at all times...

Deportment | He carries himself with all the self-importance of a young lord; shoulders back, head high, chin stiff. That isn’t to say he’s stiff as a board all the time — he knows when to relax, after all.

Fashion | Lord Winfield tends to dress in muggle fashions of the day, which is quite simple as men's fashion doesn't change very significantly. However, when the occasion calls for it, he can and does dress in wizard robes. He doesn't much like them, however, and often wears trousers underneath them, feeling far too exposed otherwise. He typically dresses in dark colors, accessorized as necessary with white and brighter shades.

Accessories | Of all the accessories Phillip could carry, there are two that are always with him. The first is his signet ring, bearing the crest of his family going back even before they held a title, passed down father to son until it has reached him. Second is his father's pocket watch. Though it is non-magical, it is something he holds dear.

Scent | As a gentleman, he'd deny it, but he wears a custom cologne of sandalwood, cedar, and apple.

Distinguishing Characteristics | He is a rather tall gentleman, standing six feet, three and a quarter inches.

Face Claim | Tom Hiddleston
1855Phillip Henry Darlington, the eighth viscount of Winfield, marries Amelia Josephine, daughter of a baron, after a six-month engagement and, prior to that, a ten-month courtship, in February. Come June, the viscount's mother passes in a violent carriage accident.
July 5, 1856The first child of the couple is finally born, a daughter they name Cassandra Olivette.
November 27, 1859A second daughter arrives, soon named Katherine Alexandra.
April 14, 1861After a surprisingly difficult labor, one the doctor thinks it a miracle Amelia survived, finally a son is born. Phillip Rhys Darlington is a healthy baby, given his father's best friend's name for a middle name (as is a recent tradition in the family) before being handed off to the wet nurse.
May 10, 1864A fourth and final child of the household, young Annabelle Victoria, is born. The doctor warns Amelia and the viscount that another child might just kill her. At the age of three, young Phillip is delighted to have a younger sibling. He doesn't understand that his father might be angry that Annabelle is a girl.
1865 — 1870Young Phillip grows, as do his older and younger sisters. He learns that there are expectations held of him, that he is to inherit a title and land to go with it. He begins learning to ride horseback and fence, things expected of him as his father's only heir.
June, 1871Phillip's first act of magic is simple, but it sets off a chain reaction within the household. All he does is disarm his fencing instructor from several feet away with a gesture. His father is watching, and thus forbids him from continuing fencing lessons for a week. This, regretfully, makes things worse, and Phillip eventually accidentally starts an inferno in the drawing room by exploding the contents of the fireplace in his frustration. Thankfully, only one maid is terribly injured. His lessons resume as normal, but with a different instructor, the former mysteriously disappearing.
July, 1872Finally, an explanation as to the strange activity that’s followed him around for the past year. A wizard arrives at the front door, informing them all that the heir, young Phillip Rhys Darlington, is not cursed or possessed, but a wizard himself. And without proper training, such incidents might continue to occur. Viscount Winfield is hesitant to believe the stranger, until he waves his wand and returns the drawing room, still under repairs, to its former glory. Followed by obliviating the workmen that had been in the middle of their job.
September, 1872To no one’s surprise, the enthusiastic student that is young Phillip Darlington is sorted into the House of Wit and Learning, Ravenclaw — a fact he is quickly made aware of. He writes home gleefully that night, borrowing a dorm-mate’s owl to send a letter to his mother.
June, 1874After being informed that he must add at least one, if not three, new classes to his schedule to begin the following year, he decides quite quickly on two courses — Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures.
1877A difficult year for the Darlington family, as the Queen is attacked by a wizard. Who is eventually caught, of course. But the thought of dangerous wizards and yes, even dangerous witches, has them on high alert. Phillip spends the summer holiday at a friend's, and receives little correspondence from his family throughout the year. His OWLs results, however, arrive at his friend’s home, revealing he’s scored quite well on his testing, excepting Herbology, but then, he was never great with plants. He decides to continue with Arithmancy, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, and Transfiguration.
January, 1879In a surprise turn of events, the eighth Viscount of Winfield dies in a riding accident, as does the horse he was riding. Suddenly, before he expected to, Phillip Rhys Darlington is the ninth Viscount of Winfield. It’s terrifying.
June, 1879Phillip graduates, achieving top marks in all but one of his four classes. After the coming-out ball, which he attended at the behest of his mother, he returns home and begins his duties as Viscount Winfield.
1880 — 1882As a young viscount, Phillip is all but thrust into a social world he has little to no experience in. Muggle society. It's difficult, when his senior peers ask him about his schooling. He's a curiosity for the first year, but by the time another rolls around, no one pays any attention to him, they've moved on to the newest blood, an older young gentleman who's just inherited his own title. After a second year, he tells his mother he's had enough with muggle society, and will be thus spending his time in the magical village of Hogsmeade. That is, after his eldest sister finally marries.
1883Phillip takes this year to do as he’s heard all young wizards are supposed to — take a year to travel and see the world. He leaves his sisters to his mother’s hands for the year. He misses his other elder sister’s engagement by three weeks.
1884 — 1890For some time, Phillip spends the majority of his time in magical society, building himself a reputation as a flirt, though he does know he eventually needs to settle. During this time, his other two sisters are married off, the younger to a half-blood wizard, which sees her move to the village of Irvingly.
October, 1891His mother’s nagging has finally gotten to him. It’s time to settle down and find a wife. His mother doesn’t even care if she’s a witch at this point, as long as the family line continues. He just has a reputation to break hold of.
  • Owns two female crups, named Daisy and Lily.
  • Speaks three languages fluently in addition to his native English; French, Italian, and German. He’s also studied Latin and Greek in-depth, and is capable of reading both.
  • Cannot, for the life of him, read a magical pocket watch. He doesn’t know why.
  • Has studied the theory of casting a patronus, but has not attempted to do so.
  • Naturally left-handed. This is especially notable when he casts spells — they’re much weaker than they would be if he were casting them left-handed. In moments of stress, he will pull his wand with his left hand.

Care of Magical CreaturesOO
Defence Against the Dark ArtsE-
History of MagicE-
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