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His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Thaddeus Flint
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Played by Dante
Master of the Flint Institute of Advanced Magic
35 year old Pureblood
Master of the Flint Institute of Advanced Magic
5 ft. 11 in.
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Full Name: Thaddeus Malcorvus Flint

Nickname(s): Don't even dare

Birthdate: 23rd July 1856

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Occupation: Master of the Flint Institute of Advanced Magic

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Elm, Rigid, Augrey feather, 12inch

Family: Malcorvus Flint - Father
Jocasta Flint Nee Goyle-Mother
and siblings
Thaddeus is man of 5,11 height, and average build.  He is very severe in his appearance, with high cheekbones, thin lips and narrow face.  He carries himself very rigidly, almost with a military type bearing.  He favours robes or suits with severe, sharp cuts, and hard lines, also generally in very dark colours.  Which sit in stark contrast with his own very pale skin, and brown hair.  He calls his own appearance ‘aristocratic’. but it is perhaps better described as severe  He is right handed. 
*Thaddeus was born as the eldest son of the family.  He had a typical pureblood childhood, and although he was a fairly spoilt child he prove to be intelligent and a bright boy.  His family is a typical pureblood bloodline, with his father known in certain pureblood circles for his 'academic' interest in the dark arts.

*He made his first display of magic rather late, causing his parents to be concerned for a while that he a squib.  He suspended his nanny from the ceilings by her feet.  The woman was terrified that the boy would hurt her, but his parents were very proud. 

*Thaddeus eventually went to Hogwarts, and was sorted into Slytherin house, but with a significant Ravenclaw influence.  He grew to dislike his muggle born and half blood housemates.  His father had strong opinions on blood purity which he passed on to his heir.  He surrounded himself by predominantly pureblood children of the same class as himself, retaining only those of inferior birth where they proved to be of use to him. 

*He graduated with a passion and interest in advanced magic.  He undertook Auror training, and eventually began to work as an Auror.  However, the permissive attitudes towards blood purity quickly within the ministry quickly disillusioned him.  He left the UK to study in advanced magical institutions in Europe and Asia, including the darker arts.  It was while travelling that he became an Animagus, taking the form of a wolf. 

* While in Germany, his father joined him briefly, orchestrating for both to be inducted into the The Knights of Walpurgis. Upon their recent return to England, they founded the Flint founded the Flint Institute of Magical Education, where individuals could deepen their understanding of magic beyond that taught at Hogwarts.  While Macorvus is involved in the school, he is mostly left to his own academic pursuits and to his specific students, the administration and leadership is left to Thaddeus.

*The Knights of Walpurgis – a pureblood fraternal order (akin to the muggle Masons), which extoled the advancement of pureblood blood lines and the virtues of the dark arts as the birthright of the purebloods.  Malcorvus is the leader of the newly founded English branch of the Knights, while Thaddeus holds the ranks of Supreme Knight of the Serpentine Croix. Various spells and enchantments assist in keeping the order and it's edicts a secret.

The institute for Advanced Magic functions as the headquarters of the Knights,  The school purports to teach advanced magical theory, research technique and specialisations, as well as more obscure magical branches with it's closest comparison being a muggle university. However, there is a select student group who are invited to study the dark arts, under Malcorvus' direct tutelage.
Intelligent, serious, ambitious, purist, charismatic but critical and perhaps severe in his views.  With those he sees as his social equal he is positively charming and gregarious. He has a sufficient poker face that allows him to pass himself in society with those he views as beneath him but he will not seek out their company.  His ability to maintain the poker face is directly proportional to the others class and blood status.
He is fluent in Latin, German, Middle English, French and Italian
He is an animagus with the form of a wolf
His patronus is a raven, but it is not corporeal
He is a skilled occulmens and a legilimens, he is the orders secret keeper.
He is a member of the Knights of Walpurgis
He is a purist