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Ivy Sandow
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Played by Beanie
22 year old Muggleborn
5 ft. 2 in.
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Full Name: Ivy Mary Sandow

Nickname(s): N/A / Pending

Birthdate: Nov. 19, 1868

Age: 22

Gender: Female, perceived as female

Occupation: Auror

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Pennyworth, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Walnut, 10", whippy, dragon heartstring

Family: The Sandows emigrated from the Kingdom of Nepal to Britain some years before Ivy was born, changed their names, and do not educate their children in the language of their birth. Ivy is therefor more separated in knowledge from Nepal than one may expect, and rarely talks about any feelings she has on this. Her father is Edward Sandow and her mother is Elizabeth Sandow; her younger sisters are Hazel (1870) and Opal (1872). All are muggles.
Ivy stands at an average 5'2" tall; she has brown skin and dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She is slim in build and, although fit, her body tends most easily towards quickness rather than force. Her eyes are her most expressive feature, and she is prone to half-smiles or small frowns. She wears robes, bloomer suits, and occasionally simple gowns — Ivy prioritizes function over form. She is right-handed.
Born in fall of 1868 to a muggle couple in the generally unremarkable Bridgerton, Ivy's childhood would have been utterly unremarkable were it not for the odd occurrences that accompanied her occasional bursts of temper. She was a quick-witted child who learned to read due to her mother's employment as a nurse, and often minded her younger sisters.

The incidents remained unexplained until the summer of 1880, when a man came to tell Ivy's parents that she was a witch. They believed him after he demonstrated magic with a wand of his own, and the first year scholarship enabled Ivy to attend. She was sorted into Gryffindor and swiftly became friends with Persephone Broadmoor — a wealthier girl from Bridgerton. She was then absorbed into Persy's broader friendgroup, and enjoyed adventures with them over the summer.

Excellent grades and a devotion to her studies enabled Ivy to continue to attend Hogwarts; she earned a scholarship that, combined with her wages from tutoring other students, allowed her to sail from O.W.L.s into N.E.W.T.s. She finished her schooling in 1887 and entered the Auror program the following autumn, moving to the Slums of Hogsmeade to be a little bit more connected to the action.

Ivy regrets almost nothing — but she does regret October 19th, 1888, the night that she and her friends attempt a ritual to bring about luck. (Second year of auror training is hard — incredibly hard — and she trusts Persy, and what's the worst that could happen?)

They find the worst that could happen.

Blood rain fell and Orwell died.

Ivy agreed to the suggestion of an Unbreakable Vows; she wouldn't sell them out, and she knew that Persy wouldn't, but it was hard to believe everyone else. They all agreed to never disclose what occurred that night, and time carried on, and Ivy made it through her second year of auror training. And if Thomasin died in October of 1889, then that was weird, but it didn't necessarily mean anything, right?

Ivy becomes a full auror in the fall of 1890, and moves to Pennyworth in the new year, determined to forget what had happened that night — but willing to stay invested in Persy's projects all the same.
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