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Wallace Bixby
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Played by Kit
Recovering Dragon Fodder
20 year old Halfblood
Recovering Dragon Fodder
5 ft. 10¼ in.
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Full Name: Wallace Jackson Bixby

Nickname(s): Wally

Birthdate: October 2nd, 1873

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Occupation: Quidditch League Referee

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 12", dogwood, phoenix tail feather, springy

Carson Bixby | [1834] Father
Fiona Bixby née --- | [1840] Mother
Rufus Bixby | [1864] | Brother
Alvin Bixby | [1867] | Brother
Harrison Bixby | [1870] | Brother
Sloane Bixby | [1876] | Sister
Sawyer Bixby | [1876-1877] Brother, died in infancy
General | Wallace has brown, wavy hair and blue eyes. He is a little gangly, standing at five feet, ten and quarter inches with a little room for more growth. He is pretty slender. He is right handed.
Expressions | Wallace has a very expressive face, especially when it comes to his eyebrows. It is hard for him to hide what he is thinking.
Fashion | He wears clothing that is typical for a boy of his class, favoring darker colors.
Scent | A hint of broom polish, cedar & cinnamon.
Distinguishing Characteristics | A trio of beauty marks below and to the side of his lips as well as a couple on the side of his throat. He also has thick eyebrows.
Face Claim | Mats Van Snippenberg

1873: Wallace is born to Carson and Fiona Bixby.

1876: A pair of twins are born. Wallace isn't quite pleased to no longer be the baby of the family especially since one of his new siblings is a girl. Sawyer is not expected to live through the night and appears to prove the midwife who predicted his early demise wrong.

1877: Sawyer passes away early into the new year. Sloane is inconsolable and this is Wallace's first close-up experience with familial death. There are sleepless nights in the Bixby household for quite a while. That summer, they move to Hogsmeade in an attempt to start fresh and move on from their loss.

1878: Alvins turn to go to Hogwarts comes. Wallace's first signs of magic occurs when he causes his toy Quidditch figurines to chase one another around the room.

1881: Harrison goes off to Hogwarts which leaves him with only Sloane and their parents for company.

1883: Sloane breaks her arm after falling out of a tree. Wallace isn't quite sure what to think about that but he is glad she wasn't too hurt beyond that.

1885-1886: Alvin graduates and eventually becomes an apprentice broommaker. That fall Wallace goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.

1886: Sloane breaks her arm again and Wallace is a little less sympathetic than he was the first time she had done it.

1886-1887: Wallace tries out for the Quidditch team during his second year but does not make it.

1887-1888: Sloane joins him in Gryffindor which he honestly does not find too surprising. Wallace tries out for the Quidditch team again but does not make it once more.

1888-1889: Sloane makes it on the Quidditch team during her second year while Wallace does not. He gives up on trying to join the House Team altogether.

1889-1890:: It isn't too surprising that Wallaces school letter does not come with a prefect badge.

1891: Beginning his seventh year, which is probably a bit of a miracle really, Wallace has become all too aware that he needs to think about life after Hogwarts. Which job should he take? Will he even be able to get it with the grades he has so far? He doesn't know but he had better figure it out and fast!

Goofball; stubborn; could stand to take life a little more seriously but probably won't; adventurous; living epitome of 'he's either very brave or just stupid; reckless; impulsive; not the brightest student but can tell you endless facts about Quidditch, brooms and other related things; cheerful; energetic, incapable of sitting still for too long; cannot stand being idle; like the rest of his family he loves Quidditch but was never quite talented enough to make the Official House Team.
wally has extensive burn scars on the right side of his upper body (including his face and over his right eye) and the lower part of his left leg is missing.
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