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Everett Swann
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Played by Fallin
Lawyer at Swann & Associates
29 year old Halfblood
Lawyer at Swann & Associates
6 ft. 1 in.
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Full Name: Everett Marion Swann

Nickname(s): Ev, Rett, Swann

Birthdate: November 3, 1961

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Occupation: Lawyer at Swann & Associates: Wizarding Law

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: English Oak, 14”, supple, kelpie hair

Family: Albert, Dad, born in 1831
Eleanor, Mom, born in 1841
Lucian, Younger Brother, born in late 1863/early 1864
Sylvia, Younger Sister, born in 1864
Everett is tall at 6 feet 1 inch. His imposing stature is added to by the broad shoulders and decent amount of muscles he has. He has bright blue eyes and blond hair and seems like he quite possibly has some viking blood in him. He prefers muggle suits but tends to dress as the occasion calls for, rather than his own preference. He is most confident using his right hand as his wand arm.

Play by - Charlie Hunnam History:Everett is bor
Everett is born a month “early” to newly married Mr. and Mrs. Swann. He doesn’t remember much of these years, indeed his first memory is after the birth of his younger brother less than two years later and younger sister a less than a year after that. Everett doesn’t really remember a time without his siblings and the three grow up close and inseparable. They grew up in Dover near the Sprout family who became a second family to them. Mrs. Sprout had gone to school with Mrs. Swann and the two were practically inseparable. Their children became much the same. Everett mainly remembers running around with his siblings and the Sprout children and trying to sneak his way out of lessons. It wasn’t evident at the time, but looking back Everett realized the family’s finances had deteriorated and his parents had done everything they could to keep up appearances.

In 1873 Everett is the first to head to Hogwarts of his siblings. He is sorted into Gryffindor and is quick to make friends. He focuses enough on his studies but daydreams about being on the quidditch team. In his third year, 1875-1876 he picks up Arithmancy and Muggle Studies. 1877-1878, fifth year, Everett makes the quidditch team as a chaser and finds it tough to focus between quidditch and his upcoming owls. Add to that the chaos of the relations with muggles - which he mainly ignores. Or well, he tries to but his family up and moves to Hogsmeade. He drops down to only five courns after his OWLS. The next two years his parents hound him for better grades and he obligues. And in his seventh year, 1879-1880 Everett is the Gryffindor quidditch captain. His NEWTS go as expected and then he is on his way to the ministry.
In the summer of 1880 Everett starts at the Ministry as an intern in the department of magical law enforcement. During this time he lives with his parents and begins to realize how little money there actually is. He quickly decides that it is his duty to make more and as such applies himself rather industriously to his career. After only a year he is made a clerk in 1881, and the year after that he becomes a junior lawyer in 1882. If everything went as expected he would become a lawyer within two years. But things didn’t go as expected.

Albert, Everett’s father, was drafted to the Irvingly trail in 1882. Everett was never entirely clear on the details, but the venture drained the family’s meager savings. Everett rents rooms in Hogsmeade and hopes for a promotion. Two years pass, then three and no promotion. And then comes the offer he can’t refuse. A former client is impressed with him and approaches him about a deal on the black market in 1885. Everett, thinking of his family and especially about his sister’s dowry and about his lack of a promotion, finds himself rather rashly agreeing to the idea. The deal goes off without a hitch and Everett finds himself with a hefty paycheck. Thus he enters the world of the black market - and finds that he is good at it and it is lucrative. He is namely the front man and is very good at keeping his hands clean. Another year passes and still Everett is not promoted, but he finds himself caring less and less. When in 1887 he is finally promoted to lawyer he realizes that in the next year or two he would have enough of a reputation and enough money to open his own practice. So in 1889 Everett does just that, opening Swann and Associates in Hogsmeade in September, bringing along with him one other lawyer from the Ministry team.

Business does well - both the legal and illegal and soon Everett finds himself with a small fortune to his name. Only problem is his sister’s career and the guilt he feels for not being able to tell his family just where his good fortune came from.
While Everett’s moral compass can be a bit gray he is truly devoted to his family. He is overly protective of his siblings. Most things he does he does for them - including stubborn himself into an illegal career. Once he determines a path he can be stubborn and single minded - or if looked at from another point of view - ambitious. Once a goal is set he will plot out how to make it happen, calculating every step of the way - at least as much as he ca and indeed can do this on the fly as he can be a bit rash and a risk taker. He loves the thrill of a risk and the quick work of planning/plotting the outcome of the risk. Because of this Everett is very confident, indeed sometimes he could even be called cocky.
Socially, Everett is a charmer. He is easy to smile, easy to laugh, and loves to set others at ease. Generally he knows what to say and when to say it. Despite the seemingly social butterfly quality about him Everett desires deep relationships in his friendships, his family, and one day in love and marriage.
But he does have a temper that can be sparked rather quicker than he’d like. He is good at masking it - unless someone he loves is in danger. It doesn’t help that Everett likes to be in control and can sometimes come off as bossy, indeed it could almost be said that he is a tad bit power hungry.
Amortentia: TBD
Boggart: A cloaked wizard casting an unforgivable curse (if his siblings dying could appear as a result of the wizard they would)

Academic Record

Defence Against the Dark ArtsEA
Muggle StudiesEE
History of MagicOO
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