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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Eloise Sweetbrier
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Played by Elaine
Soon-to-be First Year
11 year old Halfblood
4 ft. in.
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Full Name: Eloise Olivia Sweetbrier

Nickname(s): Ellie, Lou

Birthdate: October 12, 1879

Age: 11


Occupation: Soon-to-be Firstie

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: As yet unknown

Isaac Sweetbrier, father, b. 1860
Geraldine Sweetbrier née _, mother, b. 1860

Anthony Sweetbrier, brother, b. 1875
William Sweetbrier, brother, b. 1877
Natalie Sweetbrier, sister, b. 1883

Patrick Sweetbrier, grandfather, b. 1822
Maude Sweetbrier, grandmother, b. 1836
Rosanna née Sweetbrier, aunt, b. 1857 and family
Play-By: Alisa Lukoyanova

Eloise is a small-framed and delicate child, with a pale complexion reflecting her family's wealth and social status. She has piercing sapphire blue eyes framed with long, light ash blonde hair, arching eyebrows, and a pointed chin. Standing at four feet, two and a half inches tall, she favors wizarding fashions at most every turn, preferably in shades of pink or orange. She is left-handed, and her governess has not bothered trying to force it out of her.

Before Isaac elopes in 1874 with Geraldine, one of the kitchen maids in his father's household, having fallen in love with her since his youth. The only reason Isaac is not disowned for this action is because he is his father's only son, and therefore the only source of a future heir. She is the same age he is, which is relatively young when they marry, only 24. A year later, their firstborn child arrives, a son they name Anthony. Anthony is followed within two years by another son, this one named William.

1879 Finally a daughter is born, immediately named Eloise by her mother.

1883 Eloise is a toddler when her only sister, Natalie, is born. She does not much care for the screaming infant.

1885 Ellie shows her first sign of magic in the midst of a tantrum, causing all of her toys to fly at anyone nearby sporadically.

1886 Anthony goes off to Hogwarts, sorted into _. For the first time, Ellie learns that she will be attending the same school. The school of her brothers. Her father. And yes, even her mother, though her mother doesn’t like to talk about her education much.

1888 William joins Anthony at Hogwarts, sorted into _.

1891 Due to her date of birth, Ellie will be attending her first year this September. She’s excited, if a little nervous, and can’t wait to see what the castle looks like. And learn, of course. She’s also excited about getting a wand.
Idealistic | Spirited | Nosy | Impatient

This section will be updated as Eloise grows up.
  • Eloise has a male owl named Plum, who is named for her favorite fruit.
  • Though she is skilled with the pianoforte, she is thoroughly unskilled with all material artistic pursuits.
  • Speaks passable French.
  • This section will be updated as Eloise grows up.
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